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Review of the Start Collecting Vanguard box for Stormcast

Attention: This Start Collecting has since been retired!

This is a review of the Start Collecting Vanguard for the Stormcast Eternals”: one of the multiple options to collect Stormcast Eternals figurines at a discounted price, specialized in the Vanguard chamber. The Vanguards are the more agile and dynamic of the Stormcast forces based on shooting and mobility.

If you do not know anything about what a Start Collecting box is, here is a short introduction.

The Start Collecting boxes are a very convenient way to get started playing Warhammer or start a new army with a specific faction.

You will usually get at least 1 character, 1 sort of “basic unit” (many times a battleline unit) and 1 unit that is a bigger elite/monster type sort of deal.

The Start Collecting Vanguard for the Stormcast Eterenals Age of Sigmar


Which models are included in the Stormcast Start Collecting Vanguard Box?

This box contains:

  • 1 Lord-Aquilor
  • 5 Vanguard-Hunters
  • 3 Vanguard-Palladors
  • 3 Gryph-Hounds

1 Lord-Aquilor

The Lord-Aquilor is usually the general of a Vanguard force, as it allows the Vanguard-Hunters to be used as battleline.

His profile is quite good, and his abilities increase mobility, allowing him to move units on the battlefield and ride the aetheric winds (an ability that allows him to move 6D6 in any direction as if he was flying at the cost of losing the following charge phase).

5 Vanguard-Hunters

The Vanguard-Hunters represent the rank-and-file of the Vanguard armies.

They can be armed with axes or sabres where the To Hit and To Would profile are swapped.

With the ability to run and shoot in the same turn they are really efficient in harassing the enemy. They become battleline options if the Lord-Aquilor is chosen as general.

3 Vanguard-Palladors

The Vanguard-Palladors are Stormcast light cavalry, more useful for hit-and-run tactics and harass strategies than prolonged fights.

They have few customization options: more missile oriented with pistols and javelins or more melee focused with an axe in addition to the pistol.

Considering the mounts do most of the damage in melee, a javelin represents probably the best option depending on how you want to use them.

3 Gryph-Hounds

Finally, the Gryph-Hounds are your loyal companions with few tricks up their sleeves but an otherwise weak profile.

The minimum unit size is 6, so you will need at least 2 of these boxes to have one legal sized unit of Gryph-Hounds.

One of them can be assembled as an alpha (champion).

Points cost in the Stormcast Start Collecting Vanguard Box

As of General Handbook 2019 this is the point cost of the units in the box:

  • Lord-Aquilor is 180 points
  • Vanguard-Palladors 180
  • Vanguard-Hunters are 110
  • Gryph-Hound are 140 for 6

In general Vanguards saw a decrease of point cost since 2018, and now the total of the box is 540 (if you coun the 3 Gryph hounds as 70 points).

Note: this article was made prior to the December 2019 points update, so some points could have changed there.

Value of the Start Collecting Vanguard box

The Vanguard-Palladors are worth 35£, while the Vanguard-Hunters are 37.5£. This alone is enough to cover the cost of the box (60£), however on top of that you get a Lord-Aquilor (25£, direct order only) and half a unit of Gryph-Hounds (15£ for 6 models).

For a total of 112.5£ the discount is 55% for one of the most convenient boxes in circulation.

Overall verdict on the Stormcast Vanguard box

If you are interested in a Vanguard army for Stormcast this box represents the best value.

Despite the double Lord-Aquilor (you may not need more than one), buying 2 boxes gives you 2 leaders, 2 battleline units, 2 cavalry options and a full unit of Gryph-Hound (more for the fun to paint them than their battlefield ductility).

Complement them with a Vanguard-Pallador unit and you have a strong Vanguard base that you can expand with more shooting option (Celestar Ballista and Lord-Ordinator) or stronger infantry (Paladins) and few support heroes around.

Vanguards are a fun army to play with a relatively low count of models for a faster road towards a 2000 point fully painted army.

This box represents also a good starting point for the Warcry Vanguard warband with 8 models available.

Combined with a Vanguard-Raptor box you have all you need to play Warcry with the Stormcast Warband.

Check the price on the Stormcast Vanguard Box

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