Your Images

We want to feature your Warhammer and hobby images!

Do you paint amazing miniatures? Do you make the most awesome conversions? Is your terrain just that gorgeous?

Then I want to feature your images on the site!

The details on how I will feature your miniature / hobby  images and how to send them

  • I will use your images on various articles and posts where they might be relevant.
  • I will credit you with name and link to whatever instagram/hobby blog you want. You can, off course, also stay anonymous.
  •  I will need the pictures in the highest quality possible. See this GW guide on getting good images with no to simple equipment. Pictures taken with your phone is fine!
  • JPG format is cool, but I can work with all image fileformats.

You need to send the pictures to You can either mail the images directly, upload them to some file share thingy or simply write to me that I can lift them off your Instagram/website/forum post/whatever.

Why do I want to use your images on my website?

Well, pictures are just sweet. Whenever I can use an on point and relevant image, it really lifts the quality of the content that I can provide.

Sadly, I do not own every miniature in the world. By sharing your images with me, I can use on point images in a truckload more of my posts!

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