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Corsair Voidscarred Kill Team Guide (Eldar)

The Corsair Voidscarred are a kill team for the Games Workshop tabletop skirmish game Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team. They’re available in the Kill Team: Nachmund expansion set.

The Corsairs are Aeldari who have left behind their societies, be it a Asuryani, Drukhari, Harlequin or Ynnari to seek adventure and fortune as pirates and raiders throughout the galaxy. They’re still as deadly and highly skilled as the people they left behind, but they’re using their skills for individual gains, living according to their own will and with their only loyalty belonging to their raiding crew.

In the game, the Corsairs hailing from many different cultures translate into a great variety of specialist operatives for the Corsair Voidscarred kill team. such as duellists, psykers and even a falconeer. On top of that, the Voidscarred are true pirates: everyone has a pistol, and most operatives also have a blade for the other hand, making them great for galactic swashbuckling. While the Voidscarred aren’t the most durable, they can do a lot of damage in close combat and at range, and their Tac Ops reward them for raiding, looting and throwing themselves fearlessly into the fray, knowing that their Soul Weaver will collect their Spirit Stones when their adventures come to their final end.

If you like playing an advanced kill team with great mobility and access to most of the mechanics in the game including psychic powers, and you like having very versatile operatives that do well in both close and ranged combat, the Corsair Voidscarred might be just the kill team for you.

[Note: This guide is now up to date with the changes implemented in the Q4 2023 Balance Dataslate.]

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Abilities of the Corsair Voidscarred Kill Team

Aeldari Raiders

This one is simple, but great: all operatives in a Corsair Voidscarred Kill Team can perform a free Dash action ine each of their activation. Free mobility across the board is an excellent advantage to have.

Operatives of the Corsair Voidscarred Kill Team

A Corsair Voidscarred Kill Team contains 1 Leader and 8 Corsair Voidscarred operatives that you can choose from the options described below. Before you start gluing models together, note that you can’t have a Gunner and a Heavy Gunner in the same kill team!

Voidscarred Felarch (Leader, 1 per kill team)

Like all Voidscarred operatives, the Felarch has an Action Point Limit of 2, a move of 3 Circle/3×2 inches and a 4+ Save. This generally means that he’s not a tank you can just drop into a prolonged melee with a Space Marine.

Instead, the Felarch should be played like the rest of the Corsair Voidscarred Kill Team, with a focus on mobility and well-timed strikes. To this end, its choice of weapons boils down to either a Shuriken Rifle, Shuriken Pistol and Power Weapon, with the Shuriken Rifle giving the Felarch some nice range (as well as a Unique action that let the Rifle reroll one of its attack dice for one activation) and the Power Weapon providing the crucial ability to cause critical hits on a roll of 5+, or a Neuro Disruptor and Power Weapon.

The Neuro Disruptor has a critical damage of 5, the Armour Penetration 1 Special Rule and the Stun Critical rule, which lets you subtract 1 from the target’s Action point Limit until the end of its next activation on a critical hit from the Neuro Disruptor – great for crippling a nearby threat to your Leader.

The best thing about the Felarch is its Coordinated Strike Ability that lets it activate one nearby friendly operative immediately after the Felarch’s activation. This is a great way of utilizing the numbers advantage you have against low model count kill teams like the Legionary kill team that comes in the same expansion set as the Corsair Voidscarred kill team, opening up opportunities for providing combat support for another melee operative or concentrating fire on a key target with the Shuriken Rifle in tandem with a Fate Dealer or Heavy Gunner.

Voidscarred Warrior (8 per kill team)

The Voidscarred Warrior is the standard operative of the Corsair Voidscarred kill team, but unlike many other standard operatives in other kill teams, the Voidscarred Warrior makes up for its low Wounds characteristic with some pretty cool weapons.

The Warrior can choose between two loadouts: It can either equip a Shuriken Rifle with unlimied range and the Rending critical rule that lets it convert a normal hit to a critical hit if it already scored one critical hit in a Shoot action (and Fists for melee), or a Shuriken Pistol (like the rifle, but with shorter range) and a Power Weapon with 6 critical damage and the ability to score critical hits on a 5+. That’s a very good melee weapon for an operative of which you can take 8 in your kill team. Add to this the mobility the Warrior gets from Aeldari Raiders, and it’s not hard to argue that you should equip any Warriors in your kill team with the pistol/Power Weapon combo and go hunting for as many critical hits as you can before anyone can retaliate.

Voidscarred Gunner (1 per kill team, can’t be in the same team as a Heavy Gunner)

The Voidscarred Gunner can choose between two different ranged weapons combined with the Fists melee weapon and a Shuriken Pistol: The Blaster has Armour Penetration 2 and 6 critical damage, and the Shredder does damage to all enemies within a Blast range of Circle/2 inches but with 3 normal and 4 critical damage, and it has the Rending Critical Hit Rule.

These options aren’t nearly as exciting as what many other kill teams get for their gunners, but the fact that both weapon options are in addition to the good Shuriken Pistol does make the Voidscarred Gunners more versatile than many other Gunner operatives. You can’t, however, field a Gunner in the same kill team as a Heavy Gunner in the Corsair Voidscarred kill team, and since the Heavy Gunner’s weapon options are much more interesting, there’s no reason to make room for a Gunner in this kill team.

Voidscarred Heavy Gunner (1 per kill team, can’t be in the same team as a Gunner)

Like the Gunner, the Voidscarred Heavy Gunner has a Shuriken Pistol, Fists and the choice between two special weapons: The Shuriken Cannon can split its attack dice between multiple adjacent enemy targets, has the Rending Critical Rule just like all Shuriken weapons, and has a decent critical damage of 5. The other option, the Wraithcannon, deals 6 normal damage, 3 critical damage, has Armour Penetration 2 and does 4 mortal wounds on each critical hit. Both weapons have the Heavy and Unwieldy special rules so you can’t move other than Dash in the same activation as shooting with any of them, and shooting costs 2 Action Points rather than 1.

Now, while the Shuriken Cannon is definitely a good weapon, the Wraithcannon is something that was missing in the Gunner weapons profile, but in a mega-version: it’s basically a really big meltagun, and that’s something you’ll definitely want in your kill team. The Action Point cost of firing it is pretty high, but with the free Dash action you get every activation, it’s not too bad.

Voidscarred Starstorm Duellist (1 per kill team)

The Starstorm Duellist is equipped with two pistols: the Shuriken Pistol with its Rending critical rule and the mini-meltagun called a Fusion Pistol, with 5 normal damage, 2 mortal wounds dealt on every critical hit and Armour Penetration 2, but a short range of Square/3 inches.

The Unique Action Pistol Barrage lets the Duellist perform a shooting attack with each of the two pistols in any order (if it doesn’t have a Conceal order), so that will be your Shoot action all the time. The Ability Quick on the Trigger lets you shoot your pistols (also with Pistol Barrage) against targets within Engagement Range of the Duellist, so essentially, the Duellist is a melee operative with guns, only your opponent doesn’t fight when you do. That’s very cool, and the only real downside is that if you do get attacked in combat, you can only fight back with your pretty weak Fists weapon.

Voidscarred Kurnite Hunter (1 per kill team)

The Kurnite Hunter has the same weapons loadout as a Voidscarred Warrior, but it also has a bird called a Faolchú (which, weirdly, sounds like a Warhammerification of “falcon” but is actually the Middle Irish word for “wolf hound”)!

The Faolchú is a Unique Action that lets you treat a visible Concealed enemy operative as if it has an Engage Order, but only under certain conditions: You have to roll a 6+ on a dice first, adding 1 to your roll if that operative is within Square/6 inches of your Kurnite Hunter, another if it is not Ready, and another if the target is not within Triangle/1 inch of Heavy Cover.

It’s a bit situational, but it’s an extra Unique Action on top of the already solid Voidscarred Warrior operative type, and with a bit of luck, it can expose a sneaky enemy operative to the crosshairs of the guns of your Kill Team.

Voidscarred Shade Runner (1 per kill team)

The Shade Runner has a Shuriken Pistol like everyone else, but also Throwing Blades that have the Silent Special Rule so that it can shoot while the Shade Runner is concealed, and the excellent Hekatarii Blades for melee with their 5 critical damage, Lethal 5+ letting them score criticals on 5s and 6s, and the ability to reroll all of their attack dice.

On top of being able to shoot while Concealed and causing many critical hits in combat, the Shade Runner has the Slicing Attack Unique Action that lets you perform a free Normal Move, and then you can select one enemy operative within Engagement Range, roll one attack dice as if it was from the Hekatarii Blades and do damage to that operative if the roll is succesful.

Being able to shoot from concealment is great, the Hekatarii Blades cause reliable critical hits, and to potentially cause 5 free damage on top of a Normal Move via the Slicing Attack is also a nice bonus, so the Shade Runner is a good choice for a melee-focused kill team, even though the other melee operative you can choose, the Kurnathi, has a slightly better melee profile.

Voidscarred Kurnathi (1 per kill team)

The Kurnathi is the closest the Voidscarred gets to a pure melee combatant, apart from the mandatory Shuriken Pistol: It has a very good melee weapon; Dual Power Weapons, which can reroll all hit rolls, score critical hits on a 5+ and has a critical damage of 6 – so like the Shade Runner’s Hekatarii Blades, but better.

Its Ability Bladed Stance allows it to resolve one hit before its opponent in combat, even if the Kurnathi is the defender, but that hit must be used to parry. This is an elegant and thematic way of granting the Kurnathi some survivability in close combat.

…and that’s all there is to it! The Kurnathi is simple, but still a good combat operative. If you would like to field it as well as the Fate Dealer, which are made from the same model, you can easily fit its Dual Power Weapons or the Fate Dealer’s Ranger Long Rifle onto another body in the kit, so you can have both.

Voidscarred Fate Dealer (1 per kill team)

The Fate Dealer is the sniper of the Voidscarred Kill Team. Its Ranger Long Rifle hits on a 2+, has the Silent Special Rule so you can fire it while Concealed, and does 3 mortal wounds on a critical hit. The only downside to it is that its normal damage isn’t that great, so to get a reliable damage output, you can use the Fate Dealer’s Unique Action Take Aim, which gives its Rifle the Balanced special rule so you can at least reroll one of its attack dice.

The Ability Camo Cloak also allows the Fate Dealer to retain one more dice than usual as a succesful save due to being in Cover when defending afgainst a shooting attack. Little bonuses like these are always nice to have for a sniper if you end up in a duel with an enemy sniper, but otherwise, you should keep your Fate Dealer at a Vantage Point in as safe a location as possible – dealing mortal wounds from afar is always very valuable.

Voidscarred Way Seeker (1 per kill team)

The Way Seeker is one of two psykers in the Voidscarred Kill Team, but it’s the only one that can actually manifest psychic powers. It can even manifest two in one turn, but remember that you have to roll a dice before attempting the second one. If you roll a 1 or 2, your Way Seeker suffers 3 mortal wounds instead of manifesting a psychic power, but on a 3+, you can go ahead and cast your second power in one activation.

The Way Seeker can choose between 4 psychic powers. Lightning Strike is a straightforward psychic shooting attack with Armour Penetration 1. Warding Shield gives a 3+ invulnerable save to a friendly nearby operative for 1 Turning Point. Freezing Grasp subtracts Circle/ 2 inches from a visible enemy operative’s Movement characteristic and prevents it from making Dash actions. Finally, Warp Fold lets your Way Seeker swap places with another nearby friendly operative.

Warding Shield and Warp Fold both suggest that your Way Seeker is designed as a bodyguard for your Leader, the Felarch: Warding Shield is good for keeping the Felarch safe(r) from ranged weapons with Armour Penetration, and Warp Fold is great for teleporting your leader out of a melee that’s goin badly, sacrificing the Way Seeker as a replacement. Since you’ll often be able to use one of those powers as well as the direct damage of a Lightning Strike, keeping the Way Seeker in the background, but no more than 6 inches from your Felarch, is a good way of making the most of your psyker.

Voidscarred Soul Weaver (1 per kill team)

The Soul Weaver is the healer of the Voidscarred kill team. She is a psyker according to her keywords, but she has the same weapons as a Warrior and her “magic” is made through two Unique Actions: Soul Channel adds 1 to the Action Point Limit of a nearby friendly operative, and Soul Heal heals D3 wounds on one nearby friendly operative, and can be used twice in an activation (on two separate targets).

The Soul Weaver really is a must-have for your kill team, since it can heal and improve Action Point Limit while also having the good weapons profiles of a Warrior, which makes it a better close combat fighter than many other healers.

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Ploys of the Voidscarred Kill Team

Strategic Ploys


This lets you make a free Dash action with up to three friendly operatives, but they have to finish the Dash closer to the nearest objective marker if there are any left that are not being carried by operatives.

Rapid Strike

For one Turning Point, your operatives can turn one normal hit into a critical hit when they fight in combat if the target is not Ready and your operative is the Attacker in that combat.


Friendly operatives that are more than Square/3 Inches (down from Pentagon/6 Inches as of the Q4 2023 Balance Dataslate) from other friendly operatives can retain a failed hit as a succesful normal hit when they fight or shoot if they have already retained one or more critical hits in that action. Outcasts lasts for 1 Turning Point.

Aeldari Agility

For one Turning Point, this Ploy allows all of your operatives to use Aeldari Agility. This means that they can’t perform Shoot or Fight actions in their activation, but instead, they add Triangle/1 inch to their Dash, Fall Back and Move actions in that activation. Note that this also works with the free Dash action you get every activation, so this really adds up to a lot of movement. Excellent Ploy for your first activation if you’re running a melee focused kill team and you want to get close to enemy ranged operatives or objectives in a hurry.

Tactical Ploys

Opportunistic Fighters

This can be used when an enemy operative performs a Fall Back action. The operative falling back is dealt D3 mortal wounds from every operative from your team within its Engagement Range.

Light Fingers

LIght Fingers lets one friendly operative perform one free mission or Pick Up action during its activation, regardless of how close it is to enemy operatives.

Deadly Ambush

When an enemy operative finishes any kind of movement action, this Ploy allows one friendly nearby operative to perform a free Charge action with a range of up to Square/3 inches if that Charge lets it move within Engagement Range of the enemy operative that triggered the use of the Ploy. As of the Q4 2023 Balance Dataslate, you can change the Order of the targeted friendly operative from Conceal to Engage as part of using this Ploy.

One Step Ahead

This Tactical Ploy can be used at the end of the first initiative phase of a battle. It allows you to redeploy up to two friendly operatives and, optionally, change their order as well.

Equipment of the Voidscarred Kill Team

Diurnal Mantle

This improves the Save characteristic of the bearer to 3+ when defending against attacks with the Blast special rule.

Plasma Grenade

This is a grenade with Blast and Indirect just like a frag grenade, but with better damage.

Corsair Blade

The Corsair Blade is an extra melee weapon for the bearer, and is mostly relevant for Gunners and Heavy Gunners who don’t have power weapons but might end up in close combat anyway – it’s a bit better than their Fists weapon.

Ocular Scanner

This allows the bearer to spend 1 Action Point to grant its ranged weapons the No Cover rule, preventing enemies from automatically retaining succesful defence dice as a result of cover, making it a good pick for a Fate Dealer.

Runes of Protection

This is a pretty powerful piece of equipment if you’re going up against psykers, since it allows you to reroll all your defence dice when defending against a shooting attack that comes from a psychic power.


The Mistfield can only be taken by the Felarch. It grants a 5+ invulnerable save to any friendly operative as long as that operative is within 2 inches of the Felarch.

Lodestar Helm

This can only be worn by a Way Seeker, and it removes the D3 damage you would take from failing to manifest your second psychic power in an activation. You still won’t be able to cast that second power if you fail the roll, but it takes away the one condition that could discourage you from trying.

Pathfinder Cloak

The Pathfinder Cloak can only be worn by a Fate Dealer. It changes the rules of having a Conceal order so that no condition in the game can cancel out its effects, such as someone firing at you from a Vantage Point.

Tac Ops of the Voidscarred Kill Team

The Voidscarred kill team has the Recon and Seek and Destroy archetypes, granting it access to the corresponding Tac Ops in the Core Book. In addition to those, the kill team also has access to the following faction-specific Tac Ops.

Flawless Raid

This scores you 1 Victory Point at the start of the first Turning Point after the second where you have more Victory Points than your opponent, and another Victory Point at the subsequent Turning Point if you still have a higher score.

Soul Guard

Soul Guard scores you 2 Victory Points if, at the end of your battle, you haven’t lost any of your operatives. If one of your operatives is incapacitated, however, you place a Spirit Stone token on the killzone where it fell, and your other operatives can then pick that up. If your operatives are carrying at least half of those Spirit Stone Tokens left behind by fallen comrades, you score 1 Victory Point, and if you carry all of the Spirit Stone Tokens in the Killzone, you score an additional point.


This lets you place Loot Tokens on the Killzone every time one of three selected enemy operatives are incapacitated, which your operatives can then pick up. If you carry one or more of these tokens when the battle ends, you score 1 Victory Point, and an additional one if you carry all three.

Playing the Voidscarred Kill Team

The Voidscarred Kill Team is an advanced kill team to play in the sense that, while much of its weaponry and abilities are focused on close quarters combat (especially Shuriken Pistols and Power Weapons), the operatives in the team aren’t particularly durable.

This means that you have to keep moving around, making the most of your free Dash actions and trying to attack first wherever you can. On top of this, you’ll always have good fire support from specialists such as the Fate Dealer and the Heavy Gunner, but also from nearby operatives with the very nice Shuriken Pistol that everyone in the kill team has.

If you look at the Tac Ops of the Voidscarred Kill Teams, they’re very much about getting close to the enemy as well: Opportunists requires you to get close to where your enemies drop dead, and Soul Guard even gives you a way of scoring Victory Points when your operatives are incapacitated if their friends can get to where they fell.

Saying that the Voidscarred are an advanced kill team isn’t meant as a warning to deter you from playing this Kill Team. While they might be tricky to play, they have plenty of tricks up their sleeves to be really dangerous in combat, especially since most of its operatives can score critical hits in combat on a 5+ due to the team’s plentiful access to power weapons.

Finally, remember that you can make a pretty durable “command squad” of a Felarch, a Way Seeker and a good close combat operative. The Way Seeker can keep the Felarch alive with its psychic powers, while the Felarch and its combat sidekick can support each other and dish out a bunch of critical hits in combat. Add a Soul Weaver to the squad and the survivability really starts to improve.

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