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List of podcasts, youtube channels and blogs for Age of Sigmar

A list of Age of Sigmar resources and tools

It takes time to search the internet for the thing you need. I have spent countless hours listening to podcasts, reading Age of Sigmar forums and facebook groups and finding hidden AoS gems

Below is my recommendation on what it is worth spending your time on if you want more Age of Sigmar information.

Age of Sigmar Podcasts

Bad Dice Podcast

Bad Dice Podcasts:

  • A monthly show with Ben Johnson, Mark Wildman and Steve Wren.
  • The very unique “Dialy show” with Ben Johnson hosting a small show on various AoS topics.
  • Provides us with the best forum regardingAgeof Sigmar.

Although I am not a fan of podcasts with sound quality issues (mainly due to not having the hosts in the same room), the quality in content more than makes up for it. They are really worth your time.

Other Age of Sigmar Podcasts

Most days I get my podcast needs filled by Heelanhammer and Bad dice (and the 10 other hobbies I have a podcast for). But at times I have also given a listen to the ones below:

Blogs and Websites (regarding Warhammer: Age of Sigmar)


Warhammer Community

Warhammer Community is the official Games Workshop community website. I mainly use it with regards to news, as this is where you will see the official “leaks” on new miniatures, games, books and so on. Notable mentions regarding the Warhammer Community is:

  • News regarding all Games Workshop products.
  • Previews of upcoming rules, rule changes or products.
  • ‘The Rumour Engine’ (a picture of part of an upcoming new model).
  • You can follow what is going on on Warhammer TV and what big events are upcoming.
  • At times they will let content creators fromthe differenthobbies make an article on their page.

All in all, I really like what Games Workshop has done with regards to communication and the community site is a big step in the right direction. Things are so much more transparent and it means I do not have to go to some creepy-clickbait-rumour-website to get my the news on stuff. My only real gripe with the site is that they sometimes produce very short blog posts with no actual information. I understand that drip-feeding information can be a good hype building strategy, but at times I just wait until they have 3-4 articles on the same new product before I read any of it.

Mengel Miniatures

Mengel Miniatures is a great hobby and Warhammer blog. The focus is not on Age of Sigmar specifically, as you will also find some 40k related stuff. On Mengel Miniatures you will find:

  • Quickly available reviews (Mengel receives copies of product pre-release in order to help with the reviews).
  • Reviews of the various Age of Sigmar novels (these can be hard to come by on other sites).
  • A general positive attitude regarding gaming, games workshop and miniature painting.
  • Quick painting tutorials and other hobby-related tips
  • Mengel also does painting commission
  • They have also been a part of the great Tomb Kings content you can find here.

The site, and what Mengel stands for in general, can only come with my highest praise. A small negative is that the content can sometimes be a bit “wall-of-text-like” and the formatting on the website is (for me) is a bit dated. This issad,because it sometimes holdsbeback from reading content that is otherwise very good.

AoS Shorts

Aos Shorts is a newer site on the interwebs, but it has quickly pumped out a lot of good content. Things of note are:

  • Some really great overviews and write-ups concerning new upcoming products (think Generals Handbook 2017 or Malign Portents). If you are like me and you do not wantlogon to social media each that, this is a great way to catch up!
  • Some nice insights on the various top list from recent tournaments.
  • Short podcasts on various topics (overview of new battletomes, specific tactics and so on).
  • Potential for much more in the future (the site and scope of things look very ambitious).

I am so far very impressed with what Dan and the gang have done so far. I hope they continue with the current pace of content releases they are on!

Other Age of Sigmar blogs and websites


  • Age of Sigmar Tactics (easy to understand tactic articles for Age of Sigmar).
  • 2+ Tough (have recently added a lot of AoS content)
  • Hobby Hammer (is very much like Mengel Miniatures, but they also have some youtube and podcasting going on).
  • Ex Profundis (if you like grimdark fantasy and beautiful miniatures this is the one for you)
  • Warboss Kurgan (a personal hobby blog with some nice inspiring pictures)
  • Sprues & Brews (general Warhammer hobby blog)

Facebook groups and sites about Age of Sigmar

General Age of Sigmar facebook groups and sites:

Army and faction specific Age of Sigmar facebook groups and sites:

Forums about Age of Sigmar

General Age of Sigmar forums

  • The Grand Alliance (this should be your go-to forum and it is in many ways better than all the facebook stuff).
  • The Warhammer Forum (was very popular before Age of Sigmar, but I would not recommend it now. Not close to the quality of The Grand Alliance in any way)
  • The Warseer (some ok rumours at times, but the place can be a bit toxic)
  • Librarium
  • The Age of Sigmar Reddit is ok, but compared to TGA or many other reddits the activity and quality is quite low.

Army and faction specific forums:

Youtube and Twitch

  • Warhammer TV on youtube: is quite possibly the best way to get started painting. Duncan will show you how to thin your paints (he gets really pissed if you are not doing it right) and gives great tutorials for painting all the new models. A must subscribe!
  • Warhammer Live on Twitch: you can watch live without a subscription, but if you want to watch on-demand video you have to subscribe. You mainly get it to watch battles, so it is another short of battle report. The quality is very good, and they do coverage of tournaments, news and so much more. This is well worth your investment of time and money. If you go through Amazon Prime, you can get it for free!
  • CanHammer has a solid you channel with battle reports, the podcast, some paint and modelling talk, battletome reviews and unboxing.
  • 2+ Tough have made some very good AoS content on youtube. A review of each Start collecting box, the ‘podcasts’, some lore stuff and various reviews and guide. I actually think this is some of the best content regarding AoS on youtube.
  • My favourite youtube channel for the hobby in general: Tabletop Minions. So much good hobby stuff here. The videos are thoughtful, good quality in this is the type of content I cannot find anywhere else. Can only recommend!
  • The Andy & Rem show hosts the google hangout style podcast on youtube, but you can also find small reviews and hobby tips (some AoS and some from other systems).
  • Moarhammer does some very good short battle reports. They are mainly just pictured, but most of the time the battle is explained quite well. I kind of like it, compared to some of the very confusing battle reports out there.
  • MC1gamer have produced a number of high quality “unlocking shows” were they discuss how allegiance abilities, battalions and different army lists for the factions.
  • You should go to Vince Venturella if you want to get inspired to paint and hobby.
  • Miniwargaming has been on the scene for quite some time and is known for doing a lot of battle reports. I myself was a member of their subscription service back in the days. Now I am not so keen on the content they produce anymore, mainly because they butchered AoS games for a long period. Still, many people say they make the best battle reports, so the youtube channel is worth a check
  • At Arvandus you can find short videos about the lore in general and the lore of different factions in Age of Sigmar.
  • The Honest Wargamer needs a mention, mainly because it is funny. He was earlier a member of the Warhammer TV crew, and I must say I watch it less and less now he is not a member. His youtube stuff is ok, but I have not spent so much time on it as I thought I would.

Inspirationfor army lists, tournament lists and general army building tools (mainly matched play)

Painting, modelling and hobby

  • Base size list on TGA forum is a must know resource. This is a continuously updated list of what base size each model uses in Age of Sigmar. This is great if you have some old Warhammer Fantasy on square bases and you want to base them properly for AoS.
  • Citadel paint app is the newest app in GW’s growing digital portfolio, and this one is really great for beginners. You can see what paints you need to paint a specific colour, ideas for basing and ideas for different colour schemes. You can even save your stock of paints, so you know exactly what to buy when you are in the store.
  • Tired of splitting brushes? Chances are good you are not taking the proper steps to keep them clean and ready for use. Follow my easy guide to avoid this classic problem.
  • Want to know what new models are around the corner? There are various forums that have a lot of that kind of stuff. I have stopped going to any of them (because they can be quite toxic) and get my rumour fix exclusively from this thread on TGA.
  • Want to make you own warscrolls? This might be for you.
  • If you are into watching models, Instagram can be a good choice.: #paintingwarhammer can be quite good, but you can mostly just do a search for the specific miniatures you would like to see.
  • If you want to see some really nice stuff, coolminiornot is also good. Just do not compare yourself with ultra pro painted stuff!

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