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Review of Kharadron Overlords Start Collecting Box

This is the Kharadron Overlords Start Collecting box: the first box coming out for the steam-punk flying duardin in Warhammer: Age of Sigmar.

If you do not know anything about what a Start Collecting box is, here is a short introduction.

The Start Collecting boxes are a very convenient way to get started playing Warhammer or start a new army with a specific faction.

You will usually get at least 1 character, 1 sort of “basic unit” (many times a battleline unit) and 1 unit that is a bigger elite/monster type sort of deal.

Note: this was written before the new Kharadron Overlords Battletome.

Things regarding the rules for the models and points might have changed


Which models are included in the Kharadron Overlords Start Collecting Box?

The box advertises

  • 1 Endrinmaster
  • 5 Grundstok Thunderers
  • 3 Skywardens (the Skywardens can alternatively be assembled as Endrinriggers)
  • 1 Grundstok Gunhauler

1 Endrinmaster

The Endrinmaster is a leader of this army. His powers are sadly some situational. When close-by a Skyvessel, he can repair it D3 wounds each hero phase, however he does not have a long range missile attack (only 9”) and a movement of 4” when disembarked.

This means he will usually fall behind the vessels and it is hard for him to do anything else meaninful at range.

In close combat he can do some serious damage when supercharging his hammer, so that is a plus.

5 Grundstok Thunderers

The Grundstok Thunderers are the most versatile and useful of the cheap infantries of the Kharadron Overlords.

They are a must-have in almost all army lists, and they also have a variety of weapon profiles they can install.

While it is possible, with the current rules, to use all 5 weapons on every 5 models, to get the most out of the Aether-Khemist and other buffs to a single weapon, it is recommended to choose only one or zero special type of weapon for big units.

When used in combination, all weapons buff each other in sequence but make also for a much longer and complicated shooting phase.

These types of very complicated and convoluted combat/shooting phase attacks are being phased out in the new books we are seeing, so if the Kharadron

Overlords ever get an updated battletome this might change. If you are worried about the best weapons not being the best in 2-3 years, maybe magnetising the weapons instead of glueing them on could be an option for you.

Instead of fighting in the combat phase, this unit can run away allowing them to shoot anyone else in the following shooting phase. Not bad!

3 Skywardens

Skywardens and Endrinriggers are “balloon dwarves” with similar special weapons loadout. You can build either of the units with the kit you get.

The main difference is in their basic profile: where the Skywarden pistols have a short range and low damage (1 damage, rend -1 on a 3+/3+), Endrinriggers guns increase the number of attacks for a slightly better range.

While Skywarden pikes allow two 2” range melee attacks per model for D3 damage, Endrinriggers saws will slash your opponent with -2 rend for D3 damage (on a 3+/2+).

Other interesting abilities both have is they skyhook that allows a D6 movement towards the unit they shot and the sky mines that can damage any flying unit charging them.

Both units have their uses depending on the situation, but the Endrinriggers perform better in the combat phase in an army with really few melee options.

1 Grundstok Gunhauler

Grundstok Gunhauler included in the Kharadron Overlords Start Collecting box

The Grundstok Gunhauler is technically the only artillery piece of this army and one that does not get used often.

With the point reduction in the last general handbook it is now more viable with its 3 missile attacks at various ranges and close-proximity bombs that would dissuade any would-be charger.

It is a cool model and maybe it performs a bit better with the point reduction.

Points cost in the Kharadron Overlords Start Collecting Box

Using the points from the General Handbook 2019 this is the following points cost:

  • Endrinmaster is a Leader for 120 points
  • Thunderers are 90
  • Skywardens are 100 and Endrinriggers is 120.
  • The Grundstok Gunhauler is an artillery piece for 130 points

So the total points in the Kharadron Overlords box are 440 or 460 depending on your choice between the Skywardens or Endrinriggers.

Note: this article was made prior to the December 2019 points update, so some points could have changed there.

Value of the Kharadron Overlords box

The sum of all models as purchased directly from the GW store is 97.5£ for a discount of 38%.

The Gunhauler can also not be found easily outside of this box or direct order from GW.

Overall verdict on the Kharadron Overlords Start Collecting box

This box is an interesting collection as it does not contain any battleline option (pending a future battletome for Kharadrons), it includes the least used of all vessels available and not one of the favourite leader options making a second purchase of this box a rare occurrence.

However the units inside are quite useful and as a starting point they are an interesting option.

The different sky-ports can add more variety to these units and make them complement each other better.

Right now, one box will be all you need because of the hero and the gunhauler inside it.

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