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Overview of All Warcry Campaign Quests for Narrative Play

There can be a lot of confusion when picking up a warband and trying to play them through multiple narrative campaigns. This is a simple page of all Warcry Quests, so you can see exactly what is available and where to get it.

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DISCLAIMER: In Warcry season 2 set in Ghur, the way narrative campaign quests work changed significantly.

Quests are now things that you can achieve as part of any fight, matched play or narrative, and at the end gives you some reward. Campaigns are arcs of battles in an extremely narrative context for 2 or more players, usually following Age of Sigmar events of allowing you to use the warbands in a specific set.

Season 2 quests and campaigns

A guide to the table

The first column displays the name of the Campaign.

The second column displays the type of campaign:

  • Universal Quest being a quest that can be performed by everyone
  • Quest
  • 2-Players, 4-Players, 4-6 Players represents multi-player narrative campaigns

The third column represents the type of reward from that quest.

The fourth column represents which warband can enrol in that quest. Other than searching for your warband, you have access to a campaign for your Grand Alliance and accessible to everyone.

The last column represents where the campaigns can be found.

Warband specific tomes were first released in their relative box set, but are then released separately.

Warcry Season 2 Narrative Campaigns
Treasures of the GnarlwoodUniversal QuestArtefactAllCore book - Ghur
Ascension to GloryUniversal QuestHeroic TraitAllCore book - Ghur
Secure a Powerful AllyUniversal QuestAllyAllCore book - Ghur
Explore the GnarlwoodUniversal QuestExplorationAllCore book - Ghur
Fight for GloryUniversal QuestGlory PointsAllCore book - Ghur
Hunt the BeastUniversal QuestMonsterAllCore book - Ghur
Gift of the Dark GodsQuestArtefactChaosCore book - Ghur
Champion of ChaosQuestHeroic TraitChaosCore book - Ghur
Desecrate the LandQuestEncampmentChaosCore book - Ghur
Lost Treasures of OrderQuestArtefactOrderCore book - Ghur
Guardian of OrderQuestHeroic TraitOrderCore book - Ghur
Establish Trade RoutesQuestEncampmentOrderCore book - Ghur
Treasures of the GraveQuestArtefactDeathCore book - Ghur
Lord of DeathQuestHeroic TraitDeathCore book - Ghur
What Lies BelowQuestEncampmentDeathCore book - Ghur
Treasures of GorkamorkaQuestArtefactDestructionCore book - Ghur
Avatar of DestructionQuestHeroic TraitDestructionCore book - Ghur
Bring the WildQuestEncampmentDestructionCore book - Ghur
The Path of Ven Talax2-PlayersAllCore book - Ghur
The Chotec Valley4-PlayersAllCore book - Ghur
Fruits of Dark AlchemyQuestArtefactRotmire CreedRot and Ruin
Lord Leech's BlessingQuestHeroic TraitRotmire CreedRot and Ruin
The Putrid TransformationQuestEncampmentRotmire CreedRot and Ruin
Infernal RewardsQuestArtefactHorns of HashutRot and Ruin
Black-hearted AscensionQuestHeroic TraitHorns of HashutRot and Ruin
Trail of Ash and FlameQuestEncampmentHorns of HashutRot and Ruin
The War of Rot and Ruin2-PlayersRotmire Creed vs Horns of HashutRot and Ruin
The Path of Splintered LimbsQuestArtefactJade ObeliskStealth and Stone
Behold the ObeliskQuestHeroic TraitJade ObeliskStealth and Stone
Broken FaithQuestEncampmentJade ObeliskStealth and Stone
Patrol the GnarlwoodQuestArtefactHunters of HuanchiStealth and Stone
Chosen of the StarsQuestHeroic TraitHunters of HuanchiStealth and Stone
Scour the GnarlwoodQuestEncampmentHunters of HuanchiStealth and Stone
The War of Stealth and Stone2-PlayersJade Obelisk vs Hunters of HuanchiStealth and Stone

Season 1 campaigns

For reference here is all the old campaign quests from the previous season of Warcry:

A guide to the table

The first column displays the name of the Campaign.

The second column displays the type of campaign

  • Normal being a standard campaign
  • Fated being a Fated Quest (more dangerous but better rewards – artifact of power or exalted trait)
  • Challenge being a Challenge Battle (to be embarked on a campaign has prerequisites and a stake that can be lost with the battle, but provides great spoils including taming a monster).
  • There is a multiplayer campaign introduced in Tome of Champions 2020, the Soroth Kor campaign that allows multiple players to trade blows across a 3 months long campaign.
  • 2-Players, 4-Players, 4-6 Players represents a new set of narrative campaigns enfolding within the current narrative introduced by the Warhammer Community team. They can be easily adapted by using any army.
  • Branching is a new type of quest introduced first in Warcry: Red Harvest where you have to make choices at the end of each convergence battle and that will decide which branch of the campaign you will follow changing drastically the rewards at the end of the campaign.

The third column represents which warband can enrol in that quest. Other than searching for your warband, you have access to a campaign for your Grand Alliance and accessible to everyone.

The last column represents where the campaigns can be found.

Tome of Champions is a yearly expansion with great emphasis on the play side with occasional rule changes or clarifications. For narrative play it usually introduces new campaigns and new artefacts/command traits/etc. In December 2020, 4 new books specific to each Grand Alliance were released introducing new rules and campaigns specifically for that Grand Alliance.

Finally White Dwarf is a usually monthly magazine published by Games Workshop available digitally or included in Warhammer+ subscription if you missed the specific printed release.

Table showing all Warcry Campaign Quests and in what books they are located

Warcry Narrative Campaigns
The Purge of AnvilguardNarrative 2-PlayersAnvilguard vs StormcastWarhammer Community, Tome of Champions 2021
Treasures of the PastBranchingOrderTome of Champions 2021
A Fool's Trove in UlfenkarnNarrative 4-PlayersAllWarhammer Community, Tome of Champions 2021
The Forlorn HopeNarrative 2-PlayersLumineth vs Ossiarch BonereapersWarhammer Community, Tome of Champions 2021
The Depths of SylontumNarrative 4-6 PlayersDaemons of Khorne, Tzeentch, Nurgle or Slaanesh vs Nighthaunt, SoulblightWarhammer Community, Tome of Champions 2021
War of the Morruk HillsNarrative 2-PlayersThunderstrike Stormcast vs KruleboyzWarhammer Community, Tome of Champions 2021
Conquer the ForgeNormalIron GolemCore Book
Cursed MetalNormalIron GolemCore Book
The Hunt for FirescarNormalUntamed BeastsCore Book
Tooth and ClawNormalUntamed BeastsCore Book
War of TalonsNormalCorvus CabalCore Book
The Hunger for IsiphusNormalCorvus CabalCore Book
A Spy in the House of TalonsNormalCypher LordsCore Book
Cold VengeanceNormalCypher LordsCore Book
Path of the Flayed PrinceNormalThe UnmadeCore Book
Song of SufferingNormalThe UnmadeCore Book
Nagendra's GulletNormalSplintered FangCore Book
Venom of the GodsNormalSplintered FangCore Book
Tide of FireNormalScions of the FlameCore Book
Making your NameNormalSpire TyrantsCore Book
The Bells of Lost VelorumNormalNighthauntCore Book
The Hidden VaultNormalVanguard ChamberCore Book
The Stolen TomeNormalLegions of NagashCore Book
The Bottle HeistNormalGloomspite GitzCore Book
A Bounty of SoulsNormalIdoneth DeepkinCore Book
Seekers of the ChaliceNormalFlesh-Eater CourtsCore Book
A Proper ScrapNormalIronjawzCore Book
Traitor's FateNormalDaughters of KhaineCore Book
The Stolen TotemNormalBonesplitterzCore Book
Lord of the PitsNormalSpire TyrantsWhite Dwarf 452
Aggressive AcquisitionNormalLumineth Realm-lordsWhite Dwarf 454
Chasing the FlamesNormalHammerhalWhite Dwarf 456
Shadow of the VaranspireNormalSlaves to DarknessTome of Champions 2019
The Bone HarvestNormalOssiarch BonereapersTome of Champions 2019
The Platter of CarngradNormalOgor MawtribesTome of Champions 2019
A Bad InvestmentNormalKharadron OverlordsTome of Champions 2019
The Davenok ConspiracyNormalDisciples of TzeentchTome of Champions 2019
Snirrik's Great-Grand SchemeNormalSkavenTome of Champions 2019
Vengeance of the StormNormalWarrior ChamberTome of Champions 2019
The Old WaysNormalBeasts of ChaosTome of Champions 2019
A God's FootstepsNormalFyreslayersTome of Champions 2019
The Season of RetributionNormalSylvanethTome of Champions 2019
A Lost SoulNormalSacrosant ChamberTome of Champions 2019
The Blood God's DueNormalKhorneTome of Champions 2019
Bursting with LifeNormalNurgleTome of Champions 2019
The Grand RevelNormalSlaanesh DaemonsTome of Champions 2019
The Cosmic PylonNormalSeraphonTome of Champions 2019
The Pursuit of KnowledgeFatedAllTome of Champions 2019
The Whispering MoonFatedAllTome of Champions 2019
Fulfilling One's OathsFatedAllTome of Champions 2019
Blood and FaithFatedAllTome of Champions 2019
The Haunting of Asga PeakFatedAllTome of Champions 2019
Defending your CrownFatedAllTome of Champions 2019
The Ghoul HuntFatedAllTome of Champions 2019
The Tomb of Saint ArtimyrChallengeAllTome of Champions 2019
Where Troggoths TreadChallengeAllTome of Champions 2019
An Ill-Advised ExpeditionChallengeAllTome of Champions 2019
A Ritual Too FarChallengeAllTome of Champions 2019
Lord Splinterbone's FeastChallengeAllTome of Champions 2019
To Face the Charnel FiendChallengeAllTome of Champions 2019
Unveiling the ArcaneChallengeAllTome of Champions 2019
A Long Night in CarngradFatedDestructionHarbingers of Destruction
The Wisdom og WozgobbaFatedDestructionHarbingers of Destruction
Chains of IronFatedDestructionHarbingers of Destruction
At their Own GameFatedDestructionHarbingers of Destruction
A Right Old MessChallengeDestructionHarbingers of Destruction
Gargantuan CarnageChallengeDestructionHarbingers of Destruction
The Big Carngrad BashChallengeDestructionHarbingers of Destruction
KrushedChallengeDestructionHarbingers of Destruction
Picking your PoisonChallengeDestructionHarbingers of Destruction
Bloodbaths and BrewgitsChallengeDestructionHarbingers of Destruction
Into the Jaws of DeathChallengeAllMonsters & Mercenaries
Hand of the EverchosenChallengeAllMonsters & Mercenaries
Hunt for the DoombladeFatedAllMonsters & Mercenaries
The Crown of DavenokFatedAllMonsters & Mercenaries
Lords of the ArenaFatedAllMonsters & Mercenaries
Slaves and MastersFatedAllMonsters & Mercenaries
Dread VengeanceFatedDeathBringers of Death
Blooded TalonsFatedDeathBringers of Death
The Grave of GorsimaxFatedDeathBringers of Death
Of Bone and SoulFatedDeathBringers of Death
The Royal HuntChallengeDeathBringers of Death
Thieves in the NightChallengeDeathBringers of Death
A Grave MistakeChallengeDeathBringers of Death
Death Comes CallingChallengeDeathBringers of Death
Caged LightningChallengeDeathBringers of Death
Trial of the Five BladesChallengeDeathBringers of Death
A Comrade in NeedFatedOrderSentinels of Order
Gift of the GodsFatedOrderSentinels of Order
Heroes and HorrorsFatedOrderSentinels of Order
An Uplifted SoulFatedOrderSentinels of Order
The Fall of Lord ValgarChallengeOrderSentinels of Order
No Duardin Left BehindChallengeOrderSentinels of Order
Vault GuardiansChallengeOrderSentinels of Order
Thick as ThievesChallengeOrderSentinels of Order
Halting the RitualChallengeOrderSentinels of Order
Blood and SerpentsChallengeOrderSentinels of Order
Crimson BountyFatedChaosAgents of Chaos
The Grand Plague of VetchFatedChaosAgents of Chaos
Fit for a KingFatedChaosAgents of Chaos
Beneath Shadow BoughsFatedChaosAgents of Chaos
The Varanite HarvestChallengeChaosAgents of Chaos
Fury of the WildChallengeChaosAgents of Chaos
The Everchosen RegardsChallengeChaosAgents of Chaos
Blades in the DarknessChallengeChaosAgents of Chaos
Irrefutable ChallengeChallengeChaosAgents of Chaos
The Grot PurgeChallengeChaosAgents of Chaos
Soroth Kor CampaignMultiplayerAllTome of Champions 2020
The March of MonstersFatedAllTome of Champions 2020
The Dollfaul ChorusFatedAllTome of Champions 2020
The Measure of a BladeFatedAllTome of Champions 2020
A Prize Wrought in IronFatedAllTome of Champions 2020
Fires of WrathFatedAllTome of Champions 2020
The Maudlin HouseFatedAllTome of Champions 2020
Cost of AvericeFatedAllTome of Champions 2020
The Coils TightenFatedAllTome of Champions 2020
March of the DeadChallengeAllTome of Champions 2020
The Fall of SnagglewartChallengeAllTome of Champions 2020
The Wrath of KlorggChallengeAllTome of Champions 2020
Envoy of the Daemon KingChallengeAllTome of Champions 2020
Tide of ChaosChallengeAllTome of Champions 2020
Avowed BountyNormalDarkoath SavagersRed Harvest
Sundered OathsNormalDarkoath SavagersRed Harvest
Shadowed WebsNormalTarantulos BroodRed Harvest
The Scuttling One SpeaksNormalTarantulos BroodRed Harvest
The Blood of RuinBranchingChaosRed Harvest
Acts of SabotageBranchingOrderRed Harvest
An Unintended OdysseyBranchingDestructionRed Harvest
Hateful ChangeBranchingDeathRed Harvest
The Captured MelusaiNormalKhainite ShadowstalkersCatacombs
Khaine's BloodNormalKhainite ShadowstalkersCatacombs
Pit of DarknessNormalKhainite ShadowstalkersCatacombs
The Immolation EngineNormalScions of the FlameCatacombs
Beasts of FlameNormalScions of the FlameCatacombs
The Obsidian TowerFatedAllCatacombs
The SpawnmasterFatedAllCatacombs
The Orb of SecretsFatedAllCatacombs
Trail of DestructionFatedAllCatacombs
Balance of PowerBranchingChaosTome of Champions 2021
Grim ExpansionBranchingDeathTome of Champions 2021
A Feast of ViolenceBranchingDestructionTome of Champions 2021
The Rat HuntersNarrative 1-PlayerAll vs Skaven (AI controlled)Tome of Champions 2021
The Reaver's SpoilsFatedChaosTome of Champions 2021
Fate of the KindredFatedDeathTome of Champions 2021
Survivor's SalvationFatedOrderTome of Champions 2021
The Waking IdolFatedDestructionTome of Champions 2021