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Seraphon Warcry Warband – Guide, Tactics & Overview

Meso-American look and feel? Check.

Space lizards? Check.

Dinosaurs riding dinosaurs? Check.

Laser weapons? Check.

All of this at once?

Ok, not exactly all of it in Warcry but Seraphon are pretty much all of this.

Ready to abandon the lustrous jungles and invade Eightpoints?

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Background and Lore of the Seraphon Warband

The Seraphon are a vengeful race created in another era by ancient beings called only “the Old Ones” for the purpose of maintaining balance in the mortal realms fighting the chaotic powers.

The word itself, Seraphon, refers to several lizardfolk, from the Slann Starmaster at the top of the hierarchy to the humble Skinks that are the most numerous.

The first Seraphon arrived in temple ships from the void and stayed in Azyr so long that they became part of the Realm of Heavens itself.

Those “Star-borne” appear as being made of celestial light and are seen conjured to the battlefield directly from their spaceships by the powerful Slaans giving credit to the myth that they are actually spectres.

But many Seraphon abandoned their ships and settled in the various corners of the Mortal Realms showing more the flesh and blood aspect that characterizes all of them.

All Seraphon are grouped in constellationa, complex organizations ruled by Slaan Starmasters and huge and intricate web of servants and guardians.

Each Seraphon is born from a spawn pool, with the warrior caste represented by the brutal Saurus. Saurus Warriors will defend their Slaan at the cost of their own life and none more than the Saurus Guard, the elite group tasked to protect the Slaan at all time.

Some Saurus ride Cold Ones, fierce and deadly beasts that perform well in their role of shock cavalry.

The Skinks consist of the priestly caste but also the greatest portion of Seraphon society.

They are adept in skirmish and ambush tactics retreating after hitting to compensate with their fragile nature.

Some of them can be seen riding Terradons, agile creatures suited for the hit and run tactic of the Skinks armed with javelins and bolas.

Some will instead ride savage Ripperdactyls and enter the fray armed with spears to do as much damage as possible.

But how do a Seraphon warband play on the tabletop?

If you want to know more about these wild beats, let’s see what they can do.

Overview and Points for the fighters in the Seraphon Warband

Note: if you haven’t read the basic rules for Warcry before reading this article, it might be helpful to know that the game’s abilities are activated by using 6 dice that you roll at the start of your turn.

If two of the dice show the same value, they can be used to activate a Double ability. If three show the same value, they can be used for a Triple ability, and so on.

So, when this article refers to an ability being a Double, a Triple or a Quad, it refers to this system. It might sound a bit confusing, but takes no time to get used to when you start playing

The Seraphon warband is made from 5 kits with 17 options of which 6 are leaders.

Ripperdactyl Riders

Seraphon Ripperdactyl Riders ready to strike feat into your opponent in warcry

  • Ripperdactyl Rider Alpha: 235 points
  • Ripperdactyl Rider: 175 points

The Ripperdactyl Riders represent the shock flying squadron of the Seraphon. With a flying movement of 10” they are a constant threat to your opponents.

Their Toughness (4) is in line with the rest of the warband and with 15 wounds (or 25 for the Alpha) they can absorb a bit of damage.

When it is their turn to respond back, they don’t shy away with 3 attacks (4 for the Alpha) at Strength 4 for 2-4 damage.

For a Double they can use Voracious Appetite to try to do as much free damage as possible: it’s on a 4+ and you could potentially roll as many as 6 dice depending on the value of the ability and for a Double it can be useful.

The other ability all Seraphon share costs a Quad and rightly so as it transforms them in veritable beasts:

You could add as much as 3 points to the Attack and Strength characteristic of one model until the end of the battle round.

6 attacks at Strength 7 should be enough to get rid of most models, but if it is not enough, you still have another action to perform another 6 attacks.

The Alpha, as all leaders of this warband, can perform a bonus move or attack if he kills in combat another enemy model at the cost for a Double.

It could be useful to attack and retreat or to get rid of multiple combatants in one single round.

Terradon Riders

Terradon Riders for the Seraphon warband in Warcry

  • Terradon Rider Alpha: 230 points
  • Terradon Rider with Javelin: 185 points
  • Terradon Rider with Sunleech Bolas: 170 points

The Terradon Riders are the medium range flying squadron.

They are armed with 2 different weapon options: the Javelin for 8” range and 2 Attacks at Strength 3, or the Sunleech Bolas for 3” range and 3 Attacks.

Both weapons do 1-4 damage.

The Alpha has a slightly better Bolas profile with 1 Attack more and 1 damage more on a normal hit.

Comparing to the Ripperdactyl they move faster (12”), same wounds (15 or 25 for the Alpha) but less Toughness (3).

Despite this, their melee profile is not to be underestimated with 3 attacks at Strength 4 and 2-4 damage (for all 3 profiles).

For a Triple they can perform damage at the end of their movement phase, by hitting an enemy model with 1” for as much damage as the value of the ability.

With a good Triple you could soften your opponent or even get rid of him before starting your attacks.

The Alpha has access to the Cold-blooded Commander ability allowing him an extra move or attack if he downed an enemy in the same turn and all Terradon can increase their Attack and Strength for a Quad making them extremely dangerous that turn.

Saurus Guard

The elite Saurus Guard in the Seraphon warband in warcry

  • Saurus Guard Alpha: 220 points
  • Saurus Guard: 145 points

The Saurus Guard are the elite of this warband.

Toughness 5 makes them the most resilient fighters, and the 15 wounds (25 for the Alpha) can absorb all but most severe critical hits.

Movement 4” is not impressive but they are not the slowest in game.

On the other hand, the 2” range of the weapon allows them to attack without being engaged and Strength 4 for 2-4 damage can do more than a dent in enemy’s armours.

The Alphas has 4 attacks (instead of 3) and more damage on critical hit (5).

As all Saurus, the Guard has access to Tearing Bite allowing them for a Triple to add as much as 6 to the damage on hit and critical hits!

It is valid only on a single action and Saurus have at most 3 attacks (except the Alphas) but still, they can wreck real havoc on the toughest opponents.

A lucky 6 could do as much as 10 damage…

Like the other Alphas, the leader has access to the free move or attack for a Double provided he killed an opponent in the same round.

Saurus Warriors

Saurus Warrrior for the Seraphon Warband

  • Saurus Warrior Alpha: 150 points
  • Saurus Warrior with Club: 75 points
  • Saurus Warrior with Spear: 75 points

The Saurus Warriors are the cheaper of the Saurus units, and their characteristics reflect this:

10 wounds (20 for the Alpha), Movement and Toughness 4 and 2 weapon profiles.

The Club offers more attacks (3) for less damage (1-3 on Strength 3), while the Spear offers more range (2”) and damage (1-4) but less attacks (2).

The Alpha has 4 attacks at Strength 3 for 2-4 damage.

As all Saurus, the damage output can increase drastically with a Triple (using Tearing Bite), only problem with Strength 3 they may not get many hits against heavily armoured units.

On the other hand, for a Quad you can increase both number of attacks and Strength using Wrath of the Old Ones.

Considering the low damage output however you may want to reserve it for bigger hitters.

The Alpha can get a bonus move or attack with the special ability available to all leaders.

Saurus Knights

Saurus Knights ready to charge the opponents of your Seraphon Warband

  • Saurus Knight Alpha: 195 points
  • Saurus Knight with Blade: 115 points
  • Saurus Knight with Warspear: 115 points

The Saurus Knights represent the cavalry of the Seraphon but their movement is not the highest of the warband (only 6”) placing them in the middle range at a cheaper cost with Toughness 4 and high wounds (20 or 30 for the Alpha).

As the Warriors, the Knights also have two weapon options: the Blade for more attacks (3 at Strength 3, damage 1-3) or the Warspear for more range (2”, 2 attacks, Strength 3, damage 1-4).

The Alpha loses the range for more damage: 4 Attacks for 2-4 damage.

As the other Saurus, the Knigths also have access to Tearing Bite for increased damage on hits or Wrath of the Old Ones for increased attacks and Strength.

As for the Warriors, increasing the damage works only if you have a lightly armoured opponent to avoid missing most attacks, while the Quad ability can be devastating if you manage to get some critical hits, otherwise better used on the Guard or flying units.

The Alpha has also access to Cold-blooded Commander for a bonus attack or move.


The Skinks are your cheapest unit in the Seraphon Warband

  • Skink Alpha: 130 points
  • Skink with Meteoric Javelin: 85 points
  • Skink with Boltspitter: 65 points
  • Skink with Moonstone Club: 60 points

The Skinks are the cheapest of the Seraphon warband and they show it with their fragility: 8 wounds (16 the Alpha) and Toughness 3 (2 the Skink armed with Boltspitter).

Despite this they have a decent Movement (6”) and few ranged options.

The Meteoric Javelin has a similar profile to the Boltspitter but higher Toughness.

Its ranged attack is one single attack at 8” range, Strength 3 and damage 1-4. 2 or 3 Toughness does not make much difference so for 20 points less the Boltspitter has 12” range and 2 attacks with the same profile as the Javelin, becoming a better ranged option.

Keep him behind the lines of your Saurus and you’ll have a decent fighter.

In melee all Skinks have 3 attacks at Strength 3 for 1-3 damage except the Alpha that has more attacks (4) and damage (2-4).

All Skinks compensate their fragility with their special ability, Nimble Retreat, that for a Double allows them a bonus disengage action.

Masters of the hit and run tactics, Skinks can be used strategically in different ways, from hitting the enemy before running away to keep your ranged units unengaged and free to shoot anyone.

The melee attacks can be further bolstered with the Wrath of the Old Ones, if you don’t have anyone else in better position, while in case the Alpha can manage to kill an enemy, for a Double can get a bonus move or attack.

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Abilities for the Seraphon Warcry Warband

  • Nimble Retreat (Double, all Skinks): If the fighter is within 1” from an enemy can do a bonus disengage action.
  • Cold-blooded Commander (Double, all Leaders): If this fighter takes down an enemy this turn, he can do a bonus move or a bonus attack action.
  • Voracious Appetite (Double, all Ripperdactyl Riders): Pick a visible enemy fighter within 1” and roll as many dice as the value of this ability. For each 4+ allocate 1 damage to that fighter.
  • Rain Meteoric Barrage (Triple, all Terradon Riders): The next time this model moves within 1” of an enemy, allocate as much damage as the value of this ability to that enemy.
  • Tearing Bite (Triple, all Saurus Guard, Knights and Warriors): Allocate the value of this ability to the damage on hit and critical hit of the next attack action with range 3” or less.
  • Wrath of the Old Ones (Quad, everyone): Until the end of the battle round add half the value of this ability (rounded up) to the Attack and Strength of attack actions with range 3” or less.

Strategy and Tactics for the Seraphon Warband

The Seraphon are a quite versatile warband complete with different tactics.

Your elite are surely the Saurus Guard: high defence, high damage but relatively slow.

From there you can add mobility and wounds losing damage and defence with the Saurus Knights, or save even more points reducing the mobility with the Saurus Warriors.

Independently from how you are going to form your bulk, you will need some flying units for their amazing Movement and high Wounds (high movement is just king in Warcry).

The choice is between more melee focussed Ripperdactyls (even their special ability is to damage in melee) or faster and ranged Terradons.

Terradons can do damage when they glide towards the enemy (for a Triple) but considering their high cost they do not perform equally well in melee as the Ripperdactyls.

The Javelin allows 8” range, while the Bolas with 3” range can be increased in Attack and Strength value with the Quad ability Wrath of the Old Ones.

In that case you can get up to 6 attacks per action at Strength 6 at 3” range that can definitely do some damage.

The Javelin cannot be boosted but in all other circumstances with a greater range allows to keep this fragile units out of combat for longer. In melee they do much more damage, but not as much as a Ripperdactyl.

At the bottom of your warband you have the Skinks. Do not underestimate the potential of their hit-and-run ability (Nimble Retreat for a Double) as it allows them to remain alive longer for the cost of a Double.

Of the different weapon options, the Javelin seems to be too expensive for a point more in Toughness that will rarely make the difference.

The Club is useful for screening, while the Boltspitter can hit 12” afar.

Regarding the special abilities, your Alpha can get a bonus attack or move if manages to kill the opponent at the cost of a Double. Extra attacks for a double is in general very good.

It is useful in certain situations especially if you need to reach an objective or engage a further enemy.

Bigger the Alpha, more useful or probable is this ability. However, all Alphas have decent damage output (4 attacks with minimum damage 2 and maximum 4 or 5) so which one to choose will depend on points, personal preference and the other abilities.

The Quad ability is available to all Seraphon and helps to get more hits through (Attack and Strength can be increased up to 3 points depending on the ability’s value), nonetheless the higher the damage characteristics, the more useful this ability becomes, in particular for Alphas, Guards, Terradons and Ripperdactyls as the base damage is 2.

This ability lasts for the entire battle round.

The same logic can be applied for the Saurus Triple, Tearing Bite, that increases the hit and critical hit damage up to 6 points for one single attack action.

However, if you have only 2 attacks at Strength 3 (for example Knights and Warriors with spears) then chances are you are going to miss them both and waste the Triple.

With the 3 attacks at Strength 4 of a Saurus Guard, you have more chances to hit.

To summarize you have many tactics available and you can decide to have a mixture of them or go all-in with just a subset.

A balanced warband would have some flying units to cover distance and reach the most interesting points, some Guards to do damage, some Skinks to cover the more elite unit and harass the enemy and Warriors and Knights depending on the spare points.

Be careful when to use the abilities as some, used at the right moment, can really change the outcome of the battle.

Pros and Cons of the Seraphon Warband


+ High mobility

+ Versatile warband



– No heavy hitters

How to buy a Seraphon Warcry Warband


all prices used are standard Games Workshop prices. It is possible to get the different things cheaper (check the links for prices).

The Seraphon warband can be purchased from 5 boxes.

If you can get your hands on them, the cards for the warband is the way to get the info for it.

The first one is the Terradon Riders, 3 models for £35.

This box can be used to assemble either Terradon or Ripperdactyl Riders but provides only one leader option. In Age of Sigmar, a basic unit is made of 3 models, therefore you may need 3 boxes to assemble all potential options.

However, for Warcry 3 models are already around 600 points so one box is all you need to start.

The Saurus Guard box contains 15 models for £35 and the Saurus Warriors box 20 models for £25.

They are both straightforward as the models inside offer at least one option for a leader and there’s enough to configure either weapon option for the Saurus Warriors.

A valid unit in Age of Sigmar contains 10 models, so you have enough for 2 valid units each with a single weapon profile.

The Saurus Knights is a bit more complex as a box of £22.5 offer 8 models. That’s enough for Warcry and to assemble both weapon options, however a valid Age of Sigmar unit contains multiples of 5 models all armed with the same weapon option forcing you to buy multiple boxes to get enough valid units.

Finally, the Skinks are in boxes of 24 models for £22.5. Like the Saurus Knights they also offer an odd number, perfect for Warcry to assemble all potential models, but inefficient for Age of Sigmar where a single unit size is multiples of 10.

12 Saurus Warriors and 8 Saurus Knights can also be found in the Start Collecting Seraphon for £55. There is no saving if you are not interested in Seraphon for Age of Sigmar, but if you are, then the box also offers  a Carnosaur with different options available.

12 Skinks and 3 Terradon/Ripperdactyl Riders can be found in the Start Collecting Skinks, the newest addition in the range (£60). Again, not that much saving for Warcry but if interested in Age of Sigmar the box also contains a Skink Starpriest and a Bastiladon.

Tips on painting a Seraphon Warband for Warcry

Do you have some awesome Seraphon painted up?

I would very much like to display them right here on this page.

All you have to do is send my some files. You can read more about how to make that happen here.

The Seraphon have been around since the Old World and there is an entire range of tutorials available online. Warhammer Community updated their Citadel website with entire guides dedicated to these lizards:

Citadel is not the only source of information, you can also find tutorials for Saurus Knights from Pete The Wargamer or a “paint an army in 24h” with lots of ideas from Vince Venturella.

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