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Black Friday Deals 2024: 3D Printers, Miniatures & Wargaming

This is a list of Black Friday Deals for 2023 regarding miniatures, 3D printing, wargaming and other hobby products.

We know the Black Friday 2023 deals for Creality, but nothing from the other brands yet. We will keep this updated when we see something.

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3D Printer Black Friday Deals (Resin and FDM)

There are some massive deals to be had from Elegoo, Anycubic, Phrozen, and Creality on resin printers (and FDM if you are into that).

If you want to quickly compare 3D printers, I have made a massive list of 3D printers with specs of the common resin 3D printers. I also list the cheapest price I have seen the printers retail for, so it is worth keeping handy to know whether or not a deal is actually “a deal”.

If you have no clue where to start, read our Best 3D printers for miniatures article and our 3D printing miniatures for Beginner’s guide.

Elegoo Black Friday 3D Printer Sale

Elegoo had a massive Halloween sale and Black Friday is shaping up to be even better. Also, Elegoo is one of the stores where it is cheaper to buy directly from their store instead of Amazon – and there is very often free shipping.

Things I noted browsing the Elegoo Black Friday site is that they are offloading old models that are being phased out. Not a surprise (this is basically what Black Friday boils down to), but it means you can get some amazing resin 3D printers for cheap!

If you want resin, there is cheap resin to be had if you are in the UK or EU.

Value picks from Elegoo Black Friday 2023 Sale:

Elegoo Saturn 2

Mid-sized workhorse. If you want to print a lot of models or big models, it is perfect.

Screen Resolution (px): 7680 x 4320
Screen Size (Inch): 10
PPI (Pixel Per Inch): 881
XY resolution (μm): 28.5
Build Volume (LWH): 219 x 123 x 250
  • Great resolution
  • Surprisingly easy to use
  • Plenty of build space
  • Next-gen features missing
  • A bit cumbersome
  • Information material pretty bad
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  • Last year I was blown away by the price of the Elegoo Mars 2 being sold at only $100. But that machine was, even one year ago, a bit old. Now the Mars 3 can be yours for only $130 and the Mars 3 Pro for $150. Wow, that is an incredible cheap printer that I do not see being majorly outdated for a very long time. Sure, the Mars 4 is also cheap at $250 or the Mars 4 Ultra at $300, but I do not think resolution is that big of an upgrade.
  • While the Mars line is a good way to get started, the Saturn line is my favorite. You can bang out so many more models with that thing. The stock standard Saturn 2 for $320 is insane value (it was on sale for 500 last Black Friday). Even though the Saturn 3 is sligtly better, Saturn 2 is my clear favorite for a value pick (you can read my Saturn 2 Review here).
Elegoo Mars 3 Pro
Screen Resolution (px): 4098 x 2560
Screen Size (Inch): 6.6
PPI (Pixel Per Inch): 732
XY resolution (μm): 35
Build Volume (LWH): 143 x 89 x 175
Best Price Seen ($): 150
Release Year: 2022
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If you do not want a value-based pick on old machines, there are still savings to be had on the new models of resin 3D printers from Elegoo:

  • Many types of resin are on sale
  • Mercury Wash and Cure Series discounted

If you are more into FDM Printers, Elegoo also has some steals. Here I would advice not to go with one of the never models, as there has been significant upgrades this edition.

Bambu Lab Black Friday 3D printer sale 2023

Bambu Lab do not have the same practice of putting a ridiclous sticker price on their printers and then dropping the price på 50% when on sale. And I really like that, because it means that buying something not on sale from them is no big deal.

But, they do have sales and Black Friday 2023 is no exception. Here are the deals from Bambu Lab on their amazing FDM printers. I cannot recommend the Bambu Lab P1P enough if you want to get started with terrain printing. It is my best 3D printer for terrain pick for a reason! But damn, that P1S is also extremely cheap. So maybe go with that.

Best 3D Printer for Terrain
Bambu Lab P1P
  • Very easy to use
  • Extremely fine tuned out of the box
  • Can print amazing quality at very high speeds
  • Branded slicer that is actually good
  • Cloud and Wifi integration that now (mostly) works
  • Ancient UI on the printer itself
  • Build with proprietary parts
  • Very noisy
  • Data privacy issues and cloud breakdowns
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Anycubic Black Friday Sale 2023

Anycubic also likes their sales a lot. Just like Elegoo, you should actually never buy anything that is not on sale. In that sense, the “normal” price tag is a bit of a scam.

For some reason Anycubic really likes coupon codes. Here are the ones I have seen:

  • Use code PAYPAL for $20 off on orders over $100
  • 30 off $400+ sitewide with code BFCM30
  • $20 off $200+ sitewide with code BFCM20
  • $10 off $70+ sitewide with code BFCM10
  • $5 off $50+ sitewide with code BFCM5
  • $3 off $30+ sitewide with code BFCM3

When going through and updating my list of best prices for resin 3D printers, these things caught my attention.

  • The Photon Mono 2 for $149 is certianly cheap, but I would go with the Mars 3 Pro instead since they are the same price. The cover of the Photon 2 has some issues, but besides that they are the same printer.
  • If you are looking for a really big boi, the Anycubic Photon M3 Max fits that bill really well at $789.

If you are more into FDM printers, Kobra 2 for $209 is the only one I would consier. While I am not the biggest fan (read my Kobra 2 review), it is a great printer at that price point.

Anycubic Kobra 2
  • Works out of the box pretty well
  • Fast and precise for most needs
  • Very budget-friendly
  • Limited control of printer via UI and UX issues
  • Extremely Noisy
  • Limited build volume
  • Questionable design decisions
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Phrozen Black Friday Sale

Phrozen have finally created a site for EUand have a warehouse there, so it is viable to buy directly from their store now without insane shipping fees. So I am hoping for some Black Friday deals for EU costumers as well this year. Their Black Friday deals start the 20th November, but will update it here once I know what the deals are.

Creality Black Friday Sale

Creality is mostly big in FDM printing, but they still make some good resin printers as well. Creality runs the same style of “never buy at the stock price”, and there are some sweet deals to be had this Black Friday.

Creality is one of those producers where it a lot of the time can make sense to buy via Amazon. It sorta depends on your location.

Here are some good deals directly via their site:

Creality K1
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We have recieved this list of deals on Creality printers on Amazon:

3D Printing Files for miniatures

If you are looking for a huge assortment of presupported premium miniature files, I think MyMiniFactory is the best place to go.

You can see a lot of Black Friday offer from their various merchants here.

If you are looking to get some good deals on printing STL files for miniatures, Black Friday is a perfect opportunity. You can go through my list of good 3D printer files to find things you like and check if they are on sale.

Various Hobby and Miniature Stores Black Friday Deals

In general, miniatures are not something that is heavily discounted on Black Friday. Here are some of the stores where I have found some Black Friday deals, but none are amazing.

UK Webstores

US Webstores

Airbrush Black Friday Deals

Airbrushes are another expensive item where even a 20% cut can mean massive savings.

Airbrush Compressor AS186
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Red Grass Games Black Friday Deals

Red Grass Games are having a sale on most of their hobby supplies

Jackson Art miniature brush Black Friday deals

Jackson Art is running a Black Friday sale, so if you are in need of quality brushes this is the sale for you.

Green Stuff World Black Friday Deals

Greenstuff World held a Black friday sale in 2022, but so far nothing for 2023.

Frontline Gaming

Looking for gaming Mats? Frontline gaming got mats!


While I think the foam thing is outdated, Battlefoam does make some excellent magnetic carry cases that I use myself.


The Kane from A-Case is a super amazing carry case for your miniatures, but it looks like they are not doing any sale.