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Endless Spells: what are they and how do the rules work?

I have seen a lot of questions regarding the new Endless spells and thought I would write a bit about them. These questions have also regularly been asked by my opponents and before reading the ruleds thoroughly I made some mistakes as well.

This is how the rules for Endless Spells work:

  • Each Endless spell has its own miniature and warscroll, just like regular units. If you bring an Endless Spells in your army, all of your wizards will have access to attempting to cast it.
  • The spells have a casting value as all spells do and your opponent can attempt to unbind them as normal.
  • When you cast an endless spell, you often get to trigger the spell. This means either moving it or applying some sort of buff or debuff. The endless spells that move are called Predatory spells.
  • After you have successfully cast an Endless Spell it stays on the board. If it is a predatory endlesse spell it moves around until dispelled in some way. You are now no longer in strict control of how it moves as your opponent will also have a possibility of moving it.

Endless spells are an exciting feature in Age of Sigmar. But they work quite differently to normal spells. You have to pay points for them in matched play, booth players can dispell them in their own hero phase and the way they move about can have a big impact on wether or not you want to take first turn in a battle round. Read on to learn all the details regarding Endless Spells.

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How do I gain access to Endless Spells and where are the rules for them?

  • In order to use an Endless Spell, you must have the model and the warscroll for it. As with all Warscrolls, you can find them in the AoS app, on the GW website under the specific model or buy them printed out.
  • The models for the shared Endless spells can be found in the Malign Sorcery expansion (together with the rules and warscroll cards). The faction specific endless spells can be bought in a box for each faction.
  • The rules regarding Endless Spells can be found in the Malign Sorcery book or in the Big Core Rulebook.
  • In matched play, you must pay points for each Endless Spell and you can only bring one of each endless spell in your army. Points can be found in either the Generals Handbook or the Malign Sorcery book. They are also found in the Azyr part of the official app or on the warscroll builder.
  • If you have an Endless Spell in your army, all wizards can attempt to cast that spell.
  • The faction specific endless spells state that only units with specific keywords can cast them. Note that you could ally a wizard into your army and buy their faction endless spell to cast with that wizard (even though you do not have that factions allegiance ability).

How do I cast Endless spells?

You attempt to cast the Endless Spell as normal, rolling 2d6 trying to bet the casting value found on the warscroll. The casting value of many of them is quite high. Enemy wizards within 30″ can attempt to unbind as normal.

A wizard can only attempt to cast one Endless Spell in your hero phase, no matter how many spells you have brought. You can, however, attempt to cast other Endless Spells with other wizards.

You can only attempt to cast an Endless Spell if you have the model available to set up. This means that if you have brought the Purple Sun, and it is now wrecking face on the opponent’s side, you cannot cast it again before it is gone.

What happens when I cast an Endless Spell?

  • It will say exactly what it does on the warscroll (and there are quite a few special rules on top of the normal rules for endless spells).
  • All of them require you to set them up wholly within x inches if the wizard casting them. If it is a ‘Predatory spell’ you get to immediately get to make a move within them. The Warscroll will say how many inches it can move up to (you can move less if you want).
  • The predatory spells can fly and deal damage to units they move over, and some also deal damage when they end a move within x inches of a unit. Remember that the spells can deal damage to your own units, so be careful how you move them around!
  • The spells base cannot end on top of another base (rules for flying) so if the spell does not have enough move to get over a unit, it is stuck in front of them. This makes the ones that only do damage to units they fly over slightly worse.
  • The spells disregard the normal rules saying that you cannot end within more of 3″ inches from an enemy unit in the move phase. Technically this is because all armies consider the spells friendly, which also means they cannot be attacked, affected by magic or shoot at.

How do Endless Spells move after they have been set up?

At the start of the battle round (not each players turn), you alternate picking a predatory endless spell on the board and moving it. The player who is going second in the battle round will get to pick first (potentially making going second in the battle round better).

The player deciding how the spell moves resolve all effects of the spell. You can pick a predatory spell and decide it move zero inches. Remember to check if there is any limitation on how the spell moves. As an example, the Aethervoid Pendulum can only move straightforward in the direction it phased when it was first placed.

If a spell moves out of the battlefield, it is immediately dispelled.

Remember that the base of the spells block movement (you cannot move through bases of units) so that can be something to think about when moving them around or when deciding wether or not to let your opponent move a spell.

How do I dispell Endless Spells that are in play?

If you were not successful in unbinding the endless spell when it was cast, fear not! You can still get that pesky stuff of you.

In your own hero phase, any of your wizards can attempt to dispell an endless spell they are within 30″ of. This will cost them one of their normal casting attempts, possibly nullifying their magic abilities for that turn.

Note that this dispell attempt is not an unbind attempt, so any bonuses to unbinding do not work. Also, remember that it is only in your own hero phase you can attempt to dispell an endless spell already in play

If possible, you can also just try and move the spell of the table. If the base touches the edge of the table, it is also gone.

Is the Malign Sorcery a good purchase?

Being the big fanboy that I am, I of course bought the big Malign Sorcery expansion. I love it, but I also find that some of the spells are quite useful. A few thoughts on the expansion:

  1. The models were okay quality, many of them single piece plastic. The only poor one was the Purple Sun. The push-fit plastic leaves quite some gaps, so glue is a must for the sun (and greenstuff if you cannot stand gaps like me).
  2. The book was nice and all, but do not buy the digital version. The book without the models or warscrolls card is not really worth it in my opinion.
  3. Painting something big and colorful was a nice change of pace from everything else. Many could be painted by spraying white and washing and glazing.
  4. The Chronomantic Cogs are very powerful in alpha strike lists and I especially like them in my Ironjawz army.
  5. If you play defensive, the shackles seem very good for disrupting your opponent’s movement.
  6. The Spellportal started of broken but seems to be ‘just good’ now.
  7. The Geminids where the predatory spell I found useful. Big debuff + 2d3 mortal wound was massive and much better than many of the more costly spells. After the nerf it is still good, but not nearly as broken.
  8. Los blocking Palisade makes can give you some nifty strategic options.
  9. I am so disappointed in the big maw. The damage is pathetic!
  10. The sun is bad because of the big point cost.
  11. The pendulum is surprisingly good! d6 mortal wounds, it deals damage to units within 1″ at the end of the move and you your opponent cannot use it against you.

Overall I thought the Endless Spells would be much more destructive, but they are slightly on the weak side when it comes to damage. Debuffs, buffs, and mobility are still key in AoS, and the Endless Spells did not really do anything to change that.

This is slightly sad, as I think the spells could have been a better solution with regards to double turns if they were better. On the other hand, that would make the Malign Sorcery a must buy expansion, which is not so healthy for the game. Right now it is just a minor buff for some armies and a fun expansion for those who like big boom and more models.

The faction Endless Spells for Stormcast and Nighthaunt seem pretty damn good, so if I played any of those factions I would definitely try to use those to my advantage.

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