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Warhammer Age of Sigmar Models & Products Released in 2024

If you saw a nice new model online and you are not sure when or if it was released, this list will include all releases published by Games Workshop in 2024. For the upcoming Age of Sigmar releases we have a separate article.

We will keep this page up to date so that you can use it as your single point of reference on what Age of Sigmar Things released in 2024.

Looking for older Age of Sigmar releases?

We hope you enjoy this list of Age of Sigmar past releases!

If you are more into Old World you can the upcoming releases here.

Age of Sigmar Recent Releases

13 January 2024

Daggok’s Stab-Ladz and Malevolent Masks

Warhammer Underworlds: Deathgorge expands with a Kruleboyz warband. This time are the Daggok’s Stab-Ladz to reach the frozen wasteland in search of champions to decapitate to take their treasures. At the same time it was released the Rival Pack Malevolent Masks.

27 January 2024

Individual box for Trugg, Ionus and Belthanos

Already released in Dawnbringers limited edition boxes last year, Trugg the Troggoth King, Ionus Cryptborn and Belthanos First Thorn of Kurnoth have been released in their own individual set.

10 February 2024

Dawnbringer Book 4

The next chapter of the Dawnbringer series introduced Ushoran, the Summer King, and the new range of miniatures for the Flesh-Eater Courts. In the book itself there are rules for the multiplayer format Triumph and Treachery.

The fourth book was accompanied, other than the Flesh-Eater release, also by Sekhar, the Fang of Nulahmia and her pet snake Ouboroth that is the avatar of a death god destroyed by Nagash. She was first introduced in a limited edition box with 10 Dire Wolves and 3 Fell bats heralding a new Army of Renown, but there were another 6 regiments of renown published with the Dawnbringer book.

Flesh-Eater Courts release

Ushoran, the Summer King himself was at the forefront of the Flesh-Eater Courts army. Imprisoned by Nagash for a crime committed, he spread his delusion to many mortals transforming them in his army. And now he is back!

Flesh-Eater Courts work exactly as every other civilized community so they need someone to administer justice within their territory. And none is more proficient than Grand Justice Gormayne, a great scholar.

And when the sentence is death, the Royal Decapitators execute it swiftly.

The Abhorrant Cardinals are spiritual leader blessed with divine power by Ushoran himself.

The Abhorrant Gorewarden, Varghulf Courtier, Marrowscroll Herald, Morbheg Knights and Cryptguard were finally released in their own individual box.

16 March 2024

Dawnbringers Book 5

The latest book to be released stars Krethusa, an adversary to Morathi, and Callis and Toll and their ragtag band of Saviours of Cinderfall.

Krethusa the Croneseer is a disciple of Morai-Heg, a goddess that was swallowed by Slaanesh during the end of the World-That-Was. She was ridiculed and mistreated for her beliefs until Morathi-Khaine reached the belly of Slaanesh and in the process to become a goddess she releases a sliver of Morai-Heg that transformed Krethusa giving her the wings and the ability to see the future. She has been first released in a regiment of renown box with 5 Doomfire Warlocks and 10 Witch Aelves/Sisters of Slaughter.

Saviours of Cinderfall

Callis and Toll are a famous duo protagonist of many stories and novels, starting from City of Secrets and continuing with the announced new novel from David Annandale. Their miniature release is in a box accompanied by Lord-Castellant Valius and his loyal Gryph-hound Balthas, Lyssa Revenya, a talented thief from Lethis and Mistress Verentia able to communicate with cats through a mysterious gauntlet.

Spearhead boxes and Warcry terrain

While fast approaching to the fourth edition of Age of Sigmar this summer, the Vanguard boxes are being replaced with the Spearhead boxes that should be a bit more balanced and contain enough content for a mini-game of AoS following the example of Warhammer 40K Combat Patrol boxes.

The first batch to be released includes:

  • Cities of Sigmar that replaces the previous Anvilguard and Greywater Fastness Start Collecting. It contains a Freeguild Cavalier-Marshal, 1 Ironweld Great Cannon, 5 Freeguild Cavaliers and 10 Freeguild Steelhelms.
  • Stormcast Eternals that replaces the previous Vanguard box. It contains the Thunderstrike Command (that was itself extracted by the Dominion box): Yndrasta, 1 Knight-Vexillor with Banner of Apotheosis and 3 Annihilators (no choice of weapon) plus 1 Stormstrike Chariot and 10 Vanquishers.
  • Flesh-eater Courts that replaces the previous “one-army-in-a-box” Start Collecting by including the latest miniatures. It contains an Abhorrant Archregent, 1 Varghulf Courtier, 3 Morbheg Knights and 10 Cryptguard.

At the same time, the Scales of Talaxis Warcry terrain box has been split in 3 different terrain boxes usable in all Warcry or Age of Sigmar games: the Elder Gnarloak, the Idol of Motzlpota and the Starfire Pylon.

23 March 2024

Zondara’s Gravebreakers, Rimelocked Relics and Rivals of the Mirrored City

The last warband for Deathgorge, Warhammer Underworlds 8th season, is a Death warband led by Zondara who became a necromancer to find a way to reverse the curse afflicting his lover transformed in beast. And Deathgorge seems to be a good place to visit to break a curse as any.

This release was accompanied by the Rivals Deck Rimelocked Relics focussed on digging out powerful artefacts and the Rivals of the Mirrored City box that contains 4 previously released warbands all with brand-new Rival Deck packs that closely match their playstyle: Zarbag’s Gitz, the Thorns of the Briar Queen, Mollog’s Mob, and Spiteclaw’s Swarm.

13 April 2024

Wintermaw Starter Set

The Wintermaw starter set will see the Brethren of the Bolt, fanatical followers of the Cult Unberogen struck by Sigmar’s lightning and hell-bent to worship Azyr’s divine energies at the cost of wearing a lightning rod as a hat, facing against the Skinnerkin, a group of Flesh-Eater Courts gourmands searching the Wintermaw for exotic meats.

20 April 2024

Pyre and Flood and re-releases for Warcry

The Pyre and Flood Warcry box pits the Ydrilan Riverblades against the Pyregheists. In the box there is also a shard of a magic statue fallen from the Eye of Chotec voidship that works as a terrain feature. At the same time, it was released as individual boxes the Wildercorps Hunters and Gorger Mawpack and two repackaged terrain sets from already seen scenery: Ruined Realmshaper and Ruined Spawning Pool.

The Pyregheists are a group of Nighthaunt that in life tried to preserve the souls of the deceased with sacred fire and in undeath they are tortured to keep alight the balefires with flesh and soul-matter. Nagash ordered the Gnarlwood to be razed to the ground and so the Pyregheists are sent deep within the cursed wood.

The Ydrilan Riverblades are the first Lumineth from the Temple of the River, tasked to restore the spirit of the river Derovar so that it can cleanse the site from the chaos corruption.

4 May 2024

Darkoath supplement to Slaves to Darkness

The Darkoath subfaction of Slaves to Darkness will receive a new Army Set and a supplement (available also as a free PDF) to introduce new rules to allow them to be played also as a separate entity. The army set will contain a Darkoath Chieftain on Warsteed to lead them, a Wilderfiend that represents those champions of Chaos that broke an oath and earned the god’s ire, 5 Darkoath Fellriders ready to charge to battle on their steeds and 20 Darkoath Marauders to form the backbone of the army.

Darkoath Chieftain on Warsteed

8 June 2024

Dawnbringers Book VI – Hounds of Chaos

The sixth book of the Dawnbringers, Hounds of Chaos, will conclude the saga and bridge to the new edition of Age of Sigmar with Chaos at the forefront of the action.

Gunnar Brand and his Oathbound

And to lead the Chaos releases, we have Gunnar Brand, the leader of his Oathbound. They first appeared in the episode “Monsters” from the Warhammer+ animated series Hammer and Bolter and now will have even his own novella called Darkoath and written by Chris Thursten.

Abraxia, Spear of the Everchosen

From the cover of the last Dawnbringer book we have Abraxia, Spear of the Everchosen, leader of the Swords of Chaos, the most important of Archaon’s Eight Circles of Varanguard, the elite of the elite. She will first be released in Abraxia’s Varanspear, a box containing her and 3 Varanguard.

Abraxia has risen to power from a mere Spyre Tyrant through sheer determination and caught the eye of Archaon that donated to her spear Gorbolga the Accurs’d that mutates anything it touches, including its wielder should they not be extremely concentrated.

Nexus Chaotica

The Nexus Chaotica is a brand-new terrain piece used by the Slaves to Darkness on important geomantic convergences to draw magical energies used to feed the daemons bound within.

Other re-packaged models

If the above was not enough, this is also the moment that all Darkoath models, previously available only in the Army Set, will be available individually, as well as Sekhar, Fang of Nulahmia, a Soulblight vampire working for Neferata, and Krethusa the Croneseer, a Daughter of Khaine in opposition to Morathi worshipping Morai-Heg.

13 July 2024

Age of Sigmar 4.0 Skaventide

Skaventide is the launch box of the fourth edition, positioning Stormcast Eternals against Skaven. The box is jam-packed with things:

  • 74 miniatures (50 Skaven and 24 Stormcast, see below)
  • 272 pages of Core Book
  • The General’s Handbook 2024-25 for the first time in Card format
  • Spearhead: Fire and Jade book, that will provide all rules needed to play the 23 available boxes in Spearhead, the new quick format for Age of Sigmar (note that the individual rules will be also available online for free)
  • 4 Terrain features and a double-sided game board to use the miniatures in the box to play Spearhead

Stormcast Eternals

The Lord-Vigilants are the commanders of the monasteries where the Ruination Chamber has been hidden until now and they ride to battle on top of Gryph-stalkers.

The Lord-Terminos are implacable warriors dispensing oblivion left and right.

The Lord-Veritant is accompanied by Gryph-crows in their hunt of enemy wizards and priests.

The Knight-Questor is a well known lone wolf hero tasked by Sigmar to complete specific and secret missions. This model is the latest of a long list of exclusive miniatures and previous iterations of the role.

The Reclusians are those Stormcast Eternals that are one step from losing completely their humanity, often accompanied to battle by mortal priests called Memorians, that try to keep their humanity anchored to the reality.

The Prosecutors, another iconic unit from the first Age of Sigmar box, got a brand-new sculpt that greatly highlights the aesthetic advancement in the Stormcast Eternals line.

The first miniature of the new edition to be revealed was the new version of the Liberator, the standard Stormcast Eternal melee fighter that first appeared in 2015 in the original Age of Sigmar Starter set. In the image below appears in the centre with the colours of the Hallowed Knights Stormhost next to the old Liberator (on the left) and the Vindicator (on the right) that already uses the new armour.


The Clawlords of Clans Verminus are able to acquire and ride Gnaw-beasts from Clans Moulder and weaponry from Clans Skyre.

The Grey Seer is another iconic model that received an uplift in the new edition. They are the natural wizards leading the Skaventide.

The Warlock Engineer new sculpt betrays a master sniper able to spot enemy Heroes in the midst of their troops and direct friendly Warplock Jezzails towards them.

Skaven never chickened out from creating extremely powerful (and volatile) heavy weaponry, and the Ratling Warpblaster represents the efficiency (or boldness) of Clans Skryre.

The Rat Ogors instead represent the peak of Clans Moulder ability in experimenting with mutations and the exemplars most intelligent are rewarded with Skryre weaponry.

The iconic Skaven Jezzails are also returning back into brand-new plastic with a gorgeous model and rules that can take down a Stormcast Eternal!

The older kit of the Skaven Clanrats has been retired, and the new one is know visible for the first time in all its glory.