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About Peter Thuborg

Peter Thuborg is a miniature enthusiast and the founder of Age of Miniatures.

He knows a lot about gaming, but his true passion is painting minis for those games.

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My name is Peter Thuborg and I am a geek just like most of my readers. I live in Denmark and:

  • I play miniature games! I am a hobbyist first and a gamer second.
  • I have too many hobbies (Age of Sigmar, D&D, Gloomhaven, 40K, board games, video games and reading lore to every universe I get stuck in).
  • Badly hidden away from my special someone, I have a lot of unpainted miniatures (a billion greenskinz, some old Empire, a wood elf army I have never done anything about and a million Reaper Bones!).
  • I never feel like I have enough hobby time. Like many I hobby procrastinate like nobody’s business (but I try not to).
  • I have studied philosophy for 6 years at Aarhus University. This has given me the ability to research huge amounts of information and distil the relevant parts (most of the time in a somewhat understandable way).

Why did I create this website?

I started out like most Warhammer: Fantasy players. Mainly I was bummed about Age of Sigmar (they did kill the Old World and the game I had loved since I was twelve). But I was also very curious and ready for something new.

I bought the first big lore book (Age of Sigmar) and read it. My feelings were mixed, to say the least. I tried to browse different forums and facebook groups, but things were mainly negative. The hobby was on standby for a good half a year for me, where every single miniature was packed away because I did not have the stomach to think about the game.

At some point, I decided to give it another go. Most of the very toxic players had left the community and the interwebs were now free to discuss AoS without all the haters.

But the content was lacking!

The only problem was: information was hard to come by. 

That is why I decided to write some of the stuff down that I spend so much time researching for myself. This turned out to become a very big beginners guide for Age of Sigmar.

What came of it is the website you see now. The mission is still the same, but the scope is bigger: make quality content available regarding games with miniatures in general. It is such a hard hobby to get into, so helping beginners out is still my passion and goal.


The biggest obstacle right now is time. Enough time to produce all the awesome things we want to make for you!

The next goal is for me to go full-time content creating madness, but that is still some way off. But you can still help us make sure we can get great content out quicker.

All income generated from the site is right now being reinvested in freelance writers (check the author on each article to see who wrote it).

We generate income in the following way:

  • Adds
  • Affiliate links (we get a small commission each time you buy something after pressing a link)

If you want to help us generate income, simply use one of our affiliate links before you buy your miniature-fix.

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