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Sons of Behemat Release & Rumours and Everything we Know so Far

Sons of Behemat are a new Destruction army for Age of Sigmar. It consists of only gargants, so it is very low model count army.

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When will the Sons of Behemat release?

Sons of Behemat release the 16th of October 2020. We got 1 new kit, which makes 3 different big gargants. Besides that you have the small kit with the old Aleguzzler Gargants, and that are the models you can have in the Gargants army.

What new and existing miniatures will be in the Sons of Behemat faction?

Sons of Behemat got 1 new kit with 3 different builds options (and a lot of various aesthetic options).

 This means that the following units are in the the Sons of Behemat Battletome:

The Forgeworld Bonegrinder gargant will be part of the army as well.

Below you can see the three new gargants and the scale between the new and the old Gargants.

Scale between the old and the new gargants in the Sons of Behemat army


One of the new gargants miniature from the upcoming Sons of Behemat


One of the new gargants miniature from the upcoming Sons of Behemat


One of the new gargants miniature from the upcoming Sons of Behemat

Can I use the Sons of Behemat in my army?

According to the GW preview, the Gargants in the Sons of Behemat will have some sort of mercenary rules making them usable in all difference Age of Sigmar armies.

You can also run only gargants (Destruction battletome), but whatever army you run you will have the option of including one of the new big gargants!

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Gargant from the upcoming Sons of Behemat army release for age of sigmar

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