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Lumineth Warband in Warcry Overview, Guide & Tactics

The Lumineth Realm-lords are powerful aelves created by Tyrion and Teclis directly from the belly of Slaanesh. Their arrogance almost caused their own downfall, are you ready to repair the wrongs and protect the realms?

This is a guide for the Lumineth Warband in Warcry.

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Background and Lore of the Lumineth Warband

Slaanesh consumed all elves’ souls in the World-That-Was and fell in a slumber. Teclis and the other Aelves gods in the Mortal Realms envisioned a plan to trap the Chaos God and extract those souls to rebuild the aelves’ civilizations in the Mortal Realms. The Idoneth Deepkin were Teclis first unsuccessful experiment.

After that him and Tyrion syphoned out and created the Lumineth Realm-lords.

Those settled in Hysh, the Realm of Light and Illumination. They soon discovered the special properties of the local realmstone, the Aetherquartz, using it to empower mind, body and soul.

But this came at a cost, as once used the Aetherquarts would be refilled with the emotions of the user, a price the Lumineth would gladly pay to distance themselves from Slaanesh corruption.

Soon the same use and emotions became the downfall of the Lumineth. Pride brought them to compete to greater feats, more tension within the Empire and eventually opened the doors to Hysh to the same Slaanesh daemons they fought so hard to avoid.

When the dust settled, only few enclaves of Lumineth remained. Teclis then saved them once again, teaching them how to bond with the realm itself and use its special properties to empower themselves. The main elements controlled are Mountain, River, Wind and Zenith.

Lumineth armies are made of powerful wizards, led by Teclis himself, the most powerful in the Mortal Realms or other mages like the Scinari Cathallars or the Alarith Stonemages.

The Wardens will protect them with their long pikes, the Sentinels will cloud the sky with their arrows, the Dawnriders will charge their enemies on top of their powerful horses and the Alarith Stoneguard represent the elite infantry.

But how do the Lumineth play on the tabletop in Warcry?

Brighten your path and let’s have a look at them in detail.

Overview and Points for the fighters in the Lumineth Warband

Note: if you haven’t read the basic rules for Warcry before reading this article, it might be helpful to know that the game’s abilities are activated by using 6 dice that you roll at the start of your turn.

If two of the dice show the same value, they can be used to activate a Double ability. If three show the same value, they can be used for a Triple ability, and so on.

So, when this article refers to an ability being a Double, a Triple or a Quad, it refers to this system. It might sound a bit confusing, but takes no time to get used to when you start playing

The Lumineth warband is made from 6 kits with 11 options of which 6 are leaders.

Scinari Cathallar: 125 points

The Scinari Cathallar is a mage whose main ability, Emotional Transference, allows the potential to make lots of damage to any opponent up to 24” distant!

The way the ability works is that you need to have a Triple, then choose a friendly wounded fighter within 12”, a Dawnrider with 18 wounds would be perfect especially if he is at his last wound.

Then choose another enemy fighter within 12” of the Dawnrider (or the chosen friendly model) and roll a die for each wound allocated to your Dawnrider. Assuming he has 17 wounds that means 17 dice!

On a 4+ you allocate a wound to the targeted adversary.

Statistically to do 17 damage is almost unheard of but the potential with some luck is there (it is 50% chance each die).

Apart from this the Scinari has a really melee-oriented weapon profile (3 attacks at Strength 4 at 1” range) not supported by her otherwise fragile constitution: 20 wounds but Toughness 3.

She is cheap (one of the cheapest in the Lumineth) and can do some damage between the special ability and her weapon (2-4 damage) but she also needs a lot of protection.

Alarith Stonemage: 195 points

The Alarith Stonemage is the other leader and wizard option available to the Lumineth warband.

He is also the second most expensive unit and the only leader with a ranged attack.

His ability costs a Quad but is really devastating:

Gravitic Redirection deals D3 damage (rolled individually) to each adversary within 6” and halves their movement for the rest of the battle round.

Pending errata, as it stands this last part would also penalize your friendly units that on average have movement 5”.

He is more resistant than a Scinari (20 wounds with Toughness 4) but his ranged attack is surprisingly powerful: 2 attacks at Strength 3 for 2-6 damage at a 3-7” range.

In close combat he has a 2” range, 3 attacks with same Strength but 1-4 damage. His 5” movement are flying that allows him to go anywhere he prefers. He is also the only flying unit in the Lumineth.

Vanari Dawnriders

  • Steedmaster: 205 points
  • Vanari Dawnrider: 150 points

The Dawriders are Lumineth cavalry:

10” Movement and high wounds (18 or 26 for the leader) combined with medium Toughness (4) and decent attacks (3 at range 2” for 2-4 damage) makes them a valid elite unit although on the expensive side.

The Steedmaster, the leader of the unit, increases the Strength from 3 to 4.

Dawnriders have access to a basic ability available to all non-hero options, Shining Company, and the classic damage on charge, Lances of the Dawn.

Shining Company wants to reflect a similar ability available in Age of Sigmar not that easy to interpret in a skirmish wargame. For a Double, you can pick a friendly fighter within 1” of at least 2 other models able to use this same ability and for the rest of the battle round every attack targeting friendly fighters of the one picked suffers -1 Attack.

Pending some explanation or errata, this seems to be cumulative and can bring back to 0 the attacks of any opponent. Also, it does not state the model cannot move, so as long as he/she is surrounded by the right models, can activate the ability and then move to defend a leader or other critical unit nearby. In the latter case a Dawnrider with his high mobility could be a good target, however for a Triple the knights can do as much damage as the value of the ability at the end of the first movement (Lances of Dawn).

Vanari Auralan Sentinel

  • High Sentinel: 110 points
  • Vanari Auralan Sentinel: 75 points

The Sentinels are the archers of the Lumineth with a decent ranged attack: 2 attacks at Strength 3 at 3-15” range for 1-3 damage. They compensate their low damage output and fragility (8 Wounds on a Toughness 3) by being the cheapest unit in the warband.

In melee they have one attack more (3 instead of 2, the rest is the same) but It is probably better to leave them at a distance.

The High Sentinel has one single weapon profile, with range 3” otherwise like the other leaders (3 attacks at Strength 3 for damage 2-4) and has access to the Sharp-eyes Scryhawk ability.

For a Double, pick an enemy model within 20” and until the end of the battle round add 1 to the Attack characteristic of attacks performed against that model. It can be efficient to single out a strong opponent by increasing the potential damage he can receive.

All Sentinels also have access to the Shining Company ability that would allow them to resist a bit longer if charged and if they are in formation really close to each other: remember, for now the ability stacks so 3 Sentinels in formation for 3 Doubles are almost unkillable with -3 attacks per action.

Vanari Auralan Warden

  • High Warden: 130 points
  • Vanari Auralan Warden: 80 points

The Wardens are the pike units, with their long-ranged weapon (3”) they can hit from afar without being engaged.

3 Attacks at Strength 3 for damage 1-4, Toughness 4 and Movement 5” makes them a versatile unit. Add to this they are the second cheapest model in the warband and the access to the Shining Company and you have a solid foundation or gap-filler for your warband.

The High Warden, the leader of this unit, does not share the same pike: 1” range, 3 attacks at Strength 3 and damage 2-4 and has access to Moonfire Flask: for a Double pick a visible enemy fighter within 6” and roll 2 dice. Allocate 1 damage for each 4-5, or as many as the value of the Double for each 6.

All Wardens have also access to Shining Company.

Alartih Stoneguard

  • Truestone Seneschal: 140 points
  • Alartih Stoneguard with Diamondpick Hammer: 105 points
  • Alartih Stoneguard with Stone Mallet: 110 points

The Stoneguards are the elite infantry of this warband. This is highlighted by their Wounds (12 instead of 8 of Sentinels and Wardens), Toughness (4) but reduced mobility (3” instead of 5” of all others except the Dawnriders).

The leader of the unit, the Seneschal, has good attacks (4 at Strength 4 for damage 2-4) and higher wounds (20), while the other Stoneguards must choose a weapon profile.

Both weapons have range 2” and 3 attacks but while the Hammer is better for light armoured enemies (Strength 4 and damage 2-5), the Mallet is perfect for the toughest opponents (Strength 5 and damage 2-4).

All Stoneguards, other than having access to Shining Company, have also access to Mountain Stance: for a Double you can subtract 1 from the damage received by both hits and critical hits.

This would mean that the weakest models can only damage them on critical hits, but if in formation and combined with Shining Company with 2 Doubles now you can have almost unkillable elite units.

The Seneschal is the only one leader with the Steedmaster to not have their own special ability.

Abilities for the Lumineth Warcry Warband

  • Shining Company (Double, everyone except Cathallar and Stonemage): Can be used only by a model within 1” of 2 or more friendly models that can also use this ability. In that case subtract 1 to the Attack characteristic of attack actions that target friendly fighters within 1” of this model.
  • Mountain Stance (Double, all Alarith Stoneguard): Until the end of the battle round subtract 1 from the damage received for each hit and critical hit.
  • Moonfire Flask (Double, High Warden): Pick a visible enemy fighter within 6” and roll 2 dice. For each 4-5 allocate 1 damage, for each 6 as much damage as the value of this ability.
  • Sharp-eyes Scryhawk (Double, High Sentinel): Pick an enemy fighter within 20”, until the end of the battle round add 1 to the Attack characteristic of actions against that model.
  • Lances of the Dawn (Triple, all Dawnriders): At the end of the next move in this battle round, allocate as much damage as the value of this ability to an enemy unit within 1”.
  • Emotional Transference (Triple, Scinari Cathallar): Pick a friendly wounded fighter within 12” and an enemy fighter within 12” of that model. Roll a die for each wound allocated to the friendly fighter and for each 4+ allocate 1 damage to the enemy model.
  • Gravitic Redirection (Quad, Alarith Stonemage): Allocate D3 damage to all enemy fighters within 6” of this model. Also halve the Move characteristic of all fighters within 6” at the moment the ability is used.

Strategy and Tactics for the Lumineth Warband

The Lumineth Realm-lords are a versatile warband with a little of everything but nothing that stands out.

The presence of so many leaders compared to the number of units, means you will often miss out something in your roster. Most leaders (except Steedmaster and Seneschal) have their own special ability meaning that, despite the Lumineth having the highest number of them, can only have access to a maximum of 4 per roster, or even 3 if choosing a leader without.

The choice of a leader will then depend a bit on which ability you prefer:

The Scinari can do a lot of damage to one single unit but needs a bit of luck and a heavily wounded friendly model in range.

The Stonemage can damage everyone within 6” bubble but then reduces movement to anyone in that same range. This means you will need to choose if sacrifice him for some range damage or if you have enough units available to cover him up immediately after.

Finally, the High Sentinel allows to do more attacks against a selected unit within 20”.

All 3 are good abilities used in the right moment, but you will need to choose in advance which one as you can bring only one leader. The High Warden ability can easily be forgotten as it allows to do high damage only if you roll two 6 on two dice and if you have a high valued Double.

The choice of leaders becomes even more difficult if you then include the Steedmaster that brings the highest Wound characteristic (26) and Movement (10”) to the table or the Truestone Seneschal that has the maximum potential output of the warband (4 attacks at Strength 4).

Both come at the sacrifice of a special ability.

Once you choose your leader you then have 3 abilities of which Shining Company is shared across all units and most leaders (except the Scinari and the Stonemage). As it stands today this ability needs to meet specific requirements only at activation, but then the unit can move enlarging the 1” -1 attack to wherever he goes.

For formations protecting an objective this could be a powerful combination, plus following current rules it’s also stackable meaning that 3 units in formation with 3 Doubles may be unkillable for a round, convenient in scenarios where you count models killed. This can be further combined with the Stoneguard ability that for a Double reduces the damage taken by 1.

Even by itself, this ability is quite strong making normal hits from weaker units that usually have one single damage per hit, completely useless against them (unless they score a critical).

The last ability costs a Triple and is available only to the Dawnriders but allows to score some damage on impact when they engage a unit after a movement. With the 2” range of their weapons this can become a double-edged sword where you may prefer not to engage an enemy directly to avoid direct retaliation.

When choosing units, the Sentinels guarantee a cheap option and some ranged damage, the Dawnriders are expensive but provide mobility, the Wardens are cheaper infantry and the Stoneguards are slow but heavy hitters.

You may want a combination of all of them after you choose your leader. Our personal preference would go on the Stonemage, not only for his special ability but also for his powerful ranged attack and 5” of flying movement.

Then a couple of Dawnriders would guarantee mobility to compensate for 1 or 2 Stoneguards, to then fill the gaps with Sentinels and Wardens according to personal taste.

Pros and Cons of Lumineth in Warcry


+ Different type of units

+ Good range in melee


– Lack of abilities

How to buy a Lumineth Warband

Note: all prices used are standard Games Workshop prices. It is possible to get the different things cheaper (check the links for prices).

The Lumineth Realm-lords are receiving numerous updates and are releasing on a staggered multi-release schedule. Check out this page to see all released Lumineth models so far.

For the Warcry rules, you can find them in the White Dwarf issue 454.

Tips on painting a Lumineth Warband for Warcry

I want to show you epic Lumineth Warband

All you have to do is send my some files. You can read more about how to make that happen here.

The Lumineth have been just released only partially so there are not many tutorials online and Warhammer Community has not published any yet.

If you have access to Duncan Rhodes academy he published a guide for the Ymetrica faction, while on YouTube you can find Painting Coach.

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