What is the Mawtribes?

The Mawtribes is the next release for the Destruction: Grand Alliance in Age of Sigmar. We know it will include all of the Gutbusters Ogors (the non-mounted Ogors).

It has been hinted that the battletome will merge the Beastclaw Raiders and the Gutbusters into one tome.

When will the Mawtribe release?

Right now we have very little clue. A potential release in October has been speculated.

Various Rumours

  • It has been speculated that the Mawtribe will get a “dual box” with together with the new Bonereapers in October. The speculation stems from the GW video above, where the Mawtribes have “broken the pact of bones”. The size of the kit will most likely be similar to Looncurse and the other box sets they have released. Remember: those kinds of boxes will get sold out quickly and will likely never return to sale again.
  • It is rumored that the Beastclaw Raiders will join the Gutbusters. The naming, which is quite similar to the Bonesplitterz and Ironjawz merge, further lends credit to this.
  • The metal Butcher will be discontinued and a new plastic released (making sure the army has some kind of spellcasting).
  • Other than the two characters, how many new miniatures will there be? Well, the early reveal of minis tends to represent that they want to build hype. This points to a Gloomspite Gitz type of release, but personally I need to see it before I believe it.
  • The structure of the allegiance abilities between the two factions (Gutbusters and Beastclaw Raiders) will probably mimic the Orruk Warclands book and how the structure of the alliance traits and so on is there.
Artwork for the firebelly in Mawtribes Ogors

What new miniatures will be in the Mawtribes release?

So far we know about the following miniatures being released:

  • New plastic Tyrant kit

What old miniatures are we sure will be in the book:

  • Ogors on foot
  • Leadbelchers
  • Ironblaster / Scraplauncher

What miniatures are likely to be in the book:

  • Very likely Ironguts (not in the video, but same plastic sculpt and quality as the on normal Ogors).
  • All of the current Beastclaw Raiders
  • The firebelly is resin and quite new, so it is likely staying. Also, it was a part of this lore story and had some (old) artwork featured in another article.
  • I have changed my mind on the maneaters. Originally I thought they would go away, but after seeing them featured in this GW article I think they are staying as is.

What miniatures are 50/50 on being cut:

  • I cannot really see how Grots (old Gnoblars) would fit in the book, especially with the Beastclaw Raiders. My money is on them going away, even though it is a plastic kit.
  • Gorgers (resin, but old sculpt)

What miniatures will likely be discontinued:

  • Butcher and butcher with cauldron
  • Old tyrant model

Ogor Tyrant

A new plastic tyrant for Mawtribes Destruction release

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