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Aroscon 2019 Age of Sigmar Tournament Coverage

Aroscon is an amazing weekend  of different miniature games tournaments held in Denmark. This post is coverage of the Age of Sigmar tournament.

It is a 20 man 5 games event held the 23-24 november 2019.

Hastag for the whole convention is #aroscon 

Results of the tournament

This thing was a blast and the results are now in.

Top five:

  1. Blades of Khorne (5 wins)
  2. Skaven Pestilens (4 wins)
  3. Kharadron Overlords (4 wins)
  4. Cities of Sigmar (4 wins)
  5. Bonesplitterz (3 wins)

Quite a lot of surprises here, but that is the way it is in a small 20 man tournament. Slaanesh and Daughters of Khaine did not perform (too much beer could be in play for the Khaine player).

None of the Ironjawz summoning lists really worked out which is also sort of a surprise.

Kharadron Overlords doing so good is really great to see. Big props! The same for the 4th place Cities of Sigmar list.

Full results can be found here

All of the lists can be found here

Player pack and rules for the AoS tournament

You can find the player pack for the AoS tournament here (only in Danish)

In short the rules for the tournament are the following:

  • 5 games
  • 2k points
  • Proxy, Forgeworld and other minis allowed (with approval from the organizer)
  • Unpainted models allowed (but various extra painting)
  • Matched play rules, realm artefacts allowed (but no other realm stuff)
  • “Blood and Glory” style scoring (Major W 30, Minor W 15, Draw 10 and so on)
  • Each player has 5 hidden agendas they can score 5 points from in each game

Battleplans used (randomly selected and in random order):

  1. Focal Points (p. 65 GHB2019)
  2. Shifting Objectives (p. 67 GHB2019)
  3. Blood and glory (p. 312 Core Rules)
  4. Places of Arcane Power (p. 68 GHB2019)
  5. Knife to the heart (p. 58 GHB2019) 

All Age of Sigmar Lists for Aroscon

You can find all AoS Aroscon lists here 

Social media

You can find the Instagram feed for Aroscon here.

You can find the Twitter feed for Aroscon here.

Images from Aroscon

Below you can find images from the event. I will update it along the way