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Stormcast Eternals Warrior Chamber Warband Warcry Guide

The Stormcast Eternals are the most famous of Age of Sigmar armies and they could not miss the opportunity to move war to Chaos in Archaon’s stronghold itself.

The Stormcast Eternals are divided in different chambers and some of them have an equivalent Warcry warband.

Continue on here to hear about how the Warrior Chamber Warband plays in Warcry.

What changed in Tome of Champions 2021 for the Stormcast Warrior?

Note: Tome of Champions 2021 brought some sweeping point changes across all warbands and introduced Bladeborn fighters for most legacy warbands. Those are existing miniatures from the popular game Warhammer Underworlds that find their way in Warcry with new profiles and can be used as allies by everyone in the same Grand Alliance.

You can find all point changes for this warband right here:

  • -40: Protector-Prime
  • -35: Liberator-Prime with Warhammer and Sigmarite Shield, Liberator-Prime with Warblade and Sigmarite Shield, Retributor-Prime
  • -25: Knight-Heraldor, Protector, Retributor
  • -20: Decimator, Knight-Vexillor, Liberator with Paired Warblades, Liberator with Paired Warhammers, Liberator with Warblade and Sigmarite Shield, Liberator with Warhammer and Sigmarite Shield, Lord-Veritant
  • -15: Judicator-Prime with Boltstorm Crossbow, Lord-Relictor, Paladin with Starsoul Mace
  • -10: Liberator with Grandblade, Liberator with Grandhammer, Lord-Castellant, Lord-Celestant, Prosecutor with Celestial Hammer and Sigmarite Shield
  • -5: Judicator with Boltstorm Crossbow, Prosecutor-Prime with Stormcall Javelin and Sigmarite Shield, Prosecutor with Stormcall Javelin and Sigmarite Shield, Prosecutor with Stormsurge Trident and Sigmarite Shield
  • +5: Judicator with Shockbolt Bow, Prosecutor with Grandaxe, Prosecutor with Paired Celestial Hammers
  • +10: Judicator with Skybolt Bow, Prosecutor-Prime with Paired Celestial Hammers

Impressive changes downwards for many fighters, in particular the Paladins now 20+ points cheaper. A Bladeborn warband was added to the roster.

Background and Lore of the Warrior Chamber Warband

The Stormcast Eternals are the mortal heroes taken by Sigmar a moment before their death to create the most powerful weapon he could imagine to fight Chaos: an army of supernatural warriors almost immortal.

Once Azyr doors were reopened, the Stormcast have been sent by Sigmar to retake the territory lost in the Age of Chaos and re-establish civilization in the Mortal Realms.

Stormcasts are composed of different chambers, the Warrior Chamber being the core of the army.

They are organized in different conclaves to perform different duties, but they are often the spearhead of any campaign to retake the land from Chaos.

At the head of the Warrior Chamber you have a Lord Celestant followed by his trusted retinue of Lords and Knights.

The Liberators are the core of the army, an unwavering line of foot soldiers supported by the volleys of the Judicators, formidable ranged units.

But the first to hit the enemy are the winged Prosecutors who fly in battle to engage the most vulnerable targets and use their mobility to support the ground troops.

Finally, the Paladins of the Paladin Conclave are the elite soldiers, each specialized in a specific role with Retributors smashing the most powerful opponents, Protectors creating energy fields with their blades and Decimators cleaving massive hordes.

The best warriors and leaders of each group are called Primes and lead entire unit, or in this case, warbands.

In the Eightpoints, Warrior Chamber warbands will be tasked to eliminate a particular Chaos warlord or to assert dominance in a particular area.

But how do they play on the tabletop?

Let’s take a look at their fighters and abilities.

Stormcast Eternals Warband in Warcry
Warband Image kindly provided by Keyan Sark at

Fighters in the Warrior Chamber Warband

Note: if you haven’t read the basic rules for Warcry before reading this article, it might be helpful to know that the game’s abilities are activated by using 6 dice that you roll at the start of your turn.

If two of the dice show the same value, they can be used to activate a Double ability. If three show the same value, they can be used for a Triple ability, and so on.

So, when this article refers to an ability being a Double, a Triple or a Quad, it refers to this system. It might sound a bit confusing, but takes no time to get used to when you start playing

The Stormcast Warriors warband is made of 38 different options, one of the highest in the game, coming from several boxes and blisters.

16 leader options will give you quite the headache to decide which to choose.


Lord-Celestant: 230 points

With so many leaders available the main difference is not made by their weapon profile but by their special ability.

The Lord-Celestant Double, Warcloak’s Storm Magic, allows to pick an enemy within 6″, roll 2 dice and do 1 damage for each 4-5, or up to 6 for each 6. Not remarkable.

In melee his 5 Attacks for damage 2/5 are more interesting, considering also Toughness 5 and 32 Wounds.

Lord-Castellant: 230 points

The Lord-Castellant comes with only 2 Attacks but at 2″ range and for 3/6 damage.

His special ability however is much more interesting. For a Triple he can reduce by 1 the damage taken by all friendly fighters within 6″. Note that there’s no minimum so it’s possible to completely ignore all those pesky 1-damage hits.

The downside is that being a low-count model warband not many fighters will be within 6″.

Lord-Veritant: 200 points

The Lord-Veritant is a cheaper Lord-Celestant with 2 Attacks less (3) and a different ability that allows to reduce by 1 the value of abilities used within 9″.

Note that you cannot reduce it lower than 1. In certain situations you can really ruin someone plans, however many warbands don’t use that much the value of an ability.

The Warrior Chamber himself would lose 1″ Movement or potentially 1 point of damage in certain situations.

Probably better left home.

Lord-Relictor: 195 points

The Lord-Relictor is the only miniature of the warband that cannot be bought individually, found only in the old Starter Set now a Start Collecting! box.

In melee he is just average (3 Attacks at Strength 4 for 2/4 damage) so we need to look at his special ability.

For a Triple he can shoot a Lightning Storm to an enemy within 12″, roll up to 6 dice and for every 2+ allocate 1 damage.

It can be useful to pick an injured enemy out of reach but if you have ranged units available they are a better alternative and you risk to do more damage.


Knight-Heraldor: 195 points

The Knight-Heraldor has a similar attack to the Lord-Relictor but one Attack more (4).

His Triple, Battle-horn Thunderblast, is extremely particular. While has all cards to be a powerful ability by allowing to inflict 3 damage on a 4+ to each enemy fighter within 6″ of a central fighter chosen, that specific fighters has to be on a platform…

On a platform! Not many Warcry scenarios will have platforms (elevated portion of a scenery) so it can happen that this ability is not only useless but also unusable, for example in the new Catacombs levels…

Storebirthday jan04 aos9safer

Knight-Questor: 210 points

The Knight-Questor hits similar to a Lord-Celestant (4 Attacks at Strength 4 for 2/5 damage) but ups the Toughness to 6 (and can bring it to 7 with Staunch Defender!!) maintaining high Wounds (30).

His ability however is unimpressive sharing it with the Prosecutors and Liberators with Shield: Sigmarite Shield Bash.

The idea is that the fighter would rush towards an enemy and bash him with the shield. The result is that he/she has 33% chance to completely miss, 66% to do at least 1 damage and 33% up to 6 (depending on the ability value).

He is a valid fighter but between Toughness 5 and 6 you will not notice much difference.


Knight-Vexillor: 185 points

The last of Lords and Knights is the Vexillor, with a weapon profile identical to the Lord-Relictor.

His ability allows to increase up to 6″ the Movement of all friendly fighters starting their activation within 12″ of him.

This bubble is huge, especially in a Warcry game however there are three things to consider: it costs a Quad and needs to be high value to be worth, the friendly fighter gets the bonus only if he starts in the bubble and maintains the bonus even if he leaves the bubble after the first move and all Stormcast Warriors can perform a bonus move if they have a friendly injured fighter within 6″.

In an army full of Paladins with only 3″ Movement it can be quite important, otherwise it’s really situational and useless in a warband full of Prosecutors.

Prosecutors with Paired Celestial Hammers, in the forefront with Grandaxe


  • Prosecutor Prime with Stormcall Javelin and Sigmarite Shield: 295 points
  • Prosecutor with Stormcall Javelin and Sigmarite Shield: 245 points
  • Prosecutor with Stormsurge Trident and Sigmarite Shield: 255 points
  • Prosecutor Prime with Paired Celestial Hammers: 290 points
  • Prosecutor with Paired Celestial Hammers: 235 points
  • Prosecutor with Celestial Hammer and Sigmarite Shield: 235 points
  • Prosecutor with Grandaxe: 230 points
  • Prosecutor with Grandblade: 230 points
  • Prosecutor with Grandhammer: 230 points

The Prosecutors are the flying light cavalry of the Stormcast.

Prosecutors with Javelin and Shield

They come in different weapon options and 2 leaders.

They can be divided in 3 groups: Prosecutors with Javelins, Prosecutors with Hammers and Prosecutor with special weapons.

All Prosecutors share the special ability Wings of Divine Life that for a Triple allows them to move up to 6” more depending on the ability value.

This ability will be extremely situational considering all Prosecutors already have a flying movement of 10″ providing them good mobility and also that for a Double, if close-by an injured friendly model, they can use Furious Avengers for a bonus move (10” free movement!). That is a LOT of movement on such a small board.

Both Primes, as all leaders, can use Staunch Defender that for a Triple gives +1 Toughness to every friendly model within 6” of them bringing the warband to a value of 6 (or 7 for the fighters with shields) making them extremely resilient even against the toughest enemies.

That said, toughness 6 is already quite a lot so bringing it to 7 will not do that much more.

The Prosecutors with Javelin or Trident (plus the one with Warhammer and Shield) can also do damage on charge (for a Double using Sigmarite Shield Bash they can do potential damage just moving close to an enemy).

Their weapons can do 2 attacks at distance (3-8”) or 3 close-by (2”) with Strength 4 and can hit pretty hard (5 damage on a critical hit).

The Trident version for 10 points more adds 1 to the damage on normal hit (3-5 instead of the 2-5 of the Javelin) while the Prime for 40 points more (50 more of the simple Javelin) adds 1 Attack at range 2” (for a total of 4).

With toughness 6 and 20 wounds (30 the Prime) these are between the hardest warrior to knock down in game (but are quite expensive).

The Prosecutors with Celestial Hammers also have 2 ranges: 3 attacks at 3-8” or 4 at 1” for a consistent damage of 2-4.

The Prime adds an extra attack at short range (5 instead of 4), while the version with Hammer and Shield loses 1 attack for both ranges but gains the Bulwark keyword, allowing him to use Sigmarite Shield Bash, and +1 Toughness, the other 2 versions being “only” at Toughness 5.

Finally, the specialized weapons have only one type of attack:

  • The Grandaxe has 3 Attacks at Strength 4 for 3-6 damage
  • The Grandblade is more balanced with 4 Attacks at Strength 4 for 3-5 damage
  • And the Grandhammer 3 Attacks at Strength 5 for 3-5 damage.

The choice really depends on personal preference but at 225-230 points they compete for a place with the Paladins, guaranteeing more mobility, similar damage output but no extra ability.

Decimators with Prime on the forefront right and Starsoul Mace in the middle


  • Decimator-Prime: 225 points
  • Decimator: 175 points
  • Paladin with Starsoul Mace: 225 points
  • Protector-Prime: 210 points
  • Protector: 165 points
  • Retributor-Prime: 220 points
  • Retributor: 170 points

The Paladins are the elite fighters of the Warrior chamber and come in different shapes and forms.

The three main categories are Decimators, Protectors and Retributors and in standard units (in Age of Sigmar) one model every 5 can be armed with a Starsoul Mace.

Protectors with Prime in the middle and Starsoul Mace in the top right

All Paladins can use Earth-shattering Blow for a Quad: a bonus attack action with up to 3 damage for every hit.

For example, a Paladin with Starsoul Mace would become 7-11 damage for each one of his 3 attacks: even an Ogor Breacher would tremble in front of this mayhem!

All Paladins have toughness 6 and 20 wounds (the Primes have 30) making them hard to knock down, on the downside however they move only 3” being the slowest fighters in this warband.

They also enjoy the Staunch Defender ability bumping up to toughness 7 a warband made of just Paladins! Primes also have 1 attack more than their normal counterpart.

Decimators are the more balanced of the paladins with 3 attacks at 2” range for 3-6 damage. They are also slightly more expensive.

Protectors enjoy the longest range (3”) but they lose 1 damage on critical (5).

Retributors are the cheapest, have only 1” range but more Strength (5) and the same output damage of a Protector (3-5).

Finally, the Paladin with Starsoul Mace has 3 Attacks at Strength 5 for 8 damage on a critical!

Retributors with Prime on the forefront right and Starsoul Mace in the top right

These units are slow, bulky and they hit hard. They will shred off any minion courageous enough to get near them and are best suited to engage the strongest opponents.

Avoid chase runs as that’s not their scope but keep them on an objective to see anything getting too close being wiped away. In Tome of Champions 2021 they all became much cheaper allowing to consider them in any warband now.

Judicators with Skybolt Bow, Prime in the forefront


  • Judicator Prime with Skybolt Bow: 235 points
  • Judicator with Skybolt Bow: 195 points
  • Judicator with Shockbolt Bow: 210 points
  • Judicator Prime with Boltstorm Crossbow: 225 points
  • Judicator with Boltstorm Crossbow: 185 points
  • Judicator with Thunderbolt Crossbow: 200 points

The Judicators are the ranged fighters of this warband with 2 main weapon options, each reflected with a Prime.

None of them have a special ability.

The Skybolt Bows are the longest ranged weapon up to 20” range for 2-4 damage at Strength 4.

The Shockbolt Bow is slightly more expensive but adds 1 Strength (5) and 2 damage on critical (2-6).

In melee they don’t shy away with 3 attacks at Strength 4 for 4 damage on a critical. The Prime has one more attack in melee than the other version.

Judicator-Prime with Boltstorm Crossbow

The Boltstorm Crossbow has shorter range (max 10”) but more attacks (4 instead of 3), same Strength (4) and same damage output as the bows (2-4).

Their melee attacks are also the same.

Judicator with Thunderbolt Crossbow

The Thunderbolt Crossbow has a different range with a minimum of 6” (instead of 3”) but a maximum of 15” for 5 attacks with same Strength and damage as the other crossbows.

For 10 points more he is a really valid alternative but ensure he stays at distance to use at the maximum his 5 attacks.

Overall the Judicators are really valid ranged units. You will struggle however to fit them in as the low number of model counts means that sometimes you may not be able to afford to keep one unit too far from the melee.

But to hold objectives they are perfect, able to strike any enemy well before they get too close and with toughness 5 and 20 wounds (30 for the prime) they can survive long enough for reinforcements to arrive.

The primes however are probably wasted since you will rarely be in the thickest of the melee to use the Staunch Defender ability.

Liberators with Warhammer and Shield, a Prime and 2 Grandhammers


  • Liberator Prime with Warhammer and Sigmarite Shield: 210 points
  • Liberator with Warhammer and Sigmarite Shield: 165 points
  • Liberator with Paired Warhammers: 170 points
  • Liberator with Grandhammer: 175 points
  • Liberator Prime with Warblade and Sigmarite Shield: 210 points
  • Liberator with Warblade and Sigmarite Shield: 165 points
  • Liberator with Paired Warblades: 150 points
  • Liberator with Grandblade: 175 points

Finally, the ground troops, the core of the warband. They are the cheapest but not by far, still swinging between toughness 5 and 6 (for those with shield), 20 wounds (30 for the Primes) and movement 4”.

They have 2 weapon options each guided by a Prime, each weapon option can be carried in pairs or with a shield and each has also a special weapon available.

The models armed with shields increase their toughness but also get access to the Sigmarite Shield Bash for free damage after the first movement (for a Double), while all Liberators have access to extra Attack and Strength if the target model has a Wound characteristic of 15 of more (Lay Low the Tyrants for a Double).

The hammers have Strength 5 and hit for decent damage (2-4) at range 1”. The number of attacks goes up to 3 if the fighter is a Prime or wears a pair of hammers.

While they seem to not be hard hitters, thrown against the biggest opponents with a Double we are getting 5 (or 4) attacks at Strength 7 each activation.

Liberator with Grandblade and Liberator with Warblade and Shield

The grandhammer adds an extra damage to both normal and critical hit (3-5) to the pair of warhammers for 15 points more.

The warblades lose 1 Strength (4) to increase the number of attacks (4 for the prime or the pair and 3 for the shielded model) but same damage (2-4).

The grandblade as well performs as a pair of warblades with increased damage (3-5 for 4 attacks at Strength 4).

With so many options it can be difficult to choose, but the pair of weapons are the cheapest model of the army and they have plenty of attacks and decent damage.

You lose 1 toughness, but you can compensate with other fighters in the army that are also bigger hitters.

For a Double you can transform them in veritable monster killer machines: a grandblade becomes 6 attacks at Strength 6 for 3-5 damage.

In Tome of Champions 2021 most saw a considerable reduction in cost.


Gryph-Hound: 150 points

The cheapest unit available in this warband is the Gryph-Hound. Same melee profile as a Liberator with Paired Warblades (4 Attacks at Strength 4 for 2-4 damage) but a movement of 6” instead of 4” and the Darting Attack ability.

For a Triple they can do a bonus attack and then a bonus disengage move getting in a better position around that objective or forcing the opponent to follow you wasting one of their activations.

Toughness 4 and 20 wounds guarantee a decent survivability, especially if protecting the leader under the Staunch Defender that increases their Toughness to 5.

The Gryph-hound becomes an interesting choice in Warcry and a small pack of these fighters can bring down some tough opponents.

Steelheart’s Champions (565 points)

  • Severin Steelheart: 205 points
  • Obryn the Bold: 185 points
  • Angharad Brightshield: 175 points

Steelheart’s Champions are a Stormcast Eternals Warrior Chamber Bladeborn warband from Warhammer Underworlds Season 1.

  • Heroic Guard (Double, all Steelheart’s Champions): subtract 1 from damage received by every hit and critical hit.

While Severin is technically a Liberator-Prime, his lack of shield put him at Toughness 5, that is still good in Warcry. On the other side his weapon profile is a bit better than a Liberator with 4 attacks at Strength 4 for 2/5 damage.

All Steelheart’s Champions are Liberators and as such have access to Lay Low the Tyrant for some extra buff when fighting tough opponents. Angharad has also a shield that allows him to damage after moving next to an enemy (Sigmarite Shield-Bash). For the rest she has an identical profile to a Liberator with Warhammer and Sigmarite Shield.

Obryn on the other side has the same profile of a Liberator with Grandhammer, a fighter specialised in high damage output (Strength 5 for 3/5 damage).

Both Liberators are slightly more expensive than their basic version but all fighters in the warband have access to Heroic Guard that allows them to reduce the damage taken for a round by 1. Considering the high wounds it helps a bit to mitigate the critical damage that is one of the weak spots of high Toughness fighters.

Abilities for the Warrior Chamber Warband

  • Furious Avengers (Double, Everyone): This fighter can do a bonus move if there’s at least another friendly fighter within 6” wounded.
  • Lay Low the Tyrants (Double, Liberators): Add +2 to Attack and Strength in melee if the target has 15 or more Wounds.
  • Sigmarite Shield Bash (Double, Knight-Questor, Prosecutors and Liberators with shields): A chance to do up to 6 damage to a close enemy at the end of a Move action.
  • Warcloak’s Storm Magic (Double, Lord-Celestant): A chance to allocate up to 12 damage to an enemy within 6″.
  • Staunch Defender (Double, all Leaders): Until the end of the battle round add 1 to the Toughness of all friendly fighters within 6” of the leader.
  • Wings of Divine Life (Triple, all Prosecutors): Add up to +6″ to the next Move action.
  • Darting Attack (Triple, Gryph-Hounds): Make a bonus attack and then a bonus disengage.
  • Battle-horn Thunderblast (Triple, Knight-Heraldor): Pick an enemy on a platform within 12″ and roll a dice for him and each other enemy fighter within 6″ of him. On a 4+ allocate 3 damage.
  • Lantern of Abjuration (Triple, Lord-Veritant): Reduce by 1 the value of abilities used within 9″ of this fighter.
  • Warding Lantern (Triple, Lord-Castellant): Reduce by 1 the damage inflicted to friendly fighters within 6″ of this fighter.
  • Lightning Storm (Triple, Lord-Relictor): A good chance to inflict up to 6 damage to a fighter within 12″.
  • Earth-shattering Blow (Quad, all Paladins): Perform a bonus attack action adding up to +3 to the damage characteristic for both hit and critical hit.
  • Tempest Winds (Quad, Knight-Vexillor): Add up to +6″ to the Move of friendly fighters within 12″.

Strategy and Tactics for the Stormcast Eternals Warrior Chamber Warband

This warband is extremely powerful and versatile. You will have many options from objective holders, to fast moving units able to reach from one corner to the other of the battlefield in a turn to ranged units able to shred to pieces the smallest fighters.

All this power comes to the downside of the high cost of the models that would force you to field only 4 or 5 models in a 1000 points game.

High toughness and high wounds do not make you invulnerable to critical hits so avoid being surrounded because even the lowliest of skeletons can tear down one of your Prosecutors if left alone.

Low count of models means also that will it be more difficult to hold multiple objectives at the same time or also that your opponent can concentrate all their firepower against a single one of your fighters.

It also means you will start isolated most of the time and units like the Paladins may struggle to get to the core of the fight if they start far away.

Positioning will be crucial in this army and will make the difference between winning and losing.

Prosecutors allow you to get far and get first to objectives, hunt down more vulnerable foes or ping down a fast opponent until the reinforcements arrive.

You also have bigger bases (40mm) allowing you to engage multiple enemies at once, but be careful in using this ability that can be useful in forcing multiple disengages.

Liberators are probably better suited without shields as you can save some points, but chances are you will have anyway 40-50 points spare so does not really matter (a big issue when building your warband).

Gryph-Hounds can alleviate a bit this problem and add numbers for a decent melee fighter with a good ability that allows to attack and avoid immediate retaliation if necessary.

Your biggest hitters are most likely the Paladins so you may want to keep one of them in the roster.

In general, whichever box you buy you will have a range of choices, so if you want to have a fully winged warband Prosecutors can offer different options and form a versatile warband of their own, same for Liberators.

The Judicators will struggle in melee, so they are better suited as support units, and Paladins are slow and expensive so better keep them as support as well.

Of all new leaders few are interesting like the Lord-Castellant and the Knight-Vexillor for their abilities or the Knight-Questor or Lord-Celestant to avoid taking a Paladin.

Don’t forget if you are surrounded you can use Staunch Defender to increase your toughness by 1 around your leader and if you need to, you can get extra bonus moves as long as you are in range of a wounded character and have a spare Double.

In summary this warband is extremely fun, will give you lots of options available but will require tactical positioning and good strategy.

Pros and Cons of the Warrior Chamber Warband


+ High toughness
+ Decent mobility
+ High wounds
+ Good ranged option
+ Extreme versatility


– Really low models count
– Hard to manage in certain situations

Some thematic warbands for the Warrior Chamber

Just for fun here we present few thematic warbands, meant more for fun or narrative context than for competitive play. Note that in narrative play you need to control at least two territories before mustering your first hero.

Thunderstrike Brotherhood: Lord-Relictor, 2 Prosecutors with Paired Celestial Hammers, 2 Liberators with Warhammer and Shield. All available from the Start Collecting! box.

Stormhost: Lord-Castellant, Gryph-Hound, Liberator with Grandblade, Prosecutor with Paired Celestial Hammers and Judicator with Boltstorm Crossbow.

How to buy a Stormcast Eternals Warrior Chamber Warband

The Start Collecting Stormcast Thunderstrike Brotherhood allows you for 50£ to start collecting a decent size army.

The downside is that this box comes from the original Starter Set of Age of Sigmar and therefore all units are mono-pose and without change of weapons.

You will then receive 2 Liberator Prime with Warhammer and Shield, another 8 Liberators with the same weapon choice, 3 Retributors and 3 Prosecutors with Paired Celestial Hammers. This is also the only way to find a Lord-Relictor outside of second-hand market.

If you want more weapon options and more customization then we need to discuss the individual boxes starting from the Prosecutors.


The Prosecutor box (45£) contains 6 models, so they can be assembled using different weapon options.

To have a valid unit in Age of Sigmar you could have a Prosecutor Prime with Javelin, another Javelin and a Trident, then another unit with a Prosecutor Prime armed with either a pair of Celestial Hammers or Hammer and Shield, another with the same weapon option and finally the last model can have one between the Grandaxe, Grandblade or Grandhammer. 

If you are not interested in legal units in Age of Sigmar, then you can potentially assemble every weapon option plus one Prime.


The next box would be the Paladins (35£) with 5 models. If you want to re-use them in Age of Sigmar you will need 3 boxes to get all different models in (one unit of each type of Paladin), if not you just have to decide your prime, arm one model with the Starsoul Mace and you have 3 more options to assemble as each different type.


The Judicators come in boxes of 10 models each (for 37.5£) giving you the option to assemble 2 different units each armed with one type of weapon and then 2 special units, one of each kind.


The final box is that of the Liberators (37.5£ for 10 models). This box allows to set up two Age of Sigmar units each armed with one of the 4 weapon options (or more if you want to try magnetizing them) and one special weapon for each unit.

Both primes can be built from one single box. If you are uninterested in Age of Sigmar you can build all weapon options from one single box and have enough Liberators for a couple of warbands.

Lords and Knights

Finally many miniatures are available only in blisters:

From the blisters above you already obtain 2 Gryph-Hounds, but if you need more they are sold in boxes of 6 for £17.5.

Whichever box you want you have to consider the low count of models you can field each time, therefore the Starter Set and a box or two will be more than enough to start this warband.

Since the miniatures have been out since the beginning of Age of Sigmar there could also be a prolific second-hand market.

Otherwise, if you want each of the 38 different models available and keep valid Age of Sigmar units, this is by far one of the most expensive warband to collect. 

Tips on painting a Stormcast Eternals Warrior Chamber Warband for Warcry

Do you have some sweet looking Stormcast Eternals painted up?

I would very much like to display them right here on this page.

All you have to do is send my some files. You can read more about how to make that happen here.

Warrior Chambers are just an auxiliary chamber of the Stormcast Eternals and they can be painted using the many stormhost colour schemes available or you can invent even your own.

The most classic way to see them painted is the Hammers of Sigmar colour in gold and blue, for which Warhammer TV has good tutorials.

If you are new to painting, picking up the Stormcast is not a bad option.

Because of all the armour, they are really easy to paint (if you are looking for easy to paint models, check out our guide on what those look like)

YouTube video
YouTube video
YouTube video
YouTube video