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Images of Age of Sigmar Upcoming & New Releases in 2023

It is hard to keep up with the release schedule for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar.

Consult this page to see lowdown on confirmed Age of Sigmar upcoming releases. We will keep this page up to date so that you can use it as your single point of reference on what yet has to come.

If you are interested to know what Age of Sigmar things has already been released in 2023, you can consult this page. We also do the exact same thing for 40k, so if you are wondering what is going to release for 40k in the future you should check out this page.

We hope you enjoy this list of Age of Sigmar upcoming releases!

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Age of Sigmar Upcoming and New Releases:

Battletome roadmap 2023 (upcoming updates for Warhammer Age of Sigmar factions)

Warhammer Fest 2023 came with exciting news and an updated roadmap. In particular a new narrative campaign made of 4 books and called Dawnbringers, will be released this year along with brand new miniatures for a dozen armies.

Winter will see a “mysterious” 3rd edition battletome. It was all but officially confirmed than it will be Flesh-Eater Courts, the last army without a recent book and they hinted to potential new sculpts.

Dawnbringers books and accompanying releases

Dawnbringer Book 4

The next chapter of the Dawnbringer series introduced Ushoran, the Summer King, and the new range of miniatures for the Flesh-Eater Courts. In the book itself there will be rules for the multiplayer format Triumph and Treachery.

Flesh-Eater Courts release

Ushoran, the Summer King himself will be at the forefront of the Flesh-Eater Courts army. Imprisoned by Nagash for a crime committed, he spread his delusion to many mortals transforming them in his army. And now he is back!

The Abhorrant Gorewardens protect the territory they were appointed to with extreme zeal. This seems to be the first of a series of new miniatures accompanying the release of the last third edition battletome.

Flesh-Eater Courts work exactly as every other civilized community so they need someone to administer justice within their territory. And none is more proficient than Grand Justice Gormayne, a great scholar.

And when the sentence is death, the Royal Decapitators execute it swiftly.

The Abhorrant Cardinals are spiritual leader blessed with divine power by Ushoran himself.

The Varghulf Courtiers are those templars blessed with supernatural strength and vigour. This is the new sculpt of an extremely old resin kit.

A respectable army needs heavy cavalry, and that’s where the Morbheg Knights appear, riding majestic winged steeds able to pulverise any opponent.

The Cryptguard represents the elite infantry. They can be armed with Swords or with two-hand Halberds.

Warhammer Underworlds Roadmap and Upcoming Releases

Season 8 new core box has just been announced moving to another part of Ghur, the frozen wasteland of Deathgorge.

Daggok’s Stab-Ladz

Daggok Finksteala leads his Stab-Ladz warband of Kruleboyz in search of any champion he can decapitate to steal their treasures and knowledge.

Warcry Roadmap and Upcoming Releases

The new season is centred in Ghur, realm of Beasts, and was accompanied by quarterly box sets containing new terrain and warbands, even those outside Grand Alliance Chaos.

Autumn started with 4 new warbands, of which only 2 in a smaller box with limited terrain. Winter instead will have 2 new warbands, one from Order and one from Death, and, after that, 2 new mysterious warbands in Spring next year.

Other GW Board Games Coming up for Release

Looking forward to news of other GW board games soon after the re-release of Cursed City in 2022 and of Munchkin Age of Sigmar (also released few years earlier).

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