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What is the Mawtribes?

The Mawtribes is release for the Destruction: Grand Alliance in Age of Sigmar.

The army merges the Beasclaw Raiders (mounted Ogors) and the Gutbusters (Ogors on foot). This means the Beastclaw Raiders battletome is outdated.

When will the Mawtribe release?

  • The Mawtribes is part of the box set with the new Ossiarch Bonereapers
  • It is on preorder on 26 October 2019 and will release 2 October 2019

Feast of Bones box set (Mawtribes + Ossiarch Bonereapers)

As rumoured, the Mawtribe will share an intro box with the Ossiarch Bonereapers. It will include:

  • Feast of Bone book
  • Warscroll cards for the units in the book
  • Tokens
  • The handy small version of the core rules

For the Ossiarch Bonereapers:

  • 10 Mortek Guard
  • 3 Necropolis Stalkers
  • 2 Morghast Archai
  • Vokmortian, Master of the Bone-tithe (seems he will only be available via this set for a while)

For the Mawtribes:

  • 6 Ogor Gluttons
  • 2 Leadbelchers
  • 1 Ironblaster
  • The new Tyrant model (which will probably only be available via this set for quite some time)

What new miniatures will be in the Mawtribes release?

So far we know about the following miniatures being released:

It looks like no other miniatures, at least right now, will be released for the Mawtribes. But luckily no Ogor miniatures got squatted, so you have all of the Beastclaw Raiders and Gutbuster miniatures to pick from.

It also looks like the new Ogor Tyrant will only be available from the box set for quite a while (at least if it will take as long as it did with the other box-set hero exclusives…).

So yeah, that means no Endless Spells. A bit of a bummer. Buy hey, at least you got some terrain (looking at you, Orruk Warclans).

Ogor Tyrant

A new plastic tyrant for Mawtribes Destruction release

Mawtribes Terrain (Great Mawpot)

+ to cast is epic and the Mawpot will give you just that! +1 on Ogor Wizards within 1 of the pot.

In addition, the Mawpot has a one-use army-wide heal. Could be pretty good in the right situation. You can only use it once, unless you manage to kill a model close to the pot. If you do that, you can use the ability again.

What other items will be released for the Mawtribes?

Rules and changes from the old armies to the new

  • No miniatures got squatted, so everything you own from the old Ogors range you can use in the new book.
  • A lof of warscrolls got changed and buffed. Ogors hitting on +3 is one of the most massive changes!
  • When determining who captures the objective, each Ogor models counts as 2 models and each monster counts as 10 models! In a meta where getting and holding those objectives are the key, hot damn this is a good change.
  • +2 move on all units that are not in combat. +2 bravery on units in combat. Swift ogors? Yes, thanks!

Tribes for Mawtribes

A lot of the new battletomes gives you the option of selecting a “sub-faction”. In the Ogors case, you can select on of several Ogor Tribes. All Ogor units in your army gain the tribe’s specific keyword and you gain access to all of extra allegiance ability stuff (traits, command traits, artefacts and so on).

Gutbusters Tribes (Ogors on foot):

Beastclaw Raider Tribes (Mounted Ogors):

Coverage and Reviews of the Mawtribes

The reviews are coming in hot!

Ogors are better, but does not look to be the new meta “hotness”. They look to be in the tier of armies that are okay, but probably no builds that are game-breaking.

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