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Overview of result from Aroscon 2018 (12-man AoS tournament)

From the 10-11th of November, there was a small 12-man Age of Sigmar tournament held in Denmark (the city of Aarhus). The tournament was part of a larger event called Aroscon. The event also included a 110 man 40k team tournament, 9th age, Flames of War, Malifaux and Warmachine.

In this post, I will make a quick rundown of the event. This is mainly meant for the participants of the event, but also if any other gamers and hobbyist are interested.

About the 12-man Age of Sigmar tournament

 The rules pack for the tournament can be found here

  • The tourney was a 12 person two-day event with 3 games the first day and 2 games the second day
  • 5 random battleplans were played, rolled randomly from the options in the pitched battle/matched play rules.
  • We played with 5 predetermined realmscape features (but did not use the extra command abilities and realm spells)
  • Everything else was out of the book Age of Sigmar 2000 points matched play


ArmyPlayerFinal scoreWinsTotal Kill Points
Gutbusters (31 Ogors)Jesper00920
Stormcast (Anvils of the Heldenhammer)Henrik001430
Kharadron Overlords (Barak-Urbaz)Morten H.1214730
Ironjawz (Prophet WAAAGH!)Peter2023330
Stormcast (Hallowed Knights)Torben2023900
Khorne (Archaon)Jacob2223970
Stormcast (Hammers of Sigmar)Thomas P.2836412
Death (Legion of Sacrament)Andreas3034860
Khorne (Skarbrand)Morten W.3037160
Nurgle (Glottkin and friends)Lucas3734400
Slaanesh (Big dudes)Alex4048120
Nurgle (Thricefold Befoulment)Thomas J.4153290

Battleplans used

5Border WarUlgu
4Knife to the HeartGhyran
3Scorched Earth Chamon
2The Better Part of ValourAqshy
1Total CommitmentShyish

Armies represented and army lists:

You can find all the army lists here. 


You can find pictures from the event here.

Below I have gathered a few pictures, trying primarily to highlight the awesome 3D printed terrain a local player had made.

Note also the nice Death army, that was voted as best painted with a big margin.