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Warhammer Age of Sigmar Upcoming Releases 2023

It is hard to keep up with the release schedule for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar.

Consult this page to see lowdown on confirmed Age of Sigmar upcoming releases. We will keep this page up to date so that you can use it as your single point of reference on what yet has to come.

If you are interested to know what Age of Sigmar things has already been released in 2023, you can consult this page. We also do the exact same thing for 40k, so if you are wondering what is going to release for 40k in the future you should check out this page.

We hope you enjoy this list of Age of Sigmar upcoming releases!

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Age of Sigmar Upcoming Releases:

Battletome roadmap 2023 (upcoming updates for Warhammer Age of Sigmar factions)

Warhammer Fest 2023 came with exciting news and an updated roadmap. In particular a new narrative campaign made of 4 books and called Dawnbringers, will be released this year along with brand new miniatures for a dozen armies.

Summer will see the new book of the series released together with the new General’s Handbook, then in autumn we are going to see the long awaited re-sculpt of the Cities of Sigmar range, with Book II and III following in the same period.

Winter will see a “mysterious” 3rd edition battletome. It was all but officially confirmed than it will be Flesh-Eater Courts, the last army without a recent book and they hinted to potential new sculpts.

Dawnbringers books and accompanying releases

Harbingers, Dawnbringers Book I

The Dawnbringers saga will see the development of two grand crusades departing from Hammerhal, one in the Realm of Life, Ghyran, and one in the Realm of Fire, Aqshy. One of this will fail and one will succeed, but we will not know until Book IV. The first book, Harbingers, will focus on the start of their journey and will be accompanied by one herald for each grand alliance.

The re-sculpt of Nurgle Harbinger of Decay is on the cover itself of the first book (a named character called Phlugoth the Miser) and was one of the oldest miniatures of that range in dire need of become a plastic kit.

For Death we have Sir Jerrion, a Marrowscroll Herald from the Flesh-Eater Courts, whose task is to recruit peasants to their glorious quests, while in reality to listen to his words mean to fall to the same madness that all Flesh-Eater are stuck in.

For Order we have a new Fyreslayer hero, the Grimhold Exile (Fjori will be the named version detailed in the book). These warriors wield weapons imbued with a portion of the Zharrkhul, the flame ignited at the moment of Grimnir’s death.

The harbinger of Destruction is Braggit Big-Talka, a Rabble-Rowza from Gloomspite Gitz, attended by a swarm of bat-squigs whose duty is to incite his army to even greater deeds of destruction.

It’s not coming until Dawnbringers Book II but the mighty Maw-grunta was the highlight of the show. It will be available in a hero and non-hero version.

Cities of Sigmar

We finally got a glimpse of the first models of Cities of Sigmar, the harbingers of Dawnbringer Crusades.

And finally, at Warhammer Fest 2023, they showcased the first full unit: the Freeguild Cavaliers. The focus of autumn release will be mostly humans, with several sets of the existing range being replaced and some sunset. We can expect some non-human units to still be viable.

The first leader to be shown is the Freeguild Marshal, a veteran fighter and hero accompanied by a Relic Envoy that follow his marshal carrying a mummified head of a relative that can whisper words of wisdom.

Some iconography from Dawnbringer Crusades

We also saw a first glimpse to the weapons they are going to carry in battle, their armours and the way they approach religion.

Warhammer Underworlds Upcoming Releases

Season 7 just started with Wyrdhollow starter set and the return of Organised Play rules. This season will contain a new Starter Set (that will use existing miniatures), new rivals deck, a new Chaos warband in autumn and the Headmen’s Curse in summer. Autumn will also be the season for the next Core box with 2 new warbands followed by a new Destruction warband in winter.

Headmen’s Curse

The Headmen’s Curse is a new Nighthaunt warband for Wyrdhollow season, with the leader able to resurrect the fallen comrades each time he kills an opponent fighter.

Warcry Upcoming Releases

The new season is centred in Ghur, realm of Beasts, and was accompanied by quarterly box sets containing new terrain and warbands, even those outside Grand Alliance Chaos.

After the last one in Spring, a new starter set will appear in summer followed by smaller set to represent Order, Death, Destruction and Death warbands.

Other GW Board Games Coming up for Release

Looking forward to news of other GW board games soon after the re-release of Cursed City in 2022 and of Munchkin Age of Sigmar (also released few years earlier).

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