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Seraphon Warcry Warband – Guide, Tactics & Overview

Meso-American look and feel? Check.

Space lizards? Check.

Dinosaurs riding dinosaurs? Check.

Laser weapons? Check.

All of this at once?

Ok, not exactly all of it in Warcry but Seraphon are pretty much all of this.

Ready to abandon the lustrous jungles and invade Eightpoints?

What changed in Tome of Champions 2021 for the Seraphon Scale-cohorts Warband?

Note: Tome of Champions 2021 brought some sweeping point changes across all warbands and introduced Bladeborn fighters for most legacy warbands. Those are existing miniatures from the popular game Warhammer Underworlds that find their way in Warcry with new profiles and can be used as allies by everyone in the same Grand Alliance.

You can find all point changes for this warband right here:

  • -25: Saurus Guard Alpha, Saurus Sunblood
  • -20: Saurus Knight Alpha, Saurus Oldblood, Saurus Scar-Veteran on Cold One
  • -15: Skink Alpha
  • -10: Rippedactyl Rider Alpha, Saurus Astrolith Bearer, Saurus Guard, Saurus Warrior Alpha, Skink Priest, Terradon Rider Alpha
  • -5: Ripperdactyl Chief, Saurus Eternity Warden, Skink Starpriest, Terradon Chief
  • +5: Salamander, Saurus Knight with Celestite Blade, Saurus Knight with Celestite Warspear, Slann Starmaster, Terradon Rider with Starstrike Javelin, Terradon Rider with Sunleech Bolas
  • +10: Kroxigor, Razordon, Rippedactyl Rider, Skink with Boltspitter and Moonstone Club

While most Leaders became cheaper, some core fighters increased slightly in price. A Bladeborn warband was added to the roster.

Background and Lore of the Seraphon Warband

The Seraphon are a vengeful race created in another era by ancient beings called only “the Old Ones” for the purpose of maintaining balance in the mortal realms fighting the chaotic powers.

The word itself, Seraphon, refers to several lizardfolk, from the Slann Starmaster at the top of the hierarchy to the humble Skinks that are the most numerous.

The first Seraphon arrived in temple ships from the void and stayed in Azyr so long that they became part of the Realm of Heavens itself.

Those “Star-borne” appear as being made of celestial light and are seen conjured to the battlefield directly from their spaceships by the powerful Slann giving credit to the myth that they are actually spectres.

But many Seraphon abandoned their ships and settled in the various corners of the Mortal Realms showing more the flesh and blood aspect that characterizes all of them.

All Seraphon are grouped in constellations, complex organizations ruled by Slann Starmasters and huge and intricate web of servants and guardians.

Each Seraphon is born from a spawn pool, with the warrior caste represented by the brutal Saurus. Saurus Warriors will defend their Slann at the cost of their own life and none more than the Saurus Guard, the elite group tasked to protect the Slann at all time.

Some Saurus ride Cold Ones, fierce and deadly beasts that perform well in their role of shock cavalry.

The Skinks consist of the priestly caste but also the greatest portion of Seraphon society.

They are adept in skirmish and ambush tactics retreating after hitting to compensate with their fragile nature.

Some of them can be seen riding Terradons, agile creatures suited for the hit and run tactic of the Skinks armed with javelins and bolas.

Some will instead ride savage Ripperdactyls and enter the fray armed with spears to do as much damage as possible.

In the Eightpoints small warbands called Scale-Cohorts fulfil missions in the name of the Great Plan, a great design of the “Old Ones”, the creators of the Seraphon, and known only to the Slann.

These missions range from ambushing a particular chaos warlord that would otherwise become too powerful, to free an unsuspected prisoner that will end up creating his own legend while fighting Chaos. Whatever it is, Seraphon have a prime interest in thwarting their prime enemy, the forces of Chaos.

But how do a Seraphon warband play on the tabletop?

If you want to know more about these wild beats, let’s see what they can do.

Overview and Points for the fighters in the Seraphon Warband

Note: if you haven’t read the basic rules for Warcry before reading this article, it might be helpful to know that the game’s abilities are activated by using 6 dice that you roll at the start of your turn.

If two of the dice show the same value, they can be used to activate a Double ability. If three show the same value, they can be used for a Triple ability, and so on.

So, when this article refers to an ability being a Double, a Triple or a Quad, it refers to this system. It might sound a bit confusing, but takes no time to get used to when you start playing

The Seraphon warband is made from 16 kits with 32 options of which 17 are leaders.

While a Scale-Cohort can be built using any model, this guide will be split in Saurus and Skinks.


Slann Starmaster: 255 points

Slann are by no means Saurus but since the Starmaster is the only one representing his category, we enter him as first of the list of Scale-Cohort leaders.

A Starmaster is a powerful wizard, in Warcry represented by Lords of Space and Time, that for a Triple allows to relocate any friendly fighter within 12″ to any other place within as many inches as the value of the ability.

Note that is the only limitation, so you want to avoid being charged? Move that nice Saurus Knight straight in front of you to force the enemy to engage him first, or even better, you can straight up engage an enemy with this ability as there’s no requirement of the teletransported unit to be farther from an enemy model.

As a combatant a Slann Starmaster has a more ranged profile with 12″ range for 3/6 damage at Strength 4. There’s no minimum range and as such no second profile, making him really versatile also at close range.

If he does manage to kill an enemy, for a Double, as all leaders of the Scale-Cohorts, can take a bonus move or action afterwards (Cold-blooded Commander).

32 Wounds and Toughness 4 can last a bit, but better keep him protected.

He can fly, but only 4″ away.

Saurus Scar-veteran on Cold One

Saurus Heroes

  • Saurus Oldblood: 180 points
  • Saurus Sunblood: 195 points
  • Saurus Eternity Warden: 205 points
  • Saurus Scar-veteran on Cold One: 220 points

There are several Saurus leaders available, these represent the hero version in AoS (the others being just unit leaders). They all became cheaper in Tome of Champions 2021.

As leaders they share the bonus move or action after killing an enemy (Cold-blooded Commander) and as Saurus they share Tearing Bite that for a Triple can add up to 6 to the damage of any type of hit in the next melee attack. That means a Warden can become 9/12 damage per attack…

Characteristic wise they all have Movement 4″ (except the one on Cold One that is Mounted and can travel up to 7″), 28 Wound (the Scar-Veteran 32) and Toughness 5 (the Warden only 4).

Their attack are also similar, all at 1″ range:

  • Starting from the Oldblood with 3 Attacks at Strength 4 for 2/4 damage
  • The Scar-Veteran adds 1 Attack
  • The Sunblood copies the Scar-Veteran and adds also +1 damage on critical hit (2/5)
  • The Eternity Warden loses 1 Attack (3 total) and 1 Toughness but increases Strength to 5 and damage to 3/6.

If you are planning an army of pure Saurus any of them would be a valid leader.

Saurus Astrolith Bearer: 170 points

The Astrolith Bearer deserves his own section because of his special ability Revivifying Energies that costs a Quad but allows to heal any friendly fighter within 6″ up to 6 Wounds. It is expensive, and as such unreliable, but as support hero goes, you can’t find one more efficient.

He is also cheaper than the other Saurus with 25 Wounds and Toughness 4 but also an attack profile identical to an Oldblood.

Saurus Guard

  • Saurus Guard Alpha: 195 points
  • Saurus Guard: 135 points

The Saurus Guard are the elite fighters of the Scale-Cohorts.

Toughness 5 makes them the most resilient fighters, and the 15 wounds (25 for the Alpha) can absorb all but most severe critical hits.

Movement 4” is not impressive but they are not the slowest in game.

On the other hand, the 2” range of the weapon allows them to attack without being engaged and Strength 4 for 2/4 damage can do more than a dent in enemy’s armours.

The Alpha has 4 attacks (instead of 3) and more damage on critical hit (5). He compares to a Sunblood, with same weapon profile but the 2″ range at the cost of 3 Wounds, winning the comparison hands down.

As all Saurus, the Guard has access to Tearing Bite allowing them for a Triple to add as much as 6 to the damage on hit and critical hits!

A lucky 6 could do as much as 10 damage…

Like the other Alpha, the leader has access to the free move or attack for a Double provided he killed an opponent in the same round.

Saurus Warriors

  • Saurus Warrior Alpha: 140 points
  • Saurus Warrior with Celestite Club: 75 points
  • Saurus Warrior with Celestite Spear: 75 points

The Saurus Warriors are between the cheapest of the Saurus units, and their characteristics reflect this: 10 wounds (20 for the Alpha), Movement and Toughness 4 and 2 weapon profiles.

The Club offers more attacks (3) for less damage (1/3 on Strength 3), while the Spear offers more range (2”) and damage (1/4) but less attacks (2).

The Alpha has 4 attacks at Strength 3 for 2/4 damage.

As all Saurus, the damage output can increase drastically with a Triple (using Tearing Bite), only problem with Strength 3 they may not get many hits against heavily armoured units.

On the other hand, for a Quad you can increase both number of attacks and Strength using Wrath of the Old Ones.

Considering the low damage output however you may want to reserve it for bigger hitters.

The Alpha can get a bonus move or attack with the special ability available to all leaders.

He compares to an Oldblood, costing less, same weapon profile, but 8 Wounds and 1 Toughness less.

Saurus Knights

  • Saurus Knight Alpha: 175 points
  • Saurus Knight with Celestite Blade: 120 points
  • Saurus Knight with Celestite Warspear: 120 points

The Saurus Knights represent the cavalry of the Seraphon but their movement is not the highest of the warband (only 6”) placing them in the middle range at a cheaper cost with Toughness 4 and high wounds (20 or 30 for the Alpha).

As the Warriors, the Knights also have two weapon options: the Blade for more attacks (3 at Strength 3, damage 1/3) or the Warspear for more range (2”, 2 attacks, Strength 3, damage 1/4).

The Alpha loses the range for more damage: 4 Attacks for 2/4 damage.

As the other Saurus, the Knigths also have access to Tearing Bite for increased damage on hits or Wrath of the Old Ones for increased attacks and Strength.

As for the Warriors, increasing the damage works only if you have a lightly armoured opponent to avoid missing most attacks, while the Quad ability can be devastating if you manage to get some critical hits, otherwise better used on the Guard or flying units.

The Alpha has also access to Cold-blooded Commander for a bonus attack or move. He would compare to a Scar-Veteran but is much cheaper at the cost of 1 Strength, 1″ Movement, 1 Toughness and 2 Wounds.

Kroxigor: 210 points

As for the Slann, Kroxigors also are not Saurus but since their purpose is smashing as much as the Saurus and they share the same Tearing Bite ability, they are a good fit even here.

They are as fast as a Saurus Knight, but cost as much as a leader thanks to their impressive Strength 5 and 3/6 damage.

Unfortunately comes in only 2 attacks, so to actually use at their most they benefit from Wrath of the Old Ones that can increase their attacks up to 5 per action.

In defence they are tough with 32 Wounds but Toughness 4 may mean they may struggle against average warbands.


Skink Starseer

Skink Priests

  • Skink Starseer: 185 points
  • Skink Starpriest: 165 points
  • Skink Priest: 135 points

Skinks provide the main priestly functions and as such we can find several types of them.

They all have in common Cold-blooded Commander that allows them a bonus move or attack after killing an enemy, but that’s not what you use them for.

Tide of Serpents has the potential to perform a decent amount of damage: you roll as many dice as the value of the ability and for each 4-5 allocate 1 damage, for each 6 allocate 3 instead.

If you have a high value Double, like a 5 or 6, you can do on average 5 damage that for a Double is not little. The range of the ability (8″) makes it also interesting.

The Starseer can fly 4″, while the others can move 6″ but have access to the Skink common ability Nimble Retreat, that for a Double allows a bonus disengage. Really useful to run away from enemies getting too close for you to be comfortable.

The Starseer has only one profile, similar to the Starmaster: 12″ range, 2 Attacks, Strength 4 and 3/6 damage.

The Starpriest and the Priest differ only in the damage dealt: both have 2 weapon profiles, one ranged up to 7″ for 3/6 damage (2/5 for the Priest) and one melee for 1/4 damage (1/3 for the Priest) both at Strength 3.

Adding Toughness 3 and low Wounds (20 for the Starseer and 18 for the others) highly discourages from keeping them too close to the centre of action.

Ripperdactyl Riders

  • Ripperdactyl Chief: 235 points
  • Ripperdactyl Rider Alpha: 225 points
  • Ripperdactyl Rider: 185 points

The Ripperdactyl Riders represent the shock flying squadron of the Seraphon. With a flying movement of 10” they are a constant threat to your opponents.

Their Toughness (4) is in line with the rest of the warband and with 15 wounds (25 for the Alpha or 28 for the Chief) they can absorb a bit of damage.

When it is their turn to respond back, they don’t shy away with 3 attacks (4 for the Alpha and Chief) at Strength 4 for 2-4 damage.

For a Double they can use Voracious Appetite to try to do as much free damage as possible: it’s on a 4+ for a potential 6 damage. Tide of Serpents from the Skink priests has a higher potential for the same cost.

Ripperdactyl can really take advantage of Wrath of the Old Ones to spike up the attacks up to 6/7.

The Alpha and the Chief, as all leaders of this warband, can perform a bonus move or attack if they kill in combat another enemy model .

Terradon Riders

  • Terradon Chief: 220 points
  • Terradon Rider Alpha: 220 points
  • Terradon Rider with Starstrike Javelin: 190 points
  • Terradon Rider with Sunleech Bolas: 175 points

The Terradon Riders are the medium range flying squadron.

They are armed with 2 different weapon options: the Javelin for 8” range and 2 Attacks at Strength 3, or the Sunleech Bolas for 3” range and 3 Attacks.

Both weapons do 1-4 damage.

The Alpha has a slightly better Bolas profile with 1 Attack more and 1 damage more on a normal hit.

While the Chief does not have a ranged option, he has 1 more Attack (4) than the melee profile of the other models.

Comparing to the Ripperdactyl they move faster (12”), same wounds (15 or 25 for the Alpha or 28 for the Chief) but less Toughness (3).

Despite this, their melee profile is not to be underestimated with 3 attacks at Strength 4 and 2-4 damage (for all 3 profiles).

With Rain Meteoric Barrage they can perform damage at the end of their movement phase, by hitting an enemy model with 1” for as much damage as the value of the ability.

With a good Triple you could soften your opponent or even get rid of him before starting your attacks.

The Chief does not have access to this Triple, instead for a Double he can use Lead from On High adding up to 3″ to his next move action. Considering he costs only 5 points less than an Alpha for a much less useful ability and 3 Wounds more is probably easy to forget he ever existed.


  • Skink Alpha: 115 points
  • Skink with Meteoric Javelin and Star-Buckler: 85 points
  • Skink with Boltspitter and Moonstone Club: 75 points
  • Skink with Moonstone Club and Star-Buckler: 60 points

The Skinks are the cheapest of the Seraphon warband and they show it with their fragility: 8 wounds (16 the Alpha) and Toughness 3 (2 the Skink armed with Boltspitter).

Despite this they have a good Movement (6”) and few ranged options.

The Meteoric Javelin has a similar profile to the Boltspitter but higher Toughness.

Its ranged attack is one single attack at 8” range, Strength 3 and damage 1-4. 2 or 3 Toughness does not make much difference so for 20 points less the Boltspitter has 12” range and 2 attacks with the same profile as the Javelin, becoming a better ranged option.

Keep him behind the lines of your Saurus and you’ll have a decent fighter.

In melee all Skinks have 3 attacks at Strength 3 for 1-3 damage except the Alpha that has more attacks (4) and damage (2-4).

All Skinks compensate their fragility with their special ability, Nimble Retreat, that for a Double allows them a bonus disengage action.

Masters of the hit and run tactics, Skinks can be used strategically in different ways, from hitting the enemy before running away to keep your ranged units unengaged and free to shoot anyone.

The melee attacks can be further bolstered with the Wrath of the Old Ones, if you don’t have anyone else in better position, while in case the Alpha can manage to kill an enemy, for a Double can get a bonus move or attack.

Razordon Hunting Pack

Hunting packs

  • Razordon: 180 points
  • Salamander: 135 points
  • Skink Handler: 45 points

The Hunting Packs are actually two different kits, both containing 3 Skink Handlers and 1 beats, either a Razordon or a Salamander.

The Skink Handler is the cheapest fighter of the Scale-Cohorts, despite so it’s 1/4 damage on 2 Attacks at 2″ range allowing him to still be a nuisance to be taken care of by your opponent.

But where he becomes more dangerous, it’s his ability to trigger a bonus attack on any friendly Beast within 2″. This means Salamanders and Razordons.

Funny thing, this does not mean the Skink has to be close to the enemies cause both beasts have only one single weapon profile and both are ranged.

The Salamander has 7″ range for 3/6 damage on Strength 3, while the Razordon has 12″ range for 5 Attacks at Strength 3 but only 1/3 damage.

Both beasts have 20 Wounds and 6″ Movement (same as the Handler) so the other difference is the Toughness where the Razordon has 4 and the Salamander 3.

To use them as ranged options the Salamander is probably better as you would not want to engage them anyway, pity the range is not swapped…

Neither has any other ability and they cannot use Wrath of the Old Ones as their weapon range does not match.

The Starblood Stalkers (630 points)

  • Kixi-Taka, the Diviner: 125 points
  • Klaq-Trok: 190 points
  • Otapatl: 80 points
  • Tok: 80 points
  • Huachi: 90 points
  • Xepic: 65 points

The Starblood Stalkers are a Seraphon Bladeborn warband from Warhammer Underworlds Season 4.

  • Chameleon Ambush (Double, Otapatl): a bonus move action if there are no enemy fighters in range.
  • Imbue with Azyrite Energy (Triple, Kixi-Taka): add 1 to Move and Toughness of friendly fighters in range.

Kixi-Taka has the same identical profile of a Skink Starpriest but without access to his ability. In exchange he can buff all friendly fighters within 9″ increasing by 1 both Move and Toughness. And he costs much less.

Klaq-Trok is a Saurus Oldblood with 4 Attacks instead of 3 and access to the same abilities for a slightly higher cost. He also does not count as a Leader, so he is a perfect heavy damage fighter, considering also that, as all Saurus, he can increase his damage at the cost of a Triple (Tearing Bite).

Otapatl is a Chameleon Skink, a profile so far missing from the roster. He has a similar ranged profile of a Boltspitter (12″ range, 2 Attacks Strength 3 for 1/5 damage) and a much weaker melee profile (1/2 damage). With 10 wounds and Toughness 2 you don’t want him in melee anyway, and his ability, Chamaleon Ambush, would allow him a bonus move but only if there’s no enemy within 12″.

Toq, Huachi and Xepic are all Skinks with different weapons, sharing the same stats as their counterparts plus 2 wounds: Boltsplitter and Moonstone Club, Javelin and Star Buckler and Moonstone Club and Star-Buckler respectively. All Skinks (including Kixi-Taqa) have a bonus disengage available for a Double.

Did you know we make guides for all Warcry Warbands?

You can find all the warcry warbands guides here.

Abilities for the Seraphon Warcry Warband

  • Nimble Retreat (Double, Skink Starpriest, Skink Priest, all Skinks and Skink Handler): If engaged perform a bonus disengage action.
  • Hunting Pack (Double, Skink Handler): A nearby Beast fighter can perform a bonus attack action.
  • Voracious Appetite (Double, all Ripperdactyl Riders): Up to 6 damage to an engaged enemy.
  • Cold-blooded Commander (Double, all Leaders): Perform a bonus move or attack action after taking down an enemy.
  • Tide of Serpents (Double, Skink Starseer, Starpriest and Priest): Damage an enemy 8″ away a random number based on the ability value and the dice roll.
  • Lean from On High (Double, Terradon Chief): Add up to 3″ to the next Move action.
  • Rain Meteoric Barrage (Triple, all Terradon Riders except Terradon Chief): Allocate up to 6 damage to a nearby enemy at the end of the next move action.
  • Tearing Bite (Triple, all Saurus and Kroxigor): Add up to 6 to the damage of the next melee attack action for both hits and critical hits.
  • Lords of Space and Time (Triple, Slann Starmaster): Remove any friendly fighter within 12″ and bring him back anywhere up to 6″ from the Starmaster.
  • Wrath of the Old Ones (Quad, Everyone): Add up to 3 to the Attack and Strength of melee attack actions.
  • Revivifying Energies (Quad, Saurus Astrolith Bearer): Heal up to 6 damage from all friendly fighters within range.
Seraphon warcry warband painted up orange and pink with blue rocks.
David Ivarsson at @Sliverminiatures has painted this lovely Seraphon warcry warband

Strategy and Tactics for the Seraphon Warband

The Seraphon are a quite versatile warband complete with different tactics.

Your elite are surely the Saurus Guard: high defence, high damage but relatively slow.

From there you can add mobility and wounds losing damage and defence with the Saurus Knights, or save even more points reducing the mobility with the Saurus Warriors.

Independently from how you are going to form your bulk, you will need some flying units for their amazing Movement and high Wounds (high movement is just king in Warcry).

The choice is between more melee focussed Ripperdactyls (even their special ability is to damage in melee) or faster and ranged Terradons.

Terradons can do damage when they glide towards the enemy (for a Triple) but considering their high cost they do not perform equally well in melee as the Ripperdactyls.

The Javelin allows 8” range, while the Bolas with 3” range can be increased in Attack and Strength value with the Quad ability Wrath of the Old Ones.

In that case you can get up to 6 attacks per action at Strength 6 at 3” range that can definitely do some damage.

The Javelin cannot be boosted but in all other circumstances with a greater range allows to keep this fragile unit out of combat for longer. In melee they do much more damage, but not as much as a Ripperdactyl.

At the bottom of your warband you have the Skinks. Do not underestimate the potential of their hit-and-run ability (Nimble Retreat for a Double) as it allows them to remain alive longer for the cost of a Double.

Of the different weapon options, the Javelin seems to be too expensive for a point more in Toughness that will rarely make the difference.

The Club is useful for screening, while the Boltspitter can hit 12” afar.

The latest addition are the Kroxigors that hit harder than a Saurus but have less attacks. They can really benefit more from the Wrath of the Old Ones than Tearing Bite considering they already have high damage and Strength. However if you don’t have a Quad, Strength 5 means that they are more likely to hit on a 3+ maximizing their only 2 attacks.

Razordon and Salamanders will complete your ranged arsenal with more firepower but apart from the free attack from the Skink Handler, they cannot be boosted further limiting their ductility.

The Salamander is the heaviest ranged hitter, and the Razordon the one with more attacks per round, they do come at the cost of 2/3 Skinks however.

Regarding the special abilities, your Leader can get a bonus attack or move if manages to kill the opponent at the cost of a Double. Extra attacks for a double is in general very good.

It is useful in certain situations especially if you need to reach an objective or engage a further enemy.

Bigger the leader, more useful or probable is this ability, so Saurus are in general favourite over Skinks. With 17 leaders to choose from, it will depend mostly on preference, the other abilities available to the leader and points available.

Special mention goes to the Saurus Astrolith Bearer, that for a Quad can heal all surrounding friendly fighters making him an extremely useful support piece.

The other Quad ability, Wrath of the Old Ones is available to all Seraphon melee weapon profiles and helps to get more hits through (Attack and Strength can be increased up to 3 points depending on the ability’s value), nonetheless the higher the damage characteristics, the more useful this ability becomes, in particular for Leaders, Guards, Kroxigors and flying units as the base damage is 2 or in some cases 3.

The same logic can be applied for the Saurus Triple, Tearing Bite, that increases the hit and critical hit damage up to 6 points for one single attack action, only in this case you favour the number of attacks rather than the damage output, making leaders, Saurus Guards and Kroxigors the prime candidates.

However, if you have only 2 attacks at Strength 3 (for example Knights and Warriors with spears) then chances are you are going to miss them both and waste the Triple.

To summarize you have many tactics available and you can decide to have a mixture of them or go all-in with just a subset of Saurus or Skinks.

A balanced warband would have some flying units to cover distance and reach the most interesting points, some Guards to do damage, some Skinks to cover the more elite unit and harass the enemy and Warriors and Knights depending on the spare points.

Be careful when to use the abilities as some, used at the right moment, can really change the outcome of the battle.

Terradons in a warcry warband
David Ivarsson at @Sliverminiatures has painted these lovely Terradons for his Seraphon warcry warband

Pros and Cons of the Seraphon Warband


+ High mobility
+ Versatile warband


– No heavy hitters

Some thematic warbands for Scale-Cohorts

Just for fun here we present few thematic warbands, meant more for fun or narrative context than for competitive play. Note that in narrative play you need to control at least two territories before mustering your first hero.

Biting as a Saurus: Sunblood, Astrolith Bearer, 1 Guard, 2 Knights with Warspear, 3 Warriors with Club. Gnam.

Nimble as a Skink: Skink Starpriest, 2 Terradon with Bolas, 1 Ripperdactyl, 3 Skink with Boltsplitter, 2 Skink with Club. Also all available in the Start Collecting! Skinks.

Neither Saurus nor Skink: for those undecided a Slann Starmaster, 2 Kroxigor, 1 Salamander and 1 Razordon. And you have spare points for a Skink Handler.

How to buy a Seraphon Warcry Warband

Note: all prices used are standard Games Workshop prices. It is possible to get the different things cheaper (check the links for prices).

The Seraphon warband can be purchased from several boxes, for easiness we have distinguished them roughly in Saurus and Skinks.


The Saurus Guard box contains 15 models for £35 and the Saurus Warriors box 20 models for £25.

They are both straightforward as the models inside offer at least one option for a leader and there’s enough to configure either weapon option for the Saurus Warriors.

A valid unit in Age of Sigmar contains 10 models, so you have enough for 2 valid units each with a single weapon profile.

The Saurus Knights is a bit more complex as a box of £22.5 offer 8 models. That’s enough for Warcry and to assemble both weapon options, however a valid Age of Sigmar unit contains multiples of 5 models all armed with the same weapon option forcing you to buy multiple boxes to get enough valid units.

And then we have several heroes all in separate blister models:

The Kroxigor are available in a box of 3 for £32.5.


The first box of Skinks is the Terradon Riders, 3 models for £35.

This box can be used to assemble either Terradon or Ripperdactyl Riders but provides only one leader option. In Age of Sigmar, a basic unit is made of 3 models, therefore you may need 3 boxes to assemble all potential options.

Furthermore assemblying any of the two Chief version means that you will have two spare units.

However, for Warcry 3 models are already around 600 points so one box is all you need to start.

The Skinks are in boxes of 24 models for £22.5. Like the Saurus Knights they also offer an odd number, perfect for Warcry to assemble all potential models, but inefficient for Age of Sigmar where a single unit size is multiples of 10.

The last two boxes represent the hunting packs: the Salamander (£18.5) and the Razordon (£20). Each contains 3 Skinks Handlers and 1 beast.

Then, as for the Saurus, there’s a list of single fighter blisters:

12 Saurus Warriors and 8 Saurus Knights can also be found in the Start Collecting Seraphon for £55. There is no saving if you are not interested in Seraphon for Age of Sigmar, but if you are, then the box also offers  a Carnosaur with different options available.

12 Skinks, a Skink Starpriest and 3 Terradon/Ripperdactyl Riders can be found in the Start Collecting Skinks, the newest addition in the range (£60). Again, not that much saving for Warcry but if interested in Age of Sigmar the box also contains a Bastiladon.

Tips on painting a Seraphon Warband for Warcry

Do you have some awesome Seraphon painted up?

I would very much like to display them right here on this page.

All you have to do is send my some files. You can read more about how to make that happen here.

The Seraphon have been around since the Old World and there is an entire range of tutorials available online. Warhammer Community updated their Citadel website with entire guides dedicated to these lizards:

Citadel is not the only source of information, you can also find tutorials for Saurus Knights from Pete The Wargamer or a “paint an army in 24h” with lots of ideas from Vince Venturella.

YouTube video
YouTube video
YouTube video
YouTube video

Other great resources: