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Fellgor Ravager Kill Team Guide (Chaos Beastmen)

The Fellgor Ravager Kill Team is a faction for the tabletop miniature skirmish game Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team by Games Workshop. They were first released as part of the Gallowfall expansion for the game.

The Chaos Beastmen are children of Chaos and the Imperium, equally. As abhumans, they’re a mutated strain of Mankind, both a natural product of evolution and an abomination in the eyes of the Imperium’s authorities. As pariahs of society, these mutants with their horns and hooves most often end up in the service of the Ruinous Powers, where their ferocity and daemonic appearance are traits to be celebrated, even if they’re still not treated like ordinary humans in the ranks of the forces of Chaos, either. Not truly belonging anywhere, the Chaos Beastmen that don’t become slaves of other forces end up living in tribal warbands fighting for their own survival and the favour of their Chaos Gods at the fringes of society, or even aboard Space Hulks such as the Gallowdark.

In the game, the Fellgor Ravager kill team charges into close combat, braying and swinging their primitive bludgeons and cleavers as they overwhelm almost any kind of foe with their bestial ferocity and bitter fury. Strong and imbued with their devotion to the Dark Gods, they can even go on fighting after being taken down by shot or blade, going out in a blaze of glory to honour their unholy patrons. If you want to focus on close combat and use a truly primal and aggressive playstyle, the Fellgor Ravager kill team might be just the team for you.

[Note: This article is up to date with the Q1 2024 Balance Dataslate.]

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Abilities of the Fellgor Ravager Kill Team


Frenzy is an ability shared by all Fellgor Ravagers. The effect of the ability happens when one of your operatives is incapacitated. Instead of being incapacitated, that operative gains a Frenzy token, which makes it Injured, gives it an Engage order, and prevents it from performing Mission or Pick Up actions – but it also allows it to keep playing until the next time it ends its activation, or it is struck it with a critical hit or two normal hits in combat, or the battle ends. As of the Q4 2023 Balance Dataslate, a Frenzied operative can also be incapacitated by any critical damage done to it by a shooting attack after the attack that gave it the Frenzy token.

Effectively, this means that a Fellgor Ravager with a Frenzy token gets to keep on going for the rest of its activation – or another activation, depending on when it gains the token – before being taken out of play, unless the enemy commits to taking it down in close combat.

Since the Fellgor Ravager Kill Team has pretty bad saves and is very focused on close combat, your Ravagers are going to get incapacitated all the time, so Frenzy adds a lot of power to your kill team by giving you more activations (with the disadvantage of being Injured). The efficiency of Frenzy depends quite heavily on how capable your opponent is in close combat, since striking the frenzied Fellgor is the only way to directly influence when it’s taken down. Since the Q3 2023 Balance Dataslate, stopping frenzied operatives can also be achieved by inflicting critical damage on them with a Shooting attack, and frenzied operatives also no longer count when determining control of an objective, which tempers the power of the ability a bit, but it doesn’t stop it from still being really powerful. As of the Q4 2023 Balance Dataslate, you also always treat the Action Point Limit of a Frenzied Fellgor Ravager as 1 for the purposes of determining control of objectives and the like.

Operatives of the Fellgor Ravager Kill Team

The Fellgor Ravager Kill Team’s roster is pretty straightforward: It consists of 1 Fellgor Ironhorn as your Leader, and then 9 other operatives chosen from the rest of the options below. Each operative type can be taken once, apart from Fellgor Warriors, which you can take as many of as you can fit in your team.

Fellgor Ironhorn (Leader, 1 per kill team)

The Ironhorn is the Leader of the Fellgor Ravager Kill Team, and like most of the other operatives in the kill team, he has a 5+ Save and a Defence of 3. He has one more Wound than most Fellgors, bringing him up to 11.

For his loadout, he can choose between two ranged weapons and 2 close combat weapons, and must choose one of each.

The Corrupted Pistol has 5 Critical damage, the Balanced Special Rule so it can reroll 1 of its attack dice, and the Rending Critical Hit rule that lets you turn one normal hit into a critical hit in an attack where you already scored 1 or more critical hits. The Plasma Pistol is a standard Plasma Pistol with excellent damage and Armour Penetration, with the option to Supercharge it to Armour Penetration 2 at the risk of doing damage to yourself. Both pistols are pretty great, but since the Fellgor Ravager Kill Team is very lacking in heavy firepower in general, the Plasma Pistol is the best choice of the two.

The Bludgeon hits on a 2+, does 4 damage in both Normal and Critical damage, and has the Brutal Special Rule so that it can only be parried by Critical Hits. The Corrupted Chainsword has a higher Critical Damage characteristic and the Rending Critical Hit Rule, and it looks great on the model, but Brutal is a a powerful Special Rule (which is something we’ll get back to below), so the Bludgeon is probably the stronger choice rules-wise.

No matter how you choose to equip your Ironhorn, he’s powerful at close range, but will go down pretty easily if the enemy manages to hit him before he can bludgeon them to death – but as with everyone else in the kill team, Frenzy means he’ll often live to fight for another activation anyway.

The Ironhorn also has the Ability Call the Attack, which you can use in every Strategy Phase. It allows you to select a friendly operative visible to and within Pentagon/ 6 Inch range of the Ironhorn and then that operative and all friendly operatives within Circle/2 Inches of it can immediately make a free Dash action. This is a good ability in itself, but in the Fellgor Ravager Kill Team, it is especially useful because some of your operatives will often be Injured as part of their Frenzy condition, which means they have reduced movement.

All in all, the Ironhorn is a strong, if somewhat vulnerable, Leader who leads from the front.

Fellgor Warrior (9 per kill team)

This is the standard warrior for you Fellgor Ravager Kill Team. With 10 Wounds and a Save of 5+, which isn’t great but is made up for by the Frenzy ability.

The Warrior is equipped with an Autopistol, which is mostly pretty bad but useful for the Pelting Firepower Strategic Ploy, and a choice of either a Bludgeon with the Brutal Special Rule or a Cleaver without that rule but with an extra point of Critical damage. The Bludgeon is definitely the way to go here, since the enemy being unable to parry your standard Warriors without Critical Hits is a pretty amazing advantage to have.

Chances are you won’t have any Warriors in your Fellgor Ravager kill team, since you have so many specialists to choose from, but they’re not bad at all!

Fellgor Deathknell (1 per kill team)

In terms of statistics and loadout, the Deathknell is a Bludgeon-wielding Warrior with a 4+ Save, which is a good thing in its own right, but what makes it stand out is its abilities and Unique Action.

The Deathknell has two Abilities: Icon Bearer makes his Action Point Limit count as being 1 higher when determining control of an objective, and War Gong is an aura that turns critical hits against nearby friendly operatives into normal hits instead. War Gong is especially useful if your Deathknell is close to friendly operatives with Frenzy tokens, since they’ll get incapacitated if struck by a critical hit in combat.

Finally, the Deathknell has the Gong Knell Unique Action, which gives him a 3+ invulnerable save for one Turning Point for the cost of 1 Action Point. Since the Q1 2024 Balance Dataslate, this ability has no effect while the Deathknell has a Frenzy token.

Fellgor Fluxbray (1 per kill team)

The Fellgor Fluxbray is one of the melee-only operatives of the Fellgor Ravager kill team, armed with the close combat weapon Triple Cleavers (he has three arms, after all). Triple Cleavers has two profiles: Offensive is 4 attacks and 5 Critical damage with the Relentless Special Rule, letting you reroll any or all of your attack dice with the weapon, while Offensive has the same profile but swaps Relentless for Deflect, which is an ability that lets you resolve one succesful hit before the attacker when attacked in close combat, as long as you use that hit to parry.

On top of this pretty awesome close combat loadout, the Fluxbray has the Cleaver Flurry Unique Action, which lets you make a free Normal Move with an extra Circle/2 Inch movement on top of it. In this move, you can move right past enemy operatives, but you can’t end that move in engagement range. Any enemy operative you passed in this way take D3+1 mortal wounds. Cleaver Flurry can only be used with an Engage order, and you’ll have to really line up your targets to make the most of it, but it’s a fun way to wear down – or finish off – a bunch of foes in one action.

The Fluxbray is pretty badass in combat and both his offensive profile on the Cleavers and the Cleaver Flurry are pretty reliable sources of damage. The only downside to all this is that he isn’t one of the operatives in the Fellgor Ravager kill team who gets an extra Wound or an improved Save, so he’ll go down pretty easily.

Fellgor Gnarlscar (1 per kill team)

The Fellgor Gnarlscar can best be described as an elite Warrior. His Autopistol is just like the one Warriors have, but his Bionic Fist is a Bludgeon with a Weapon Skill of 3+ and a Critical damage of 5. He also has an extra Wound like the Ironhorn.

His ability Cunning lets him change his order at the end of his activation, and his Uncompromising Attack Unique Action lets him make a Fight action and a Shoot action for just one Action Point. He can make the Shoot action while in Engagement Range of an enemy operative, as long as he targets someone within Engagement Range, so he’s especially great at just raining combat and shooting damage down on a single target. Since the Q1 2024 Balance Dataslate, you can only use an Autopistol for the shooting attack granted by Uncompromising Attack.

Fellgor Gorehorn (1 per kill team)

The Gorehorn is just like a Fellgor Warrior, armed with an Autopistol and worth 10 Wounds as he is, but his Skullcleaver weapon makes all the difference: It hits on 3s and does 5 Critical damage, but it also has the Lethal 5+ rule so you roll critical hits on 5s and 6s, and due to the Champion ability, you can perform two Fight actions with it in an activation instead of one.

If you can keep the Gorehorn alive and in melee for long enough, the Skullcleaver gets even better. The Headtaker ability means that every time you incapacitate an enemy in combat, you roll a D3 and regain Wounds equal to the result as well as adding the result of the roll to the Critical damage of the Skullcleaver for the rest of the game up to 8 Critical damage. This is positively crazy for a Lethal 5+ weapon, so protect your Gorehorn at all costs – this ability doesn’t work if he has a Frenzy token!

Fellgor Herd-Goad (1 per kill team)

The Herd-Goad is the main source of Stun in the Fellgor Ravager Kill Team, an important Critical Hit rule that, among other things, can subtract from the Action Point Limit of your opponent’s operatives. The Herd-Goad is armed with a regular Autopistol, but also with the Crackthorn Whip, which has a short range Ranged profile and a close combat profile, both of which have the Lethal 4+ Special rule and the Stun Critical Hit rule, which means it’ll score stunning critical hits 50% of the time – pretty neat!

The Herd-Goad also has the Whip Control ability which means that any enemy operative within Square/3 Inches of him will subtract 1 from the Attacks of its melee weapons and will have to spend one extra Action Point to Fall Back, as long as the Herd-Goad isn’t within Engagement Range of any enemies. With the Incite Fury Unique Action, the Herd-Goad can also add 1 to the Action Point Limit of one nearbty friendly operative as long as the Herd-Goad isn’t locked in melee. This Ability and Unique Action, as well as the Stun of the Crackthorn Whip, means that you should always keep the Herd-Goad close to objectives, where he can really mess with the Action Point Limit balance between two players.

Image of the Fellgor Ravagers Kill Team miniatures

Fellgor Mangler (1 per kill team)

The Fellgor Mangler is another all-melee operative for the Fellgor Ravager kill team. He is armed with Vicious Claws, which hit on a 4+ but gets full rerolls from the Relentless Special Rule and does 6 Critical Damage.

The Vicious Claws also have the Tactual Hunter Critical Hit rule, which lets you immediately strike with a succesful hit after the first time you strike with a critical hit in a combat if you’re fighting against an operative that’s already had its activation in that Turning Point. That’s a very specific condition, but it fits the idea of a predator taking down targets that are already tired.

The Mangler also has the Berserker Ability, which prevents it from making Shooting attacks. This sounds like a redundant ruling, since it doesn’t have any ranged weapons, but the definitive way in which it’s worded means that the Mangler also can’t Shoot with any grenades you might equip it with, so keep that in mind. Berserker also means that the Mangler has to use an extra Action Point to make Mission actions or Pick Up Actions, apart from for operating hatches in Gallowdark games.

Finally, the Mangler has the Savage Assault Unique Action, which gives you a Free Fight action, after which you can perform another if you’re still in Engagement Range of any enemy operatives.

The Mangler is great for single target damage – a critical hit and a normal hit in direct succession from Tactual Hunter will kill most operatives dead, and if that happens across several combats in a row with Savage Assault, nothing can really stand against his damage output.


Fellgor Shaman (1 per kill team)

The Fellgor Shaman is the psyker of the Fellgor Ravager kill team. He has an Autopistol and a Braystave close combat weapon with the Stun Critical hit rule, but the main role of this operative is to cast psychic powers with the Manifest Psychic Power Unique Action.

The Shaman can cast three different psychic powers: Mantle of Darkness lets you treat all friendly operatives within 3 Inches/Square as being Concealed in the eyes of enemy operatives that are more than Pentagon/6 Inches away, even if the enemy is on a Vantage Point. It lasts for one Turning Point. Apoplectic Rejuvenation heals 2D3 lost wounds on a nearby non-Frenzied friendly operative, and 6 lost wounds if that operative incapacitated any enemies in combat during the battle. Curse Weapon gives the Hot Special Rule to the ranged weapon of an enemy operative within Line of Sight of the Shaman, which means the bearer of the enemy weapon chosen suffers 3 mortal wounds when rolling a 1 in the attack roll of a Shoot Action with that weapon.

All three psychic powers are useful in different situations, but benefitting from the advantages of having a Conceal order on a bunch of operatives while they can still act as if they had an Engage order as per Mantle of Darkness is especially powerful for the Fellgor Ravager kill team.

Fellgor Toxhorn (1 per kill team)

The Toxhorn is a Cleaver-wielding Warrior with the Toxic Blessings Ability, which makes him ignore modifiers to his Action Point Limit as well as the effects of Stun, and also lets him ignore losing a wound on a roll of 6 on a D6 roll every time he would suffer a wound.

He also has the Pox Bomb Unique Action which lets you roll a dice for each operative within an aura of Circle/2 Inches. You can subtract 1 from the Action Point Limit on one of these operatives on a roll of 3 or more, and deal 3 mortal wounds to it on a roll of 5 or more. The best thing about this not-Grenade Unique Action is that you can perform it in every activation, while regular Grenades are one-time use only.

The Toxhorn is great for assaulting enemy-held objectives before your other operatives charge in to take the objective, since there’s a good chance its Pox Bomb will significantly lower the collective Action Point Limit on the enemy objective holders.

Fellgor Vandal (1 per kill team)

The Vandal is a melee-only operative with a super-powered version of the Bludgeon. His Mancrusher close combat weapon deals 5 normal and 5 Critical damage, can only be parried with Critical Hits, and does 2 mortal wounds to every nearby enemy operative on a Critical Hit. Its Vicious Blows Special Rule gives the weapon Ceaseless (reroll hit rolls of 1) when you’re the attacker in a combat, and the Relentless (reroll any or all of your attack dice) if the Vandal Charged before the combat. That’s some very reliable damage output for you right there.

The Vandal also has the Sweeping Blow Unique Action, which does D3+1 mortal wounds to everyone within Circle/2 inches of the Vandal for 1 Action Point. This, along with his weapon profile, makes the Vandal well-suited for taking down groups of enemies standing close to each other.

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Ploys of the Fellgor Ravager Kill Team

Strategic Ploys

Violent Temperament

This lasts for one Turning Point, and lets you reroll your attack rolls for any combat. However, it only allows you to reroll the entire attack roll, not just a few of the dice in the roll.


This lasts for one Turning Point, and it lets any of your operatives who change their order from Conceal to Engage become ambushing, which means they can retain one normal hit as a critical hit in combat. It doesn’t work on operatives with a Frenzy token.

Pelting Firepower

This Strategic Ploy is one of the few ways in which you can make shooting worthwhile for the combat-focused Fellgor Ravager kill team. For one Turning Point, it lets you give a Pelted token to any enemy operative against which you make a shooting attack. Then, when other operatives in that Turning Point shoot at an enemy operative, for each Pelted token that operative has, you add 1 to both normal and Critical damage for that attack, up to 5 normal and 6 Critical damage, which is perfect for making all your autopistols a bit more deadly. When the Turning Point ends, all Pelted tokens are removed.

Reckless Determination

This lasts for one Turning Point, and gives any friendly operatives that aren’t Ready (so they’ve already taken their activation in that Turning Point) the ability to retain one defence dice as an automatic normal save when rolling defence rolls against shooting attacks.

Tactical Ploys

Ruthless Rampage

This can be used just after a Fight action, and gives the active operative a free Charge action with a Move value of 3 inches/Square, if it wasn’t already within Engagement Range of an enemy operative, which means you can mostly use it when your Fight action resulted in the target getting incapacitated.

Wild Rage

This ploy adds Triangle/1 Inch to the Movement characteristic of the active operative for one activation.

Animalistic Fury

This can be used when striking with a critical hit in combat, and makes that critical hit do 1 additional damage.


This can be used when one of your operatives incapacitates an enemy operative in close combat, and it lets you immediately activate a nearby ready friendly operative immediately after the active operative.

Equipment of the Fellgor Ravager Kill Team

Frag Grenade

This is the classic Frag Grenade used by most human factions, with a Blast Range of Circle/2 inches, 4 attacks and a Critical damage of 3.

Krak Grenade

This is also the classic high damage, Armour Penetration 1 Krak Grenade used by most human factions. It has a really high damage potential and can’t be used for Overwatch actions.

Corrupted Rounds

This gives an Autopistol the Rending Critical Hit Rule.

Corrupted Weapon

This gives the Rending Critical Hit Rule to a Bludgeon or Cleaver.

Unholy Talisman

This equipment gives the bearer a 5+ invulnerable save.

War Paint

This makes the bearer immune to any modifiers to its movement or Action Point Limit.

Tac Ops of the Fellgor Ravager Kill Team

The Fellgor Ravager Kill Team has the Recon and Seek and Destroy Archetypes, giving it access to the Tac Ops associated with those Archetypes in the Core Book. In addition to those, it also has the following faction-specific Tac Ops.

Fellgor Champion

This can be revealed when one of your operatives incapacitates an enemy in close combat. Then, you get 1 Victory Point if your operative incapacitates another operative later in the battle, and another if it happens one more time.

Scorn Their Laws

This Tac Op is a bit of a weird one, since it requires you to select an enemy operative with a ranged weapon that has a normal damage potential of 17 or higher, which some kill teams will have very few of! Then, you score 1 Victory point for incapacitating that operative from within range Pentagon/6 inches of it, and 1 Victory Point if it is incapacitated from within Engagement Range (so the latter condition would give you 2 Victory Points).

Relentless Aggression

This gives you 1 Victory Point at the end of a Turning Point where five or more of your operatives are close to enemy operatives and/or the enemy’s drop zone, and 1 more Victory Point if that condition is met in a subsequent Turning Point.

Playing the Fellgor Ravager Kill Team

The Fellgor Ravager kill team is all about close combat. Many of your operatives can’t be blocked in combat by anything other than Critical Hits, and you have a bunch of really strong melee specialists in your roster.

However, the kill team is also pretty easy to incapacitate, with pretty weak Saves all around. This is countered by the team’s Frenzy ability, which lets its operatives fight on for an activation after being taken down, but if you want to take full advantage of that, you have to make good use of support operatives such as the Shaman with Mantle of Darkness, the Ironhorn Leader with Call the Attack and the Deathknell with War Gong, all of which are designed to cancel out the disadvantages of having a Frenzy token.

Because Critical Hits in combat are the Kryptonite of Frenzied operatives, the Fellgor Ravager kill team is vulnerable to more heavily armoured close combat kill teams, while shooting-focused kill teams should fear them due to their ability to fight on after being shot down and buffs such as Reckless Determination which makes them much more durable against shooting attacks.

All in all, the Fellgor Ravager kill team is at its best when everyone’s charging straight at the enemy, preferably after cornering a couple of them together in a group into which you can throw Pox Bombs and, well, your Fluxbray, Gorehorn, Mangler and Vandal. In a game such as Kill Team with a lot of focus on great shooting, the Fellgor Ravagers with their Cleavers and Bludgeons sort of feels like a Warcry warband that’s pierced the Veil between Realspace and the Mortal Realms, and that’s a good thing.

Building and assembling your kill team

At the time of writing this guide, Chaos Beastmen aren’t really part of any 40k army, so the only kit you can use for them is the Fellgor Ravager Kill Team box. There’s going to be some sort of Fellgor unit for regular 40k at some point, because this kit comes with most of the specialist options set aside in an upgrade sprue. That being said, the Fell Ravager Kill Team kit is designed in the best way a Kill Team kit possibly can: Every body in the kit can be built as either one of your specialist operatives or a Fellgor Warrior, with no overlap in bits between any of the specialists.

On top of that, the kit has 15 heads and 15 sets of horns that can be combined as you see fit, so your Beastmen don’t have to look like your opponent’s Beastmen. Since the Fellgor Warriors don’t have Group Activation 2 or anything, you’re probably going to build most of the specialists rather than Warriors, though, but you have plenty of bits to customize your operatives with either way.

While the heads and horns are really interchangeable, be aware that the weapons and arms generally aren’t, due to how dynamic the poses of the models are. Some of the models, like the Mangler or the Shaman, aren’t even of quite the same body type as the others, and the shoulder joints for adding arms are rarely straight like you’d see them on Imperial models.

If you own the Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress board game, the Chaos Beastmen from that kit have the right equipment for being used as Fellgor Warriors as well.

Fellgor Ravager Kill Team
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