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Warhammer Age of Sigmar Things Released in 2023

If you saw a nice new model online and you are not sure when or if it was released, this list will include all releases published by Games Workshop in 2022. For the upcoming releases we have a separate article.

We will keep this page up to date so that you can use it as your single point of reference on what Age of Sigmar Things released in 2023. For 2021 you can refer to this article while 2022 is available here.

We hope you enjoy this list of Age of Sigmar past releases!

Age of Sigmar Recent Releases

7 January 2023

Abhorrant Ghoul King with Crown of Delusion

Christmas limited edition this year is a new sculpt of a Flesh-Eater Courts Abhorrant Ghoul King sitting on a throne. While it was available from the 26th of December on all GW physical stores, it was released online only the 14th of January 2023.

21 January 2023

General’s Handbook 2022-23 Season 2

For Season 2 of this 2022-23 edition, the new Matched play battlepack and rules will move the attention to small foot heroes.

Slaves to Darkness release

The Slaves to Darkness release was split in two waves. The first one, in December 2022, included a limited edition box with battletome and some of the new miniatures. In January 2023, the entire army was finally available with the standard battletome and a new Vanguard box replacing the previous Start Collecting.

This box contains a Chaos Lord, a Chaos Chariot, 5 of the new Chaos Knights and 10 of the new Chaos Warriors. With the new Vanguard box replacing the old Start Collecting, the Chaos Lord on Karkadrak is finally available as a stand-alone kit.

Daemon Prince

The Daemon Prince, 2nd classified with his promotion box in the best miniatures of 2022, is now available with several customization options to get him closer to your Chaos God of choice.

Ogroid Theridons

We have seen already Ogroids fighting for Chaos forces, we now have some background information about their story (they call themselves Goroans and their empire fell to Bonesplitterz) and some new heavy infantry for Slaves to Darkness in the form of the Theridons. The kit comes with 2-handed weapon or blade and shield option and with a musician and standard-bearer kit.

Eternus, Blade of the First Prince

Eternus was a Vanguard loyal to Archaon before renouncing him and be cast in the Cursed Skies where Be’lakor reforged him as his servant in his upcoming rebellion against the Everchosen. Alternatively the kit can be assembled as a generic Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount.

Multi-part Chaos Knights

The new Chaos Knights are finally available with multi-part options that allow to assemble a Champion, a Standard-Bearer and a Musician.

Multi-part Chaos Warriors

Finally available with a multi-part sprue the Chaos Warriors can choose between murderous weapons or ensorcelled halberds. The kit contains also options for an Aspiring Champion, a musician and a standard bearer.

Chaos Chosen and Exalted Hero of Chaos re-sculpt

The Chaos Chosen are another kit to get a new sculpt in this Slaves to Darkness wave as well as the Exalted Hero of Chaos.

Exalted Hero of Chaos

4 February 2023

Gloomspite Gitz release

Same cover, but new battletome for the Gitz that brings them to the third edition. Apart from the battletome and the usual on foot hero, they received also warscroll cards, a new vanguard box and a new unit of wolf-riding grots.

Snarlfang Riders

We have already seen the Snarlfang Riders in the Gitz warband Rippa’s Snarlfang few seasons back and now they got a full unit. They can be armed with spears or bows, but their profile allows you to use both, so it’s up to personal taste which one to use.

Squigboss with Gnasha-squig

The new little hero it is immediately an auto-include in all squig-based armies with his ability to buff one unit of squigs per turn with his stash of mushrooms.

Gloomspite Gitz Vanguard box

Their Start Collecting is now gone, replaced by a Vanguard box that contains a good mix of units with 1 Loonboss, 20 Stabbas that can be assembled as Shootas, 10 Squig Hoppers that can be assembled as Boingrot Bounders, and 3 Rockgut Troggoths.

Beasts of Chaos release with new Beastlord

The Beasts of Chaos also got a battletome for the third edition (although they were scoring quite well with a White Dwarf update) that really improves few units. Their Beastlord got an updated sculpt together with new more interesting rules.

Their Vanguard box, replacing the existing Start Collecting contains a Great Bray-Shaman, 3 Dragon Ogors, 10 Gors, 10 Bestigors and 10 Ungors (that can also be assembled as Ungor Raiders).