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Income School Review (Completed Project 24 – My Thoughts)

Since about day one I have made this site with the Income School Project 24 mindset. This is not a site about content creation, online marketing or whatever bull you will find in the top 10 google search for Income School Review. This review is straight from a person who completed the Income School Project 24 course and I am now full time doing content creation about the hobby I love.

Below you will find my thoughts on Project 24, how it has helped grow my business and why I think Income School is your best option if you want to start an online business today.

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What is Income School and Project 24: super quickly

Project 24 is a suite of online courses made by the company Income School. They made the courses to teach you how to start a successful online business via blogging or YouTube. The courses are primarily video courses and other tools you will need to start your business. This is a Project 24 and Income School review.

The story of this site so you can know whether or not to trust my Income School review

When I started this website, it was a pure passion project. This website is about miniature games, trying to help people get started with them and trying to help spark the passion in miniature games for other people. So it was purely about helping beginners get into games I liked and trying to use my creative energy in a fun way.

The site took off well, and I had a lot of google traffic to the few posts I had. I was amazed at the power of google search, which I had done only minor things to attract. The site grew slowly, but over time I got convinced that I was on to something. I realized I had an opportunity to build this thing big and live from the revenue it could create.

I could quit my job and be my own boss. I could work with something that inspires me and makes me a better version of myself.

So I decided to do it more seriously and invest A LOT of free time into it.

Sadly, I had no idea what I needed to do to make the website an actual business. Luckily, I was aware of this fact and sought help.

Income School is a team of super inspiring people that help people create a successful online business. I found them on YouTube and watched all of their videos. Their methods were truly inspiring and reflected my own thoughts on how to build a business and why I was doing it.

I joined Project 24 via a 1-year membership and got access to all the material they had on the site. The biggest reason for me joining was the 60 Steps to start blogging. The course was primarily a video course on how to set up my site, write content and start earning money from that content on the site.

I dug down and found the time and energy to write a lot of articles for the site. The site started earning money and I reinvested all of that money into paying other people to write for me. 2 years later the site was earning what is considered minimum wage in my country.

And here I am, I have resigned from my job and ready to start my life as an entrepreneur – but I am already earning the base income that I need to support my family! That means I have completed Project 24 and this should make my Income School review more credible than “SEO tools review sites” and what have you. I doubt they have actually completed the course.

The Project 24 method of Income School

So what you get via a membership in Project 24 is quite simply a bonanza of different video courses. On my course dashboard there is right now 24 different courses (!). Some of the courses are very long and big, but all of them are just SO easy to understand. This is not super tech stuff and they are NOT trying to make things more complicated than they are. These are courses the average person with a modicum of technical skills can understand.

I cannot even show all of the Project 24 courses in one screenshot…

There are two big courses or “path” you can take in Project 24:

  • Building a business around a website and creating content on the website
  • Building a business around a Youtube Channel and creating videos for that channel

Both of those courses are done in a “step” style, where each video is about the next step or thing you need to do. They walk you through everything. Setting up your site, how to write content, how to make videos, how to make articles perform good in google search, how to make money off the traffic you get and so on. They explain it all. You can complete the courses and videos on your own schedule, so no semi-webinar scheduled crap (do people really like that sort of stuff?!=

The rest of the courses are all on various topics around creating a successful online business in either of these ways.

The courses I found most helpful were:

  1. How to hire and train writers (I very quickly came to a point where time was the limiting factor in my business, but I had plenty of money to spare. Investing in writers for my site was simply the best thing I could do to make the site grow faster)
  2. No Nonsense SEO (Optimizing for google traffic can quickly become super techy and gurus love to shroud this topic in mystery and gate it behind $1000 courses. It does not have to be that way and in Project 24 you will learn how you need to do it).
  3. Snippet Optimization (at times google puts some text from your site on the top of the google page. Getting that “snippet” is golden and not something you hear a lot of people talking about).
  4. How to monetize the site (getting a ton of traffic is cool, but earning money from that traffic is way cooler).

The Philosophy of Income School

There is a very specific philosophy and method in the Income School way of things. It is not something they are super explicit about, but it is something you know after having watched all of their YouTube content and taking all of their courses as I have. To sum it up in some bullets, this what I think the Income School philosophy can be boiled down to:

1. There is no reason to make it more complicated than it is

The team at Income School is taking so many strides towards making things easy, understandable and for you to be able to execute them. They are not vague about things. They do not try to tech it up. They tell it in a manner everyone can grasp and lay it out step by step. They want online business to be accessible for everyone.

They show you the sites they have build (and the ones they have sold)

2. They show you their exact sites, channels and so on

If you have spent any time in the business of SEO or other “online business” courses, you will see a disturbing trend. Those people might claim that they have “outstanding success and made a lot of money online”. But they will not show you the actual sites, YouTube channels, their google analytics, their income from ads, etc.

But once you are a member of Project 24 at Income School, they will give you access to see some crazy insider stuff. Yeah sure, you can look at their sites without being a member, but having them explain why they have done as they have done (and not following other “industry trends” is just super helpful. Wondering how to set up your gear recommendation? Well, look at the actual Income School sites. Wondering how much you can earn via ads with this and that amount of traffic? They got you covered.

I cannot understate how huge this is and how much of a difference it makes. They build sites and Youtube channels repeatedly and find success (and no, they do not rely on the traffic they already have from Income School already to direct to those new sites and channels).

3. They only recommend the tools you actually need

If you look around for free advice on starting an online business, a blog or a YouTube channel you will find plenty of advice. Some of it is good, but they also have a thing in common: since you are reading for free, they are trying to earn something while you are there. Some online tools have crazy good affiliate schemes, so by directing you to specific tool they will earn a lot of money.

Now the things is, a lot of those tools are not really what you need. That is especially true when starting out. Some of those digital tools can easily cost you 100 USD a month and are likely not something that will help you grow at all (just type “best SEO tools” in google and you will see exactly what I mean).

I have found that at Income School they are super strict in what they recommend in terms of tools and distraction for a beginner in the online business world. Companies will fight for your attention and try to convince you that their SEO tool or what have you will be just the thing to help you it. For startups, it is rarely the case. Which leads us to number 4:

4. Spend time on what is most important

This is easily the most important part of Project 24 and Income School (and leads to a controversial claim, more on that down below). With everything in this world it is important to do the things that actually matter. In Project 24 you will get told time and time again that producing content is what matters most. You need to cut the SEO, analytics, analysis-paralysis and everything else down to the bare minimum. You need to spend as little time on that and as much time as possible on writing posts or producing videos. Why? Because more content means more revenue.

It sounds simple, but it is not. When creating an online business you will constantly worry if you could do some tweak to your SEO to make performance better, if you could change something to monetize better, if this or that tool could help you be quicker.

After some years in the game I can tell you this: the team at Income School are right in just saying “produce more content instead”. If I sat down today and spend 2 hours tweaking or analysing, I can guarantee you I would earn more money in the long run by spending those 2 hours writing or creating something.

Now all of that other stuff is important. Income School will help you do the most important bits in terms of research, planning and execution. But they will also say to you: good, now you know enough. Go be productive now and stop wasting time thinking about it, researching things or diddling in your Google Analytics

This part of their way of thinking that leads them to the controversial opinion I talked about earlier:

Do not try and “build links” for your website.

And I agree. I have spend time trying to build links and it has been a waste of time. I do not doubt that building links is a viable strategy for making a website perform great in google search. I just believe that for smaller websites on “niche” topics you are better of just creating more content and not competing for super competitive keywords in the first place (but you can win those keywords with clever tactics like snippet optimization).

I just wish I had understood how important this was sooner. I have wasted so many hours reading, researching and planning things. While that is certainly important, I would in the end had made more money and had a bigger business if I had just spent that time creating more things.

5. One purchase and you get access to everything (and it is comparatively cheap)

When you buy Project 24 from Income School you get access to everything they create. And I mean everything. This is very deliberate on their part in through the course you will learn why that is super key.

The yearly price is not that expensive, but it has gone up a few times while I have been a member.

You check out the current price of Project 24 here.

I have tried other SEO courses after having read and done everything there is in Project 24. If they are about the same price is Project 24 you can bet that they have some other “premium” course or that some content will be gated. And that gated content is the good stuff and ohhh boy is it expensive. Like over 1000 USD! kind of expensive.

From experience, I found nothing as good as Project 24 for beginners. It has just not been beaten!

6. The course needs to evolve because the online world is evolving

Project 24 is constantly evolving. When I joined there was considerately less content and some of their methods was different. Over time, things got added, and they learned and changed things. Now, YouTube is a big part of what they push because they can see it is a place where you can have a lot of success and there is money to be made. They have changed their recipe on how to write several times. They test things and they adapt and adjust. And they teach you to do the same thing if you want to survive in the world of online business.

If YouTube suddenly becomes overcrowded (and while you might think it is, it is actually not at all there yet) they will stop recommending it. That is how they operate. The target is moving; they are moving and you should be moving.

7. They want you to succeed

The last 6 points have been leading up to this: the team at Income School genuinely cares and wants your online business to succeed. It shows in their method, their style of teaching and how they go about their business.

And why should they not? If you are succeeding, they are succeeding. But I can tell you, a lot of other online gurus just want to sell you sand from the desert with no care in the world whether or not you are actually going to make it.

What you get when you buy Project 24 from Income School

So besides the 60 steps to a successful blog and the YouTube channel course you get a ton of different extra courses and elements. Here is a screenshot of the current outlook:

But they are constantly adding more. If you want a sample of their video style you can check out their sample page here.

All of the courses are video courses with a bit of text here and there. You also get a step by step to do list with regards to your overall project.

I find the video format super good. At times it can be hard to refer back to because scanning is hard on video. But I have found this to be a minor issue.

You also get access to various extra tools, and online community of people with the same mission as you, podcast and loads more that will help you out.

The bottom line is: if you are trying to start an online business via either blogging on a website or creating a YouTube channel -> this is the course for you.

It will guide you through every single step on your journey to making it your full time income.

Is project 24 worth it? Value of Project 24

So let us talk price here for a second. When I first stumbled upon Income School I thought it was crazy expensive. After watching a lot of the YouTube content they produced, I decided to put down the money anyway. I had decided that I wanted this to be a serious business, so why not pay for getting some premium help? Boy, I am so glad that I did.

By month 14 I had earned back what I had spend on buying the course. By month 24 I earned 10 times the amount I had paid. And I earned that each month.

So this was money I am certain I would not have earned as quickly without the guidance and help from the course. Maybe it would had taken me a year more to earn that. Maybe two years even. Maybe I would never had made that money, because I would have quit the business out of frustration.

Income School helped me avoid mistakes that would have cost me dearly or maybe would have led to me abandoning the project altogether. So for me, the return on investment has been truly epic.

Also, there is something to be said for investing some money in your dream. I think it helped me take it more seriously. I had money on the line here and I needed to be productive to earn it back. I am uncertain I had taken it that seriously without that money put down on a course.

If you consider all of this and that the average price of these things can be significantly more expensive, I think Income School is a super bargain.

Just beware that they never do sales and that their price will only ever go up. So no reason waiting on getting it!

Does Income Shool work or is it a scam?

Let my state this very bluntly: there is no “weird trick” or instant-win way of doing an online business. Income School is not a get rich quick scheme or an easy way to make money.

What you will learn in Project 24 are exactly how to apply yourself in order to build an online business via blogging or YouTube. Their method, and frankly any method, will ONLY work if you work hard.

So Income School works if you WORK your butt off. If you stop fiddling with your phone and start spending free time creating content and putting things out there.

So no, Income School and Project 24 is not a scam. Completing the course is hard work, but it can reward you if you put in the time. The only thing remotely off is their “timeline” on how quickly you can make it full time, but that is only because it is so VERY different from niche to niche.

The payoff once it works is nothing short of amazing. I have had days where I have gone to my 9-5 work and earned more money on my website on that day – without ever looking or thinking about that site in that particular day!

Think about it this way: what you create at your paid work is something someone else is earning money from. What you can do instead is invest your time in something that will generate revenue for YOU for years to come. That means you can either scale like crazy (just create more things that generate revenue) or you can use that revenue to create flexibility for you and your family.

So no, Project 24 and Income School is absolutely no scam. It worked for me and I doubt I would have made it without the course.

5 things I really love about Income School

  1. Everything they teach is something that they have tried and tested for themselves
  2. They are constantly updating Project 24 courses and adding new bits and bobs (changes made on the backbone of testing and doing it themselves)
  3. I never felt like they were trying to sell me more stuff, get me to buy tools or gear that I did not need
  4. Things were always very tangible, and I knew what the next step I needed to do was all the time
  5. I always felt like they were going to teach me the minimum, so spending time learning about extra SEO tricks and what have you was not necessary

5 things I wish Income School would do better

  1. After having completed the course and learned a lot more, I think there are some on-page-SEO things that they could easily implement in their course (things that are easy to do and important for SEO, but they do not teach).
  2. While I understand their stance on trying to build external links, I think they are missing something when it comes to internal link building on a site. It is something I wish I had done more off earlier in the stage of my website (as it seriously improves SEO)
  3. While they do teach how to monetize a site, their guidance have not been enough in my case. I have had to done quite a lot of things differently than the way they teach it. Every niche is different with regards to this topic, so I can understand how it can be super hard to talk about in broad terms. Still, it is something the course lacked for me.
  4. While the online community was fine, I did not find it particularly helpful. I had a feeling it was noobs asking other noobs questions. It is clearly much better today, where there are a lot more people who “have made it fulltime” inside the group. But maybe I am biased because spending time on a forum was not productive for me and I am not a person that needs that kind of support structure around me.
  5. While I applaud their attempt at building a super quick, easy-to-use wordpress theme I just do not think they are there yet. I tried it out and quickly changed out of it again.

Conclusion to this Income School Review

So, where does that leave us?

As you can read, I am definitely an Income School believer. I feel like my investment into the course for 2 years was so good that I went ahead and took a third year there, just to get upcoming courses for one more year and support them for what they have done for me!

The course has changed my life now that I have resigned from my job and going full time on my online business.

Will it do the same for you? Well, it can help you do the same. If you take the lesson they teach you and work hard on it. But nothing is guaranteed.