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All AoS Start Collecting Boxes: values, review and points

In the table below you can see all of the different Start Collecting boxes for Age of Sigmar. It will give you the perfect overview of cost, savings, points values and a direct link to a shop where (based on your location) you can actually get the box much cheaper.

I am working on a small guide/review of each one. I will link to them in the table once they are ready.

Note: this was last updated with the point changes in Age of Sigmar 3.0. Some Start Collecting have been since retired and removed from this list.

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Explanation of table

In the table you can see the following information:

  • Box: name of the Start Collecting Box. The link will be to my review/overview of that specific box.
  • Buy box: if you like this tool, feel free to buy one of the boxes via the link provided here. I will get a small commission (no extra cost for you) if you buy something after you click a link.
  • Review: provides a link to our review of the Start Collecting Box
  • Faction: the army/faction the box belongs to.
  • Alliance: Which of the four Grand Alliances the faction belongs to.
  • Price: the price in £ if you buy the box at the normal retail price (GW price).
  • Price Ind.: The price in £ if you were to buy the individual units from the box separately (at GW price). Note that sometimes this is an approximation (when the box includes incomplete units or models that you can only get via the Start Collecting box).
  • Discount: The discount in price if you compare the price of the Start Collecting Box with buying each unit individually (with GW prices).
  • Models: the number of models in the box
  • Inc.: the number of models that do not make a complete unit (with the latest pitched battle profiles as reference).
  • Alter.: quite a lot of units in the boxes can be equipped in different ways. This can either change the point value slightly for the unit or even make a completely different type of unit. This is the number of alternative builds in the box.
  • Points: the points values if you build the units in the box like pictured on the front of the box.
  • PpP: this is price pr. point (in this case the Pound pr. Point). So the amount of money you need to spend to get 1 point via the start collecting box. It is a quick way to see how much value each box is.
NameBoxReviewFactionAlliancePricePrice Ind.DiscountModelsUnitsIncAlterPointsPpP
Beasts of ChaosBeasts of Chaos BoxBuy BoxReviewBeasts of ChaosChaos£60£92.535%2244500.13
Thunderstrike BrotherhoodStormcast Eternals Thunderstrike Brotherhood Start CollectingBuy BoxReviewStormcast EternalsOrder£50£13563%18619350.06
Daemons of KhorneDaemons-of-Khorne-Start-CollectingBuy BoxReviewBlades of KhorneChaos£55£10748%14313700.15
FyreslayerFyreslayers Start CollectingBuy BoxReviewFyreslayerOrder£60£9537%13426550.09
SylvanethSylvaneth-Start-collect-smallBuy BoxReviewSylvanethOrder£55£82.533%184124700.12
AnvilgardAnvilgardBuy BoxReviewCities of SigmarOrder£60£10040%13424000.15
Beastclaw RaidersBeastclaw-Start-smallBuy BoxReviewMawtribesDestruction£55£77.529%5357500.07
Daemons of NurgleStart-Daemons-SmallBuy BoxReviewMaggotkin of NurgleChaos£55£9539%1745400.10
Dameons of SlaaneshDaemons of Slaanesh Start CollectingBuy BoxReviewHedonites of SlaaneshChaos£55£7627%1635450.10
Daemons of TzeentchDaemons of Tzeentch Start CollectingBuy BoxReviewDisciples of TzeentchChaos£55£92.540%18538100.07
Flesh-Eater CourtsFlesh-Eater Courts Start CollectingBuy BoxReviewFlesh-Eater CourtsDeath£55£8031%14375250.10
Goreblade WarbandKhorne Bloodbound Goreblade Start CollectingBuy BoxReviewBlades of KhorneChaos£50£98.549%1967450.07
Greywater FastnessGreywater FastnessBuy BoxReviewCities of SigmarOrder£60£9033%423750.16
Idoneth DeepkinIdoneth-Start-Collect-smallBuy BoxReviewIdoneth DeepkinOrder£55£77.529%14314050.14
IronjawzIronjawz-Start-smallBuy BoxReviewIronjawzDestruction£60£98.539%1434350.14
Kharadron OverlordsKharadron Overlords Start CollectingBuy BoxReviewKharadron OverlordsOrder£60£102.541%1045100.12
Maggotkin of NurgleMaggotkin of Nurgle Start CollectingBuy BoxReviewMaggotkin of NurgleChaos£60£92.535%8314850.12
SeraphonSeraphon-Start-Collect-smallBuy BoxReviewSeraphonOrder£55£97.544%215127000.08
Skaven PestilensSkaven Pestilens Start CollectingBuy BoxReviewSkaventideChaos£55£87.537%14415750.10
Slaves to DarknessStart Collecting Slaves to Darkness boxBuy BoxReviewSlaves to DarknessChaos£60£127.553%1637950.08
SkinksStart Collecting SkinksBuy BoxSeraphonOrder£60£9040%174155050.12
Gloomspite GitzStart Collecting Gloomspite GtizBuy BoxGloomspite GitzDestruction£60£8025%1645400.11
Daughters of KhaineStart Collecting Daughters of KhaineBuy BoxDaughters of KhaineOrder£55£77.529%8466950.08
Soulblight GravelordsSC_SoulblightGravelordsSoulblight GravelordsDeath£60£14057%26415300.11

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