CAS 2025 Strategy

The School of Culture and Society consists of seven strong academic departments

The School educates Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD students, who, across disciplines, are characterised by profound and transferrable academic skills, an interdisciplinary outlook and sound critical thinking.

The School of Culture and Society is an ambitious research institution.

Our research into cultural and societal conditions is wide-ranging and relates human culture and society to nature, technology and theology – from prehistoric times to the present day and in a local and a global perspective.


Archaeology and Heritage Studies

Philosophy and History of Ideas

Global Studies

History and Classical Studies

Study of Religion


We aim to strengthen our attractive and international research environment further and foster an inspiring and inclusive work environment for senior and junior researchers alike.

We aim to create intensive and innovative learning environments, provide space for in-depth study and we expect a high level of student engagement through participatory, competence-developing and research-based teaching.

It is our ambition to educate highly skilled graduates and to equip them with the academic prerequisites they need to make a difference in a global society.

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The School of Culture and Society aims to be a driving partner in collaborations across sectors and disciplines, extending research in response to pressing societal challenges.

Through research and education, we will work actively to connect the humanities and the social sciences with external partners. Our researchers are dedicated to qualifying public debate and strengthening societal knowledge through new communication formats.

As a research and educational institution, we are committed to analysing and interacting with the world around us.

A changing world, which continues to challenge us in new ways and which is shaped by urgent crises of the environment, climate, health and global coexistence, calls for both reflection and action.

The humanities and social sciences play a key role in conceptualising initiatives and defining possible fields of action to address our current challenges.

As a research and educational institution and as a workplace, we aim to assume responsibility for promoting sustainable societal development. We will work to ensure that this commitment is increasingly reflected in our research, in our degree programmes, and in our actions.

For the period 2020-2025, the School of Culture and Society will focus on six fundamental objectives in particular.

An international environment with strong academic disciplines engaging in interdisciplinary collaboration

The School of Culture and Society is based on strong academic traditions.

At the same time, we are committed to the continued development of high profile, dynamic research environments that transcend established disciplines and encourage space for experimental and creative interaction.

We consider a diverse and international environment to be a strength and an important point of departure for a high level of research.

The school is determined to maintain a strong, ambitious and well-integrated flow of research talent in all our departments and to ensure equal opportunities across genders.

For this reason, it is our ambition to:

Strengthen all of our academic disciplines by supporting the development and integration of new research and teaching methods, and by prioritising a continued exchange and collaboration with international academic environments.

Support innovative collaborations and research development across the school’s academic disciplines e.g. through interdisciplinary research centres.

Promote and support large international research projects e.g. through the ongoing optimisation of our administrative support.

Facilitate and support initiatives that create the best framework for talent recruitment and development and which support and encourage academic synergy and integration between junior and senior researchers.

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