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Star Wars Shatterpoint Resources (Podcasts, Blogs, and Tools)

When I am new to a game, I want to consume all the content I can find about it. Since I am starting to get into Star Wars Shatterpoint, that is precisely what I am doing for that game right now. Just finding all Shatterpoint resources and devouring them!

Since the game is still quite new, some of the best content can actually be a bit hard to find. In this article, I list the best resources (podcasts, blogs and tools) I have found for the game.

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Best Star Wars Shatterpoint Podcasts

Hello there is one of the bestShatterpoint resources because it suchs a great podcast.

Hello There Shatterpoint Podcast

By far my personal favorite, mainly because of the sound quality and the focus on the Shatterpoint content and less on random banter.

Zions Finest Shatterpoint Podcast

Momentous Struggle Shatterpoint Podcast

Jedice Order Shatterpoint Podcast

The High Ground Shatterpoint Podcast

Rogue Support Shatterpoint Podcast

Best Star Wars Shatterpoint List Builders:

Tabletop Admiral

The Pointbreak SW

Shatterpoint DB

Best Shatterpoint resources in Tools, Websites, and Blog

The Shatterpoint Quick Guide


The Fifth Tropper

Atomic Mass Games

Dice and Cardboard

High Ground Shatterpoint Blog

Ingress Point Blog

Other great resources:

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