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Where to buy your Warhammer and information about my Affiliate Links

When I mention a product and link to it, I will direct you to a webstore depending on your location. If you buy something from that store, I will get a small percentage of that as income. This is called an “affiliate link”.

Below are the sites that I link to.

Best and Cheapest Warhammer Stores in UK and Europe

Element Games and Goblin Gaming. Both sites come with my highest recommendation. Their prices are good (about 20% normal GW prices), their reviews are great and their speed and customer service is top of the game.

Remember: even if you are outside the UK these are crazy good sites to buy from. This is where I get all most of my gaming stuff.

Wayland Games is super cheap, but it can also be a bit of a gamble in terms of when your stuff arrives. I have mixed feelings about their “in stock system”, but because of the cheap price a lot of people use them.

Besides those stores above I also link to Amazon. Quite a lot of people buy hobby products and various games from there.

Best Warhammer Stores in the US

A while back I did a big poll in the AoS community, specifically asking US gamers what stores they preferred to buy from. The vast majority buy their games from a local brick or mortar store and only a few buy their stuff online (most from amazon).

This is awesome, because it means that the “real” stores will survive and people will have place to play. But it also means I have a though time sending you to a good US webstore.

I have tried finding a good US store that sells Warhammer online, used by a lot of people and that has good customer service and prices. So far I have had no luck finding that, so I am simply sending you to Amazon instead.