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Idoneth Deepkin Warcry Warband – Guide and Overview

The Idoneth Deepkin are an army of Age of Sigmar of which some models can also be used as an Order warband for Age of Sigmar: Warcry.

The Idoneth Warband are mobile and extremely versatile, surprising your opponent with a few tricks up their sleeves.

If collecting souls in the realms of Archaon for the survival of your entire race, or simply guide a warband of sea elves and eel riders is your jam then this is the warband for you.

This article is part of a larger series of warband guides. You can find all of our Warcry content here.


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Background and Lore of the Idoneth Deepkin Warband

The Idoneth Deepkin are a sea-faring race of aelves hiding in the deepest oceans of the mortal realms.

Their genesis starts with the imprisonment of Slaanesh by the new aelven gods: Tyrion, Teclis and Malerion and how Teclis drawn out their souls from Slaanesh to re-create the elves lost at the end of the world-that-was.

But something was wrong and when Teclis tried to clean the corruption out of these aelves, they fled in the deepest oceans.

They thought that only there they would be safe from Slaanesh temptations and madness.

However, they soon discovered there were other problems as most of their new-born had a withering soul that would end their life in the infancy.

To prolong their lives, they needed to hunt for new mortal souls and so the first raiding parties were created.

Using the magic learned by Teclis and perfectioned in the deep, they were able to appear anywhere in the realms even miles inside the continent by appearing from the ethersea, collecting the souls they need and erasing the memory of any survivor.

They kept their life of secrecy until the Skaven created a gnawhole (a space distortion that allows Skaven to travel within realms without a realmgate) under the Khaphtar Sea draining it and exposing the enclave living there to Nagash for the first time.

Now, hunted by Nagash for stealing souls and always in desperate need of new resources, they hunt even Archaon’s realm in search for bounty.

But how do they play on the tabletop? Let’s take a look at their fighters and abilities.

Overview and Points for the Fighters in the Idoneth Deepkin Warband

Note: if you haven’t read the basic rules for Warcry before reading this article, it might be helpful to know that the game’s abilities are activated by using 6 dice that you roll at the start of your turn.

If two of the dice show the same value, they can be used to activate a Double ability. If three show the same value, they can be used for a Triple ability, and so on.

So, when this article refers to an ability being a Double, a Triple or a Quad, it refers to this system.

It might sound a bit confusing, but takes no time to get used to when you start playing

The Idoneth warband are all formed by 3 kits of which they have a leader version and a fighter version.

The eel riders have two different assembly options, for a total of 4 leaders and 4 other fighters.

Ishlaen Lochian Prince: 260 points

Ishlaen Lochian Prince for the Idoneth Deepkin Warband in Warcry

The Ishlaen Lochian Prince is, of the two eel-riding leaders, the most adept to defensive warfare.

His ability, the Biovoltaic Barrier, allows for a triple to treat all critical hits received in that battle round as normal hits.

This is extremely useful when surrounded by many enemies whose real damage comes from the critical hits. With toughness 4 and 35 wounds and the ability to ignore critical hits you have a really durable fighter.

In combat he does not underperform either with 4 attacks at strength 4 for 2/5 damage.

The ability to fly (move ignoring all obstacles and vertical distance) and a movement of 10 makes it also extremely versatile and able to reach anywhere he is needed.

This is particular useful to Idoneth leaders since they can use the High Tide ability: for a triple, only on the third battle round, every fighter within 6” of the leader adds 1 to Attack and Strength characteristic for attacks with range less than 3”.

This can really change the tide of the battle if used at the right moment with the right group (pun intended).

Ishlaen Guard: 195 points

Ishlaen Guard for the Idoneth Deepkin Warband in Warcry

This fighter is the non-leader version of the Ishalaen with similar characteristics to the Prince. He can also use the Biovoltaic Barrier and can fly with movement 10, making him quite versatile to grab that far objective or keep the position until reinforcements arrive.

With 4 attacks at strength 3, he is still a good fighter in melee with 4 damage on a critical while toughness 4 and 25 wounds should provide him with some survivability.

He is an expensive piece but if used correctly he is well worth his cost.

Morrsarr Lochian Prince: 265 points

Morrsaar Lochian Prince for the Idoneth Deepkin Warband in Warcry

The Morrsarr are the offensive version of the eel riders. With similar characteristics (3 attacks instead of 4 but range 2” instead of 1) they perform similarly on the battlefield (don’t forget the 10” movement flying) so the main difference comes from their ability.

For a quad they can use Biovoltaic Blast that does as much damage as the value of the ability all enemy fighters within 3”.

While it can be really useful in certain situations, a quad is not easy to obtain and the Ishalen ability may come in handy more often.

As a leader, the Lochian Prince has access to the High Tide ability allowing him to fly where is needed to boost his units.

Morrsarr Guard: 200 points

Morrsaar Guard for the Idoneth Deepkin Warband in Warcry

The Morrsarr Guard is a simplified version of the Lochian Prince. 3 attacks at range 2 and 25 wounds at toughness 4 make him a useful utility piece that can be placed also behind some Namarti while waiting for that quad to use the Biovoltaic Blast.

If you have never tried playing with 2″ range melee, you should try it out as it is pretty good.

The flying movement of 10” like all eel riders allows him to reach further objectives or move in a more supportive position when needed.

Namarti Reaver Icon Bearer: 135 points

Namary Reaver Icon Bearer for the Idoneth Deepkin Warband in Warcry

For the reasons described above, the Namarti Reavers is actually a more useful fighter than the Icon Bearer.

For 75 points you still have 2 ranged attacks (strength 3, damage 1-3) at 3-15” range and even in melee defends himself with 3 attacks. Movement of 6” allows them decent mobility and for a double they can add 1 attack to their ranged attacks (Storm Fire).

Their ranged attack cannot benefit of the High Tide ability but on a potential first round 15” away 6 attacks at strength 3 is a good welcome to the Eightpoints.

Namarti Reaver: 75 points

Namarti Reaver for the Idoneth Deepkin Warband in Warcry

For the reasons described above, the Namarti Reavers is actually a more useful fighter than the Icon Bearer.

For 75 points you still have 2 ranged attacks (strength 3, damage 1-3) at 3-15” range and even in melee defends himself with 3 attacks.

Movement of 6” allows them decent mobility and for a double they can add 1 attack to their ranged attacks (Storm Fire).

Their ranged attack cannot benefit of the High Tide ability but on a potential first round 15” away 6 attacks at strength 3 is a good welcome to the Eightpoints.

Namarti Thrall Icon Bearer: 140 points

Namarti Thrall Icon Bearer for the Idoneth Deepkin Warband in Warcry

The Thralls are the basic infantry of the Idoneth Deepkin and the Icon Bearer is their leader option.

He suffers similar drawbacks as the Reaver Icon Bearer, being less mobile (movement 6), less wounds (16) and toughness (3) than the Lochian Princes but being more melee-focused, if he survives to the 3rd battle round then he is most likely in position to use the High Tide ability.

As all Thralls he can use the Sweeping Blow ability that for a double allows him to do damage to any enemy fighter within 2” (1 damage on a 5, the value of the ability in damage points on a 6).

Costing only a double you can always throw it when least expected.

4 attacks in melee at strength 4 with 5 damage on a critical make him a quite decent fighter in close combat.

Namarti Thrall: 80 points

Namarti Thrall for the Idoneth Deepkin Warband in Warcry

The Namarti Thrall is your standard infantry. Mobile (movement 6) and deadly in combat (4 attacks at strength 3 for 2-4 damage) he is a useful piece that can become 5 attacks at strength 4 in the third battle round when and if the High Tide ability is used.

For 80 points is not bad. The downside is that with toughness 3 and 8 wounds they can go down pretty fast if left alone.

Abilities for the Idoneth Deepkin Warband

  • Low Tide (Double, Everyone): On the first battle round this fighter can make a bonus move for as many inches as the value of the ability.
  • Sweeping Blow (Double, all Namarti Thralls): Roll a dice for each enemy unit within 2”, on a 5 allocate 1 damage, on a 6 allocate as much damage as the value of the ability.
  • Storm Fire (Double, all Namarti Reavers): Add 1 to the attacks towards an enemy more than 3” until the end of the turn.
  • High Tide (Triple, all Leaders = Lochian Princes and Icon Bearers): On the third battle round any friendly unit within 6” of the leader gets +1 attack and strength until the end of the round for attacks with range less than 3”.
  • Biovoltaic Barrier (Triple, all Ishlaen): Until the end of the battle round count the critical hits targeting this unit as normal hits instead.
  • Biovoltaic Blast (Quad, all Morrsarr): Allocate a number of damage points equal to the value of this ability to all enemy units within 3”.

Strategy and Tactics for the Idoneth Deepkin Warband

This warband is composed of cheap sacrificial pieces and expensive powerful elites.

You should combine the two carefully to obtain the maximum coverage possible, for example you can have 3 eel riders and 4 Namarti in a 1000-point game.

The strategy is based on getting on the strategic points before your enemy or hit them where they least expect by using your high mobility.

The Low Tide ability allows you to do an extra movement for free (well it costs a double) that sometimes can make a difference between engaging the enemy or engaging the enemy and attacking first.

You could also place a Reaver in range of an enemy unit for some first blood ranged attacks.

But your key turning point is the third battle round where all units within 6” of the leader can be boosted with a triple (thanks to the High Tide ability).

Your game will then be to keep your leader alive and as close as possible to the other units to use this ability in the most efficient way possible.

Not always will this be possible as you may have a low count of models or the type of battlefield stretched your warband thin, but since it can only be used on that round you should take advantage of it.

A Namarti Thrall would become 5 attacks at strength 4 for 2/4 damage that round.

Another useful ability that may allow your eels to stay in position is the Biovoltaic Barrier that for a triple allows you to ignore the critical hits on those units.

Can only be used by the Ishalen but can become really important when swarmed by all sides against warbands with high count of models. Remember eels have a cavalry base making them more vulnerable to multiple engagements.

On the other hand that base means also a slightly higher area of effect for both the Hight Tide but also the Biovoltaic Blast ability: if you have a good Quad and you are surrounded, you can try to blast your way out of trouble or do the maximum damage possible before falling.

If you are not surrounded, remember a quad can also be used for the Rampage ability: an extra movement and an extra attack.

Your eels will become pivotal in different stages of the game.

They are expensive, but the ability to fly over scenery with a movement of 10” is something extremely valuable in a skirmish objective-oriented game. Unless you decide to swarm your opponent with Namarti, you will most likely have a low count of models and need to take advantage of the mobility to reach the furthest points first and fastest.

Alternatively, you could swarm your opponent with around 12 Namarti attacking from all sides. You will need to be careful as they will most likely die every time they are hit by something bigger, but if hitting first they can chew more than they are worth.

All in all, this warband looks like a deadly tide that arrives and retreats dancing with the opponent for the objectives, most deadly at the third battle round.

After that, it is all about ensuring the key objectives are already in your possession and picking up the survivors.

Pros and Cons of the Idoneth Deepkin


+ Mobile and fast
+ Strong but situational abilities
+ Strong basic units


– Low toughness
– No big hitters

How to buy an Idoneth Deepkin Warband

The Start Collecting Idoneth Deepkin is a great starting point for your Idoneth warband.

It contains 3 eels that you can assemble as Morrsarr or Ishlaen with one Lochian Prince (or none if you prefer a Namarti Icon Bearer to lead your army), and 10 Namarti Thralls.

The next step is to add some ranged firepower with a box of Namarti Reavers and you have the models that you need for your warband.

You may be thinking about a 4th eel, but this is probably an investment for your more advanced campaigns as 3 eels are already more than 650 points.

When that time will come the eel riders are sold in boxes of 3.

If you are looking to start this Warband, you will also need to buy the warcry cards for the Idoneth Deepkin.

Sadly, you might find them really hard to get since they are out of print and sold out most places.

It is possible to get them second hand, but you can also find them all printed in the Tome of Champions book.

(if you are interested in the tome of champions, you can check out our in-depth review of it here).

Tips on painting the Idoneth Deepkin Warband

If you have an Idoneth warband chances are you already have an Idoneth army and in the battletome there are described different enclaves each with their own colour schemes.

The classic skin tone is achieved on a base of Ionrach Skin over a Corax White prime, then a shade of Drakenhof Nightshade and highlights of Deepkin Flesh.

The robes of the Ionrach Enclave are in blue, but Idoneth are in all mortal realms so you can try any combination of skin and robes that you prefer.

To paint the eels there are different techniques to apply and really useful videos on the Warhammer Community website for example here is a transition based on shades and here a blending technique between belly and scales.

Contrast paints also make it much easier blending between 2 distinct colours taking advantage of their longer drying time and mixing the colours carefully where is the transition between the 2 colours.

Do you have some nicely painted Idoneth Deepkin?

Then I really want to display them here.

You can read more about how to make that happen here.

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