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This is how Command points work in Age of Sigmar 2.0

The command points system in AoS can be a bit confusing, even for me as a veteran player. The rules are quite simple, but the nuances and possibilities can make your head spin.

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This is how command points work in Age of Sigmar:

  1. You get one command ability at the start of each of your own hero phases.
  2. In your command phase, you can spend one command point to use a command ability
  3. Some command abilities are used in other phases. If that is the case, it will state it on the command ability.

Can I use the same command ability multiple times in the same turn?

If you have multiple command points, there are no rules stopping you from using the same command ability many times in a turn. There is also no rules against the same hero using the same command ability multiple times in a turn. Do remember that you need to spend a command point each time you use a command ability, so you need to save up your command abilities to do it.

Do command abilities stack?

Yes they stack, and boy some people are unhappy about it. Do note that some command abilities specifically state that they cannot be used on the same unit more than once. After the initial launch of AoS 2, some units have gotten this rewording so not many are left that are able to stack. An example of a stackable command ability is the Orukk Warboss Waagh! This ability gives all Orruk units within 12″ one extra attack with each melee weapon. Do you have two command abilities? That can be two extra attacks. Do you have six command abilities? That can be six extra attacks. Ouch!

My command ability does something in the combat phase. Do I have to use it in the hero phase?

If the command ability does not specifically state when it is used, it must be used in your own hero phase. The example above with the Orruk command ability is a great one. For my first game with the Waaagh! command ability, I assumed I used it at the start of my combat phase. Why? Because it seemed weird to activate an ability in the hero phase and then measure who were included when we came to the combat phase. But that is exactly how it should be played. Activate in hero phase and then in the combat phase you check to see who are in range.

How is the command points system different from AoS 1?

  1. In the first edition of AoS there were no command points, so a command ability could only ever be used once per turn.
  2. Now the rules have changed so all your heroes can use their command ability, not only the general. This means there are a lot of heroes that are suddenly very viable. Before you would never include them as your general, but now they are great support characters. Note that some command abilities states that the hero must be your general to use it, and then that rule still applies.
  3. Each army now gets acces to three command abilities in the core rules
  4. Extra command abilities are a much bigger part of battleplans and expansion game mechanics.

What are the 3 command abilities that each army gets access to?

1. Inspiring Presence: you can use this command ability at the start of the Battleshock phase (not just in your own turn). You can pick a unit within 12″ of your general or 6″ of one of your heroes. That unit does not take a battleshock test in that phase. 2. At the Double: you can use this after you have made a run roll for one of your units that are within 12″ if your general or 6″ of one of your heroes. You change the roll to be a 6 instead of whatever you just rolled. 3. Forward to Victory: you can use this after you have made a charge roll for one of your units that are within 12″ if your general or 6″ of one of your heroes. You can reroll that charge roll.

How do I get more comand points?

You can get command points in several different ways:

  1. Each player generates 1 command point at the start of their own hero phase
  2. You get one 1 command point at the start of the game for each Warscroll Battalion you have in your army (matched play).
  3. For each 50 points you do not use on units or warscroll Battalions, you get one command ability at the start of the game.
  4. Some artefacts can help you regenerat used command points.

How are Age of Sigmar command points different from 40k command points?

  1. AoS command points can only be spend on command abilities. 40k command points can be spend on strategems. Strategems can be used for many different things, and are not bound be characters.
  2. 40k generates command points differently than AoS. In 40k, it is mainly provided by army composition and some heroes also give extra command points.

8 tips for command points and command abilities

  1. Placement of your heroes is more crucial than ever. It is not only important that they are standing in the right place the start of the hero phase, it is also important where they are in the move phase, charge phase and so on.
  2. Remember that inspiring presence! It is so easy to forget in the heat of battle. I always remember it just after I have taken all my models off with a roll of six on the battleshock test…
  3. If you have big units with low bravery, it can be a good idea that you have at least one command point at the start of the game. This means that even if you get alpha striked before you get to generate a command point, you can still mitigate some of the damage by not having to take battleshock on a big unit.
  4. Go dig through all your grand alliance command abilities. Some work across factions and are really good!
  5. Having loads of command points for a big combo can be really strong for an alpha strike army.
  6. Units that can run and charge get a whole lot better. Being able to consistently run 6 gives a lot of mobility to those units.
  7. Battalions are better now. If you can find a battalion with an okay ability, the extra command point and artefact is massive. This, in turn, means that armies without access to battalions became a bit worse.
  8. Remember to check how long your command ability works. Some will work until your next hero phase, meaning that they still apply in your opponents turn!

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