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7 Fun Dungeons and Dragons Character Concepts and Ideas

It can be hard to come up with original character concepts for your next D&D character. It feels like all the great ideas have already been taken and done?

Well, you are not wrong. My suggestion is: steal amazing character ideas and tweak them to your style.

Below I have created list with 15 fun and (somewhat) unique Dungeons and Dragons character concepts.

You are free to steal them and tweak them as you see fit (just as I have probably stolen the ideas from somewhere else).

Dungeons and Dragons Character concepts or idea breakdown

My D&D character concept are short synopsis, breaking down the interesting bits about a character.

Mostly I try and take archetypes and give them a simple interesting spin.

At times these will reference race and class, but if that is not a major part of the character concept I will leave it out.

Angry Old Farmer

You finally found peace.

After years of hard work, living from hand to mouth and barely scraping by, you have finally made it to the end.

Here you live on a little farmstead on the outskirts of a quiet little village.

You have finally scraped together enough profits to retire completely, getting by with food from the small farm and your meagre pension stash.

You never managed to make a family, and most of your friends have already passed away. So will you.

But you are happy and content. Alone without nobody to disturb you. Finally at peace.

But one day the Big Bad Evil Guys swept through the small farming village.

Your life’s work was burned to the ground. What you have broken your back to piece together snuffed away in an instant.

You cared not for your neighbours or the innocent slaughtered in the wake.

You cared only for the utter destruction of your property. How could they dare!

Now, with nothing left to lose you set out to settle a score. Nobody will get away with destroying your home.

You are: Angry Old Farmer

Writer with Writers Block

You have created countless bestsellers that were on the top of the hit list with the Waterdhavian Nobles.

The ladies swoon when you enter the tavern and you can regale an audience with countless epic tales of battle and glory.

The problem is, none of those stories are true. The imposter syndrome has slowly been creeping up on you over the years and now it has taken full control.

And one disastrous day it happens: you get a writer’s block.

A complete breakdown in your ability to write anything. At first, you shrug it off. Some ladies and booze will set you straight! But it is not helping.

Now it is eating you from the inside. You have finally decided the only solution is to join an adventuring party and experience some really stories worth writing about!

Problem is? You really hate violence and are afraid of conflicts. You completely froze down in that bar brawl and still shake when you think about.

But, you are sure you can make the others in your party look great while you keep a safe distance.

And it is much easier to take notes if you are 20 feet away…


Pregnant Adventurer

You are a gruff and grim mercenary. You pride yourself on getting the job done. Once you have made a contract you do not stop before it is complete.

The work is rough, but hey that is life. You enjoy the company of your party, even though you are a bunch of roughheads.

Life is good.

Until one day you feel something is different. You lay low for a week until you can get your bearings. Only you soon realize that you are not sick, but you are pregnant.

At first you decide to turn to the local hedge wizard to get it “fixed”. Only, it turns it you cannot go through with the act.

When will your companions be able to see it on you? What will they say?

Can you be a mother? How will your life change?


Tribe elder looking for glorious death, but being afraid of it

When members of your tribe gets old, it is customary for them to leave before they became a burden for the rest of the group.

It is now your time to seek a glorious death. To go out and find an opponent worthy of taking your down.

Only problem?

You have always been afraid of dying.

In fact, you think that is why you are so good at fighting.

You claw on for dear life, but deep down you know you will not see your ancestors in the great halls if you do not go down in glorious combat.

Now you are seeking danger while at the same time trying to steer clear of it…


Alchemical Monster

Once upon a time you were adored by your peers. The other scholars of Faerûn would do anything to be in your shoes.

Now, they would run terrified if they saw you on the street.

You pushed science to the brink many times, but this time you pushed too far.

The various alchemical potions interacted in ways you would never have dreamed. The power was incredible, but your body is malformed and hideous.

You sustain your body on various alchemical potions and toxins that would kill lesser beings.

Years of running from small-town militia and people with pitchforks have left you shy and very timid.

One day you have the luck of finding a group of people who do not shun you instantly.

You fall in with them and join their course. You get mad when people try and hurt them.


Lucha Brawler

You have not worn your mask for many years.

Ever since you donned the great brawler champion belt for the third year in a row, that mask has been safely tucked away in the drawer.

You have looked at it a few times, remembering your glory days. Remembering that smell of sweat while you chocked out other brawlers.

Now you are wearing that mask again. Something have disturbed your neighbourhood and you know this is a job only a Lucha Brawler can do…


The Sceptic

You had a happy life. Like, it was really good while it lasted.

Nowadays you feel like a fool for ever believing it was real.

Your wife, your kids, your parents, the town you lived in, your neighbours. None of it was really real.

It came creeping up on you. In the back of your head, a small voice that questioned reality. How could you know this was real? What did you do to deserve such greats things?

That black stain grew and became stronger. It consumed your every thought.

You read books with philosophical and theological discussions. You questioned the existence of everything and slowly you came to the conclusion: nothing could be real.

It destroyed all your relationship, but you comfort yourself with the fact that they did not exist to begin with.

Now you are a wanderer. You are searching for tangible facts about, well anything really. You see signs, but cannot make sense of them.

Are your thoughts real? Are you being deceived right now?

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