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Kruleboyz Warband Warcry Guide, Overview and Tactics

The Kruleboyz is a warband for the Age of Sigmar skirmish game Warcry. You can find all the cards and abilities needed to play the warband on the Warhammer Community site here or in the Tome of Champions 2021.

As their name suggests, the Kruleboyz might not be as big as their Ironjawz cousins in the Orruk Warclans, but they make up for it with venoms, ambushes and a cruelty unmatched among the followers of Kragnos, the new champion of Destruction in Age of Sigmar 3.0 – and now they’re available in Warcry as well!

They’re the first truly new warband since Age of Sigmar 3.0 came out, and they’re a great choice for beginners, since you can get their models very cheaply from various starter sets – especially if you have a friend who wants to play the Stormcast side from those starter sets.

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Background and Lore of the Kruleboyz Warband

The Kruleboyz are the latest, greatest threat to civilization in Ghur, the Realm of Beasts. They’re a faction of swamp-dwelling, clever Orruks with a serious mean streak. While the larger Ironjawz Orruks are brutal and fight out in the open, and the Bonesplitterz travel the Realms to take out the biggest foes they can find, the Kruleboyz are all about traps, deception, poisons and ambushes.

Kruleboyz warriors worship the recently unveiled Kragnos, The End of Empires, who they see as Destruction Incarnate, and their banners and iconography mimic his terrifying countenance.

In battle, the Kruleboyz fight with venom-encrusted weapons and shields designed to look like horrifying caricatures of their bearers, ambushing much stronger armies by closing in under the cover of the mists of their boggy homelands to overwhelm their foes with spears, crossbow bolts, hatchets and daggers.

Let’s have a look at their fighters and abilities.

Overview and Points for the Fighters in the Kruleboyz Warband

Note: if you haven’t read the basic rules for Warcry before reading this article, it might be helpful to know that the game’s abilities are activated by using 6 dice that you roll at the start of your turn.

If two of the dice show the same value, they can be used to activate a Double ability. If three show the same value, they can be used for a Triple ability, and so on.

So, when this article refers to an ability being a Double, a Triple or a Quad, it refers to this system. It might sound a bit confusing, but takes no time to get used to when you start playing

There has been no point changes in Tome of Champions 2021.

There are 6 different Leaders and 8 fighter types in the Kruleboyz warband roster, and they fall into the following categories:


  • Killaboss on Great Gnashtoof: 245 points
  • Killaboss: 195 points

The Killabosses come in two variants: The regular Killaboss and the mounted Killaboss on Great Gnashtoof. Statistics-wise, they are very alike. They have the exact same, and pretty good, weapon profile with 4 Attacks and a critical damage of 5, and they have the same Toughness.

The Killaboss on Gnashtoof has 10 more Wounds than the regular version as well as a better Move statistic, and it has access to the Bone-Crushing Bite Double ability, which does damage to a nearby enemy fighter based on a dice roll. Since being mounted is already a bit of a disadvantage on more vertical Warcry battlefields, and the fact that the mounted Killaboss is a pretty big model doesn’t help either, it’s a bit difficult to recommend as your Leader choice.

The regular Killaboss does most of what the mounted version does well, and while it doesn’t have access to Bone-Crushing Bite, it can pair up with a Stab-Grot to use the Double ability You Hold ‘Em Off which lets the Killaboss grant a bonus move or attack action to a nearby Stab-Grot. This is a pretty good melee Leader in terms of its stats, but since its unique Leader ability only affects the pretty awful Stab-Grot, you’re better off with one of the more specialized Leader types described below.

Murknob with Belcha-Banna: (165 points)

The Murknob with Belcha-Banna has a slightly worse weapon profile than the Killabosses, as well as lower Wounds and Toughness, but it does have a unique Triple ability that works pretty well with how the warband plays: Breath of the Mire-Drake lets you roll a dice for each enemy fighter within an aura around the Murknob and do damage to each one depending on your dice roll and the value of the dice used for the Triple roll – up to 6 damage if everything is rolled optimally.

The ability can be good in itself, but is even better if you can follow up with the universal Quad Leader ability Kunnin’ Attack in the next batte round, which gives you bonus attack or move actions to all Kruleboyz fighters with the Warrior runemark within an aura around the caster if you have more of those fighters than there are enemy fighters within that aura.

This can make the Kruleboyz really good at ganging up on strong opponents or large concentrations of enemy fighters – you only have to have one more Warrior fighter than your opponent has fighters to make the whole combo go off, and all your Leaders, Gutrippas and Boltboyz are Warriors.

Swampcalla Shaman (205 points)

The Swampcalla Shaman has the same defensive statistics as the Murknob, but it has two weapon profiles: A short-range ranged attack with the highest critical damage in the warband (with a value of 6), and a 2-inch range melee attack with low normal damage but otherwise decent statistics.

Having range on attacks is generally very good, but it doesn’t synergize all that well with the Shaman’s unique ability, which works best if he’s in the middle of the fighting: Summon Boggy Mist is a Triple Leader ability that decreases the Attacks characteristic of all enemy fighters within an aura around the Shaman. This works for an entire battle round, so if you’re in a fight with a bunch of enemy fighters (which you probably are, given the abilities and fighter types available to you), this can really help tip the scales in your favor.

Generally, taking the Swampcall Shaman as your Leader and the Murknob as your Hero (or vice versa) gives you a nice toolbox of abilities for fightin in big, multi-fighter melees.


  • Gutrippa Boss with Wicked Stikka: 175 points
  • Gutrippa Boss with Mace and Sword: 170 points
  • Gutrippa with Wicked Stikka: 80 points
  • Gutrippa with Wicked Hakka: 85 points

The Gutrippas are one of two categories of melee infantry fighter types for the Kruleboyz warband, and they come in two variants: Gutrippa with Wicked Stikka and Gutrippa with Wicked Hakka. Both variants have a Leader version as well: Gutrippa Boss with Wicked Stikka and, for the Hakka version, Gutrippa Boss with Mace and Sword.

Let’s get the most important information out of the way first: You can’t currently buy Gutrippas with Wicked Hakkas anywhere. Due to delays at Games Workshop, we’re still waiting for the last big chunk of Kruleboyz releases. Hopefully they’ll be available soon. That being said, the Hakka variant isn’t the one to go for anyway. Like the Stikka version, they have Toughness 4 and 15 Wounds, which is something that makes a fighter type go up in points cost in Warcry, without the Toughness actually mattering that much in a game full of critical damage ignoring Toughness.

That goes for all Gutrippas, but the Hakka weapons profile is almost as bad as melee profiles get in the game. This means that the fighter type’s points cost of 85 is simply too much. The Leader version of the Hakka version has a much better melee weapons profile, but if you absolutely want a melee Leader that doesn’t have any aura buffs or other real synergies, you might as well just pay for the Killaboss instead for better statistics in both attack and defence.

The Wicked Stikka version is cheaper than the Hakka version, and while its melee profile is also pretty weak, it does have Range 2 on its weapon, which is an advantage when you want to cram as many Warriors into the same small space as possible for the Leader abilities such as Kunnin’ Attack: your spear-wielding fighters can simply reach more enemy fighters, since their increased range means they don’t get in the way of each other too much.


  • Boltboy Boss: 195 points
  • Man-Skewer Boltboy: 140 points

The Boltboyz come in a standard version, the Man-Skewer Boltboy, and a Leader version, the Boltboy Boss.

The Man-Skewer Boltboy is an elite ranged fighter type with a pretty good ranged weapon profile, and the same melee profile as a Gutrippa with Wicked Hakka on top.

Having a long range option for the warband is pretty great (especially for a Destruction warband), and it really becomes worthwhile to take in your warband when you consider its unique ability, the Double Aimed Shot which, if you haven’t moved with the fighter using the ability in the same activation, lets you do critical hits on rolls of 5 in addition to 6’s. This is a good ability, especially since the Boltboyz’ normal damage is only 1, but their critical damage is 4. Beware that this only counts for your next attack action, so it can’t be combined with any bonus attack actions or anything like that.

The Boltboy Boss is a significantly buffed-up version of the standard Boltboy, with better weapon profiles in both melee and ranged, but since you have much better options for your Leader and Hero slots (and he’s pretty expensive), he can’t really be recommended.


  • Hobgrot Boss: 110 points
  • Hobgrot Slitta: 90 points

The Hobgrots are like a micro-warband within your Kruleboyz warband: They have two fighter types, the Hobgrot Slitta and the Hobgrot Boss, but the Hobgrot Boss is not a Leader. He completely works like one in terms of synergies, though: The Hobgrot Boss has a unique Triple ability called Stab ‘Em Good, which increases the Attacks characteristic of Dagger attacks for all Hobgrots in an aura around the Hobgrot Boss.

The standard Hobgrot Slitta is pretty weak in combat without the Stab ‘Em Good, and it’s defense statistics are also pretty low, but it has a short range ranged attack with few Attacks but good damage, which sadly means its points cost is way too high for a melee unit with those statistics, but still not as good a ranged unit as the Boltboyz. The same goes for the weapons profiles of the Hobgrot Boss.

The “grenade”-like ranged attacks of the Hobgrots is a pretty good source of critical damage for your warband, and with the Stab ‘Em Good buff you could make a case for having one of your battle groups be full of Hobgrots, but keep in mind that they don’t have the Warrior runemark, which means they can’t benefit from the warband’s big flashy Quad ability, Kunnin’ Attack.

Stab-Grot (65 points)

The Stab-Grot is mostly in the warband for comic relief: He’s a tiny grot cosplaying as a Killaboss, and neither his offensive or defensive statistics are impressive. If you’re running a Killaboss as your Leader, you should definitely bring the Stab-Grot along to be able to use your unique ability, but while the Stab-Grot is pretty cheap, fielding many of them is almost impossible since they’re only available in the limited Dominion box set.

Pot-Grot (35 points)

The Pot-Grot is really, really useful for its points cost – there’s simply no reason not to bring it in your warband. It has a unique Triple ability called Brewed Elixir which lets you roll a number of dice for a chance to heal 3 damage points on a friendly fighter next to the Pot-Grot. That’s always nice to have, and for 35 points, you might as well bring it along.

In addition to that, the statistics of the Pot-Grot is suitably horrible for its points cost, but since there’s no limitation on how many of them you can bring, and their melee profile is just one Attacks short of being the same as a Hobgrot Slitta, you could harvest a ton of Pot-Grots off of Ebay and field a hilarious but one-note warband with 10 or even 19 Pot-Grots!

Abilities for the Kruleboyz Warband

Fighter Abilities

  • Venom-Encrusted Weapons (Double, everyone but the Potgrot) Increase the damage of critical hits for one fighter in an activation
  • Aimed Shot (Double, Boltboys) A fighter who has not moved in their activation gets an increased chance at scoring critical hits
  • Stab ‘Em Good (Triple, Hobgrot Boss) Improve the Attacks characteristic of Dagger weapons used by Minions around this fighter for one battle round.
  • Brewed Elixir (Triple, Pot-Grot) Heal a nearby fighter based on a dice roll.

Leader abilities

  • Bone-Crushing Bite (Double, Killaboss on Great Gnashtoof) Do damage based on a dice roll to a nearby enemy fighter.
  • You Hold ‘Em Off (Double, Killaboss) Give a bonus move or attack action to a nearby Stab-Grot.
  • Summon Boggy Mist (Triple, Swampcalla Shaman) Decrease the Attacks characteristic of enemy fighters in a bubble around the Shaman for one batte round.
  • Breath of the Mire-Drake (Triple, Murknob with Belcha-Banna) Do damage to all enemy fighters around the Murknob based on a dice roll
  • Kunnin’ Attack (Quad, all Leaders) If there are more friendly fighters with the Warrior runemark close to the fighter using this ability than enemy fighters, those friendly fighters all make a bonus move or attack action.

Strategy and Tactics for the Kruleboyz warband

The Kruleboyz warband is pretty versatile for a Destruction warband, especially in terms of ranged attack options. In addition to that, several of the warband’s abilities encourage you to overwhelm the enemy with sheer numbers in melee while buffing your fighters and debuffing the enemy fighters inside that melee fight. This is nice for players new to Warcry, since you have a clear blueprint for setting up your warband and playing a game.

If you bring the Swampcalla Shaman and Murknob with Belcha-Banna as suggested in this guide, you have a nice array of options to push melee combat in your favour: You can debuff enemy Attacks, do area damage or increase the Attacks of your fighters. To achieve the numbers advantage you need for Kunnin’ Attack, Gutrippa with Wicked Stikka is your best option due to it’s Range 2″ weapon and inexpensive point cost.

If one of your battle groups is your buffing Leader/Hero and Gutrippas, another battle group should include at least one Man-Skewer Boltboy for the good range and chance to do a good amount of critical damage. What else you bring in the warband is up to you, but apart from the auto-include of a Pot-Grot for healing, you’re stuck with pretty sub-optimal options: a group of Hobgrot Slittas and a Hobgrot Boss can make for an alternative wrecking ball of attacks, but they’re a bit expensive and don’t synergize with the rest of your army, and all the melee Leaders you have access to are strong enough, and they can still cast Kunnin’ Attack, but why not have the extra abilities you get from Shamans and Murknobs?

Whatever you do, make sure to have as high a model count as you can, since the Kruleboyz lack really high critical damage or elite fighters with a ton of Wounds, so you need to bring up your damage output and survivability through having as many activations as possible.

Pros and Cons of the Kruleboyz Warband


  • A strong Leader Quad ability that doesn’t require a high quad roll
  • good access to ranged and Range 2″ weapons
  • good synergies
  • clearly communicated playstyle that’s good for beginners


  • lacks cheap “chaff” fighters (except for the Pot-Grot)
  • strong melee Leaders lack synergies with the rest of the army
  • some fighter types are a bit too expensive points-wise
  • some fighter types are still not available to buy

Some fun thematic warbands for the Kruleboyz

Here’s a few ideas for warbands that are both fun to play and embody the character and style of the Kruleboyz warbands. They aren’t competitive win-all lists, mind.

Pot-Grot Potluck

We had to do this one: A horde of cheap Pot-Grots swarming around a melee Leader they can heal, as well as their mentor, the Swampcalla Shaman (and a Stab-Grot).

Leader: Killaboss (195 points)

Hero: Swampcalla Shaman (205 points)

Stab-Grot (65 points)

Pot-Grot x 15 (525 points)

=990 points

Veterans of the Starter Sets

This isn’t the best list in the world, but it has the advantage of being very, very cheap: You can build it from the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Warrior Starter Set, which means that if you can get someone else to buy the Stormcast half of that box, the warband will cost you around the same as a trip to the movies.

Leader: Killaboss (195 points)

Hero: Gutrippa Boss with Wicked Stikka (175 points)

Stab-Grot (65 points)

Gutrippa with Wicked Stikka x 7 (560 points)

=995 points

Different build options and how to buy the Kruleboyz warband

Most of the warband can be purchased in Age of Sigmar starter sets:

  • The Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Dominion limited box set lets you build 10 Gutrippas with Wicked Stikka (including up to two Gutrippa Bosses with Wicked Stikka), but beware that these are easy to build miniatures that do not have the option to be built as Gutrippas with Wicked Hakka or a Gutrippa Boss with Mace and Sword. It also lets you build 20 Hobgrot Slittas (including a Hobgrot Boss), 3 Man-Skewer Boltboyz (including a Boltboy Boss), a Killaboss on Great Gnashtoof, a Killaboss, a Swampcalla Shaman, a Murknob with Belcha-Banna, a Stab-Grot and a Pot-Grot. The Boltboyz, the Murknob, the Stab-Grot and the Killabosses aren’t available in any other set and might never be, so get a Dominion box if you want to play Kruleboyz in Warcry!
  • The Age of Sigmar Extremis Starter Set and the Age of Sigmar Harbinger Starter set both let you build the same 10 Gutrippas as the Dominion box, 10 of the same Hobgrots (so half the amount, but it’s still the same sculpts), a Pot-Grot and a Swampcalla Shaman. The Extremis set just includes a bunch of terrain as well, so if you’ve already got that covered, you can save some money and just buy the Harbinger set.
  • The Age of Sigmar Warrior Starter Set lets you build the same 10 Gutrippas as the Dominion box, a Stab-Grot and a Killaboss.
  • the Getting Started with Warhammer Age of Sigmar magazine includes 1 Gutrippa with Wicked Stikka.
  • the Orruk Warclans Gutrippas + Paints Set lets you build 3 Gutrippas with Wicked Stikka.

The rest of the warband can be found in individual boxes and in the Kruleboys Boss-Krew that contains the only part of the Dominion box that was previously not available in the starter sets or separately.

Tips on painting the Kruleboyz warband

There are plenty of painting guides out there for Kruleboyz, since they are one of the poster factions for Age of Sigmar’s third edition, but a good basic one is this Battle Ready painting tutorial from Games Workshop themselves.