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Review Copy Policy

Here at Age of Miniatures, we like to collaborate with various content creators and other businesses.

But our views and opinion are not for sale and we very much dislike that sort of hidden promotional sponsorship.

We accept copies of products that we can use in content like reviews or guides, but we view them in a very different light than many other people.

  1. First, before sending us anything, be sure to get in contact with us. We are not about making reviews or spending time on products that we do not like. If we think your product is something that our audience might find useful, we will agree to receive your product.
  2. What we promise to do is review the product in a timely manner, but that is all we are going to promise. You do not get to see the content before it is published, nor will we take it down if you disagree with it.
  3. What we say in that review or content are our opinion and view. It might not be something you or your boss agree with. Sure, if we got something factually incorrect you are welcome to contact us and we can talk about it.
  4. If you get offended by negative remarks about your product, we think the issue is with you. If you want to end collaboration and blacklist us because of that, that is fine by us. Companies that do that are unlikely to be a great fit for us anyway.