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Images of Age of Sigmar Upcoming & New Releases in 2024

It is hard to keep up with the release schedule for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar.

Consult this page to see lowdown on confirmed Age of Sigmar upcoming releases. We will keep this page up to date so that you can use it as your single point of reference on what yet has to come.

If you are interested to know what Age of Sigmar things has already been released in 2024, you can consult this page. We also do the exact same thing for 40k, so if you are wondering what is going to release for 40k in the future you should check out this page.

We hope you enjoy this list of Age of Sigmar upcoming releases!

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Age of Sigmar Upcoming and New Releases:

The last preview was at Adepticon the 20th of March 2024.

Darkoath release

Gunnar Brand and his Oathbound

At the forehead of the new Darkoath release we have Gunnar Brand, the leader of his Oathbound. They first appeared in the episode “Monsters” from the Warhammer+ animated series Hammer and Bolter and now will have even his own novella called Darkoath and written by Chris Thursten.

Dawnbringer Book 6

The sixth book, Hounds of Chaos, will conclude the Dawnbringer saga and bridge to the new edition of Age of Sigmar with Chaos at the forefront of the action.

Abraxia, Spear of the Everchosen

From the cover of the last Dawnbringer book we have Abraxia, Spear of the Everchosen, leader of the Swords of Chaos, the most important of Archaon’s Eight Circles of Varanguard, the elite of the elite.

Abraxia has risen to power from a mere Spyre Tyrant through sheer determination and caught the eye of Archaon that donated to her spear Gorbolga the Accurs’d that mutates anything it touches, including its wielder should they not be extremely concentrated.

Nexus Chaotica

The Nexus Chaotica is a brand-new terrain piece used by the Slaves to Darkness on important geomantic convergences to draw magical energies used to feed the daemons bound within.

Age of Sigmar 4.0

All that we know about Age of Sigmar 4.0 release

Following the plot from the Dawnbringer saga, evil stirs in the Mortal Realms and the Skaven are appearing in mass across all realms. Here the key points that we know about the new version.

Launch box

  • The launch box set will contain Stormcast Eternals against Skaven. The Stormcast Eternals will most likely belong to the Ruination Chamber.
  • The Skaven will have a host of new kits.
  • The full box will be presented at the US Open 2024 at Dallas between the 16th and the 19th of May and at Warhammer World in UK between the 18th and 19th of May.
  • This edition will have Chaos at the forefront, taking the baton from Destruction.

Battletomes and rules

  • All battletomes from the current edition (third) will be replaced by day-one free Indexes containing warscrolls for all supported models. There have been several changes to the warscrolls, including colour-coded abilities so that you can visually see to which phase they refer to.
  • The infamous double turn is staying, but it has been fine-tuned and there are more actions that the opponent can perform off-turn.
  • Weapons ranges are gone, replaced by a simple 3″ range rule for everyone, valid also for contesting objectives.
  • A limited set of universal rules simplifies the warscrolls, for example a Champion, Standard Bearer or Musician will have universal rules.
  • Battleshock has been removed.
  • Everything models can do in game is an ability with a Declare step and an Effect step.
  • Command points and abilities are described in a section below.
  • Heroic actions are gone, but some still survive as Battle Traits in certain armies like Their Finest Hour for the Stormcast Eternals.

New Warscrolls

  • All warscrolls have been modified and have a new yet similar look.
  • Leadership is gone and replaced by a Control value that determines how many points a model counts when controlling an objective.
  • Wounds has been renamed Health
  • All melee weapon ranges are gone (shooting attacks maintain it)
  • There are seven universal weapon abilities that are clearly defined in the weapon profile.
    • Crit (Mortal) for example on a Liberator weapon does mortal damage when a critical hit is scored.
  • The various abilities are colour coded so that is clear in which phase they need to be used or are relevant. The phases are the same except the Battleshock phase that has been removed.
  • Fly, Ward and Wizard power level are now keywords at the bottom of the warscroll.
  • Abilities also have keywords, plus a Declare and an Effect step.

Command abilities in AoS 4.0

As described in the Warhammer Community article, command abilities have been rewritten and command points are a more scarce resource. There’s no more warscroll or faction ability that gives them.

Each player gains 4 command points each round. These cannot be accumulated from round to round. The underdog (those behind in points at the start of the round) get an extra command point. Those with less auxiliary units in their roster also get an extra command point. So the maximum (for now) is 6 per round.

Command abilities now have a cost in points. Each unit can only use 1 command each phase and each command can only be used once per phase.

There are 10 universal command abilities of which 4 are reactions that can be used only after the relevant ability has been declared (by you or the opponent). The active player first declares a reaction, if so wishes, and then the opponent has a chance to react. Here the 4 reactions:

  • All-Out Attack: reaction to your declaration of an Attack. Add 1 to those hit rolls, including Companion attacks.
  • All-Out Defence: reaction to an opponent declaration of an Attack. Add 1 to save rolls for that unit.
  • At the Double: reaction to your declaration of a Run ability. Instead of rolling a die to determine the run distance, you can move an extra 6″.
  • Forward to Victory: reaction to your declaration of a Charge ability. You can re-roll that charge roll.

So far those are familiar and work pretty similar to the old ones. The following 6 are either rewritten or completely new and some can be used even in the opponent turn. Note that it seems that abilities from an opponent are declared at the end of the relevant phase after the active player completed all his actions:

  • Rally: any Hero phase. A friendly unit not in combat rolls 6 dice. For each 4+ they obtain a rally point. Each rally point can be used either to Heal(1) or to return a slain model as long as the sum of the points used covers the Health of the returned model. Unspent rally points are lost.
  • Redeploy: enemy Movement phase. D6″ move (counts as running for other purposes like charging), that cannot pass or end within combat range (3″) of an enemy unit.
  • Covering Fire: enemy Shooting phase. A unit not in combat can shoot at the nearest visible enemy unit with a -1 to hit penalty.
  • Counter-Charge: enemy Charge phase, costs 2 command points. A unit not in combat can charge as if it was their phase.
  • Magical Intervention: enemy Hero phase. A Wizard or Priest can cast or chant with a -1 penalty.
  • Power Through: end of any turn. A unit that charged in the same turn and is in combat with a unit with a lower Health characteristic than theirs, can inflict D3 mortal damage and perform a move even through the unit targeted. Can end not in combat with that unit but cannot engage a different unit.

New spearhead format and modular rules

  • New Spearhead format that allows to play with the content out of the box with simplified but still strategic rules.
  • Eventually all Vanguard boxes will be replaced by more balanced Spearhead boxes.
  • All core rules are modular, meaning that you can choose which one to adopt for your game. Matched Play for now will contain the following advanced rules, but a General’s Handbook could completely replace one of these modules: Commands, Terrain, Magic, Army Composition, Command Models, Battle Tactics.

How to create an army list in Age of Sigmar 4.0

  • Battlefield roles (Leader, Battleline, Behemoth, etc.) are gone
  • Now everything is included either in a regiment or as an auxiliary unit
  • At least a regiment is mandatory, and up to 5 can be included in an army. Each regiment needs to contain a hero and up to 3 other non-hero units (4 if the hero is the chosen general).
  • The leader will determine which type of units can be included in his/her entourage, for example a Lumineth Vanari Bannerblade can include any Vanari unit, while Teclis can include any Lumineth unit.
  • Only certain heroes can include in their regiment other heroes, for example a Mighty Lord of Khorne can include other Gorechosen heroes.
  • Earlier units not defined as “Single” could be reinforced, i.e. double or triple their minimum unit size with a limitation based on the format played. Now every valid unit can be reinforced, but only once (i.e. double their unit size).
  • Each unit not included in a regiment can be taken as an auxiliary unit.
  • Each regiment and each individual auxiliary unit count as a single drop. The player with less drops obtains an extra command point each battle round.
  • Subfactions are gone, replaced by battle formations that represent a particular way for the army to play, independently from the colour scheme or the unique characters included in it (did I hear you want to play Neferata, Manndred and Belladamma in the same army? Now you can).
  • Command Traits have been replaced by Heroic Traits and now any hero can take them (not just the general).
  • Artefacts of Power, Spell Lores, Prayer Lores and brand-new Manifestation Lores will be some of the enhancements available to choose from.

Miniatures that will say goodbye in the new edition

As every new start, there’s something of old that will leave space to the new. In particular some ranges will be receiving free rules that will be valid for competitive play only until summer of 2025 when they will be relegated forever to Warhammer Legends. Here is the full list of warscrolls abandoning Age of Sigmar in the fourth edition by army:

  • Stormcast Eternals (the entire Sacrosanct chamber plus some named characters)
    • Celestar Ballista
    • Evocators on Dracolines
    • Evocators
    • Sequitors
    • Knight Heraldor
    • Knight Vexillor
    • Lord Castellant
    • Lord Celestant
    • Lord Veritant
    • Lord Ordinator (and its second sculpt called Vorrus Starstrike)
    • Lord Exorcist
    • Knight Azyros
    • Paladins (Retributors, Decimators and Protectors)
    • Judicators
    • Liberators (a new sculpt has already been announced)
    • Prosecutors
    • Gavriel Sureheart
    • Astreia Solbright
    • Aventis Firestrike
    • Lord-Arcanum on Gryph-charger (available with an Evocator-Prime in the Masters of the Sacrosanct box)
  • Skaven (some of these models may receive an updated sculpt or even a new name)
    • Clanrats (a new sculpt has already been announced)
    • Skryre Acolytes
    • Warpfire Thrower
    • Ratling Gun
    • Gutter Runners
    • Rat Swarms
    • Master Moulder
    • Arch Warlock
    • Warp Grinder
    • Warlock Engineers
    • Rat Ogors
    • Giant Rats
    • Stormvermin
    • Plague Priest (the model on foot, not the one from the Screaming Bell kit)
    • Warplock Jezzails
    • Doom Flayer
    • Plague Censer Bearers
  • Bonesplitterz (the entire range)
    • Savage Orruk Boyz (and Morboys and Arrowboys warscrolls)
    • Savage Orruk Boarboyz (and the Maniaks warscroll)
    • Maniak Weirdnob
    • Wardokk
    • Wurrgog Prophet
    • Savage Orruk Big Boss
    • Hedkrakka’s Madmob
  • Slaves to Darkness (mainly Warcry and Underworlds warbands)
    • Horns of Hashut
    • Tarantulos Brood
    • Splintered Fang
    • The Unmade
    • Corvus Cabal
    • Cypher Lords
    • Scions of the Flame
    • Iron Golems
    • Spire Tyrants
    • Untamed Beast
    • Khagra’s Ravagers
  • Beasts of Chaos (the entire range will reappear in the Old World as Beastmen)
  • Sylvaneth
    • Branchwraith (in reality this model already does not have rules)
  • Seraphon
    • Saurus Eternity Warden (in reality this model already does not have rules)
  • Blades of Khorne
    • Valkya the Bloody
    • Scyla Anfingrimm
  • Gloomspite Gitz (both models have rules in The Old World)
    • Madcap Shaman
    • Big Boss on Gigantic Spider
  • Cities of Sigmar
    • Mistweaver Saih (in reality this model already does not have rules)

Age of Sigmar 4.0 New miniatures

Stormcast Eternals

The first miniature of the new edition to be revealed is the new version of the Liberator, the standard Stormcast Eternal melee fighter that first appeared in 2015 in the original Age of Sigmar Starter set. In the image above appears in the centre with the colours of the Hallowed Knights Stormhost next to the old Liberator (on the left) and the Vindicator (on the right) that already used the new armour.

The Reclusians are those Stormcast Eternals that are one step from losing completely their humanity, often accompanied to battle by mortal priests called Memorians, that try to keep their humanity anchored to the reality.


The older kit of the Skaven Clanrats has been retired, and the new one is know visible for the first time in all its glory.

Warhammer Underworlds Roadmap and Upcoming Releases

Season 9 remains in Ghur, deep within the Deathgorge where Rimewyrms hatch but also where the deepest treasures can be found: the Wintermaw.

Warcry Roadmap and Upcoming Releases

The new season is centred in Ghur, realm of Beasts, and was accompanied by quarterly box sets containing new terrain and warbands, even those outside Grand Alliance Chaos.

Briar and Bone

The last Warcry box for this edition will be Briar and Bone depicting Ossiarch Bonereapers against Sylvaneth.

Ossiarch’s Teratic Cohorts are led by a Kavalos Centauri, the fusion between a Liege-Kavalos and his mount, that will be joined by the warped Mortek Cykloptians, Teratic Prowlers crafted from failed Mortek Guards and the winged Aviarch Harpies.

The Sylvaneth who have been infected by Gnarlwood parasites form a band of pariah sworn to find a cure called the Twistweald. At the helm there is Swarmsage, while the Twistroot Wardens ensure the Twistwood Revenants and Twistwood Dryads follow orders in battle.

Other GW Board Games Coming up for Release

Looking forward to news of other GW board games soon after the re-release of Cursed City in 2022 and of Munchkin Age of Sigmar (also released few years earlier).

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