Greetings fellow Age of Sigmar enthusiasts and miniature collectors.

This is just a short announcement that the site has moved domain.

I have moved the webpage from the domain to

There are a few reasons for the move:

  1. The .eu ending of the old domain was more of an obstacle than first anticipated. This webpage is not for people from certain geographic location, and .com extension is just more embracing for that thought. I want to make content for
  2. The website is growing and so is the attention of various interested parties. It was important that the site got its own branding (not to mention the licensing issues that GW might have had with the old domain).
  3. While Age of Sigmar is truly my jam, I also play a lot of other miniature games. The new domain reflects that but also makes it possible to branch more out in the general painting and miniature area.

Thanks for understanding. If you find any bugs, please let me know!

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