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Images of The Old World Upcoming & New Releases in 2024

It is hard to keep up with the release schedule for Warhammer: The Old World.

Consult this page to see lowdown on confirmed The Old World upcoming releases. We will keep this page up to date so that you can use it as your single point of reference on what yet has to come.

If you are interested to know what from Old World has already been released in 2024, you can consult this page.

If you are interested to know Age of Sigmar 2024 releases you can check them out here.

And we also do the exact same thing for 40k that you can look at here.

We hope you enjoy this list of Old World upcoming releases!

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Old World Upcoming and New Releases:

Kingdom of Bretonnia

Knights of the Realm on Foot

This kit represents the knights on foot that can be equipped either with two-handed great weapons or with swords and shield.

Lady Élise Duchaard, Prophetess of the Lady of the Lake

Lady Élise Duchaard is a new character for Bretonnia, but a clear reminder to the older Prophetess kit.

Tomb Kings of Khemri

Nekaph, Emissary of Settra

Nekaph is Settra’s loyal servant tasked to recount all titles acquired by his master in his very long existence.

Orc and Goblin Tribes

Orc and Goblin Tribes Battalion Box

Orc and Goblin will be the next army to be released. Their battalion box will not contain the core rules but it will still be packed with 73 plastic miniatures: 2 Orc Boar Chariots, 31 Orc Boyz (including a champion, a musician, and a standard bearer), and 40 Goblins with their command group.

Black Orc Warboss

The Black Orc Warboss is the first of the new resin models created specifically for The Old World.

Ogdruz Swampdigga

Another new resin model will be Ogdruz Swampdigga, an Orc Shaman whose rules will be available in the Arcane Journal.

Arcane Journal and other releases

The Orc and Goblin Tribes will receive their own Arcane Journal and will be accompanied by a plethora of old models, not all coming in a single release.

In plastic they are going to re-release:

  • Orc Bosses
  • Orc Boyz Mob
  • Orc Boyz and Arrer Boyz Mob
  • Orc Boar Boyz Mob
  • Orc Boar Chariots
  • Black Orc Boyz Mob
  • Goblin Mob
  • Night Goblin Mob
  • Goblin Wolf Rider Mob

In resin will be re-joining the fray:

  • Orc Command Set
  • Goblin Command Set
  • Troll Hag
  • Bonegrinder Giant
  • Orc Warboss on Wyvern (previously in metal)
  • Orc and Goblin Giant (previously in metal)

Finally the following kits in metal will complete the roster:

  • Goblin Bosses
  • Goblin Wolf Rider Bosses
  • Goblin Bolt Throwa
  • Goblin Doom Diver Catapult
  • Goblin Wolf Chariot
  • Orc Shaman
  • Orc Shamans
  • Orc Big ‘Uns
  • Orc Big ‘Uns Command
  • Snotling Swarms
  • Snotling Pump Wagon
  • Common Trolls
  • Classic Ogres

Finally, for a brief time only, will be made available on made to order basis in metal:

  • Marauder Giant
  • Orc Shaman on War Wyvern (from 1993)
  • 2 sets of classic Stone Trolls
  • classic River Trolls
  • Black Orc Big Boss with Axe and Shield

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