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Gloomspite Gitz Faction & Army Guide (Overview, Tactics & Lists)

Do you think that eating mushrooms and riding around on wild squiggly beasts sounds awesome?

Is small hordes of green screaming men your jam?

Then might want to start a Gloomspite Gitz army.

This article is a general rundown and overview of the Gloomspite Gitz Faction.

It will cover the following aspects of the Gloomspite Gitz army

  1. Lore 
  2. The special rules of the army
  3. What units and miniatures that are available
  4. The playstyle and feel of the army
  5. What combos the army can do
  6. The books you will need to play the army
  7. Potential allies for your Grot force
  8. The overall pros and cons of the army

NOTE: this article was written with the Age of Sigmar 2.0 and the original Battletome in mind. A lot is still relevant, but some information is outdated because of the shift to the new edition of Age of Sigmar.

A note on the artwork

In this article, I have used the amazing artwork from the Gloomspite Gitz faction battletome.

I have done this to convey the right aesthetic and feel of the army.

All rights for the images are reserved by Games Workshop and the very talented artists that have made them (and I hope they will not get mad by me displaying the army artwork here).

Overview of the Gloomspite Gitz army

The Gloomspite Gitz Army is a wild Grot (goblin) army.

The Gloomspite Gitz use sneaky tricks, overwhelming amounts of bodies and vicious beasts to ambush and cut down their prey.

For the Gitz, a fair fight is ridiculous and something to be avoided at all cost. Shank them in the back or overwhelm them from all sides, that is the way to do it.

The Gitz follow The Bad Moon, both in a physical and spiritual sense. The Bad Moon races around the Mortal Realms, with the Gloomspite Gitz fast in its wake.

They believe that if they could just catch the Bad Moons attention, it will stay put and utter in the glorious “Everdank”.

No Git has been sneaky or cunning enough to succeeded yet, and the rest of the mortal realms are thankful for it. Just there mere passing of the Bad Moon rapidly changes the local climate, spawning weird fungi and causing chaos in its wake.

The Gloomspite Gitz is a merger of all the old Moonclan Grots (Night Goblins), Spiderfang (spider riders and the forest goblins) and everything Troggoth (the trolls).

You can play a mix of all the different subfactions or you can try and build a list with a specific theme in mind.

The allegiance abilities do not require you to chose up front, so the restrictions are very relaxed.

The Gitz is a very modern army, made after the release of Age of Sigmar second edition. You will be completely overwhelmed, in a positive way, by the varied possibilities and interactions of the special rules and the countless possible ways of building an army.

The faction is filled with massive amounts of squigs, big troggoths, cunning grots and creepy spiders.

If you like the idea of a nasty, skulking, dank, vicious army filled with slimy creatures and a million murder hobo goblins, the Gloomspite Gitz army might be the one for you.

Lore and theme of the Gloomspite Gitz

  • The Gloomspite Gitz all worship Gorkamorka, God of war and destruction, but each in their own uniqueway.
  • The Bad Moon is central to this worship. The Bad Moon is a big celestial object that zips around the Mortal Realms in a chaotic pattern. Scholars have tried and failed at understanding and predicting where the Moon will go. It is said that the Bad Moon has always been there, but it is after the Necroquake (in the storyline of the Malign Sorcery, Nagash and the Endless Spells) that the Moon has gone ballistic – and in turn have whipped the Gitz into a frenzy.
  • The Moonclan Grots believe that Gorkamorka tried to eat the Bad Moon, but that he cracked a tooth on in at let it go. This tooth of Gorkamorka is what gives the Bad Moon its power.
  • The Spiderfang think that a giant spider bit Gorkamorka’s toe, and in turn the spider became infused with power. The Bad Moon is a spider egg and if only they could get it to hatch, the world would be covered in spiders.
  • The Troggoth are so stupid no one really knows what they think


The Bad moon - diety of the gloomspite gitz
  • When the Bad Moon crosses above a city, insanity ensues for the poor inhabitants. People go insane, mould grows from the walls, people explode from fungus growing inside their bodies and all kinds of other dank and nasty stuff will happen. For the Gitz caught in the light of the moon, they will be fused with energy and will want to kill every enemy in sight.
  • Because of the great powers of the Bad Moon, all Gitz want to be where it is. This means they will go to great lengths of following it – even if it means going from realm to realm and fighting the civilisation they find.
  • All of the Gitz believe that if they can show the Bad Moon how sneaky and cunning they are, it will stop in place and start the end of the world in the form of the “Everdank“. This is also why it is so important to fight in the light of the moon.
  • All of the Gloomspite Gitz live in the dankest and dark places (they really hate the sun). It is there that the alliances between the different Grots, Squigs and Troggoths have been formed (mainly to ensure their own survival).
  • It is the new glorious power of the Bad Moon that is now waking the Gitz and pulling them from their deep lairs to help usher in theEverdank.
  • Skragrott TheLoonKing is the only one who has ever had any success in predicting the Bad Moon’s path. To do this, the king has captured mad people from all over the realms. These Loonies he has put in his “asylum” realm and it is from this madness he thinks he can get the secrets of the Bad Moon.
YouTube video
Loony gitz used to predict the path of the Bad Moon

Gloomspite Gitz Army Allegiance Abilities overview

In the Battletome for the Gloomspite Gitz army you will find the “Allegiance Abilities” for the army.

This is all of the special rules the army gets when you only take models from that book (except allies).

You can read more about Allegiance Abilities in general and how they work here.

The Bad Moon is what unites the dank tribes of the Gloomspite Gitz.

The Allegiance ability (or the battle traits) are all connected to this moon.

The Bad Moon moves and shines down on the battlefield:

If you play as a Gloomspite Git allegiance army, the Bad Moon will join you at the table. When the Moon shines on different units, different things will happen.

The Bad Moon has no model, so you have to get a marker to signify where it is (there will be a token in the printed Warscroll Cards).

You decide the corner of the board were the moon starts. It will then move towards the opposite corner, moving diagonally across the battlefield. In the picture below I have decided to start it in the lower left corner.

  1. At the start of the second battle round, and each battle round after that, you roll a dice to see the distance the Bad Moon moves. 1 means it does not move, 2-5 it will move one space and on a 6 it will move two spaces forward.
  2. You have to imagine the battlefield is segmented in 4 equal sized quadrants. One move will be into the middle of the starting quadrant. 2 moves will put it in the center of the battlefield. 3 moves will place it in the middle of the quadrant it started on the opposite corner off. 4 moves will put it out of the battlefield.
  3. When at a board edge the Bad Moon does nothing (position 0 and 4)
  4. When at the centre of a quadrant (1 and 3), it will affect units wholly within that board space.
  5. When at the centre of the table (2), it will affect the whole table 

The Bad Moon gives the following benefits to units affected by it

  1. +1 on casting rolls for Gloomspite Gitz Wizards-1 on casting rolls for non-Gloomspite Gitz Wizards
  2. Your General will give you 1 extra command point at the start of your hero phase
  3. Squigs under the bad moon at the start of your charge phase can attempt at charge even if they ran in the movement phase
  4. Moonclan Grot units can reroll hit rolls of 1
  5. Spiderfang units will trigger their Spider Venom mortal wounds on +5 instead of on +6
  6. Troggoths can reroll the roll to see if they regenerate or they can double the number of wounds they heal.

Fangs of the Bad Moon is an extra ability you get.

At the start of your hero phase, you can pick an enemy unit on the board and roll a dice.

If you roll equal to or less than the number of models in the unit, you deal d3 mortal wounds to it. After reading the wording carefully, I think the enemy unit actually needs to be under the light of the Bad Moon.

So as you can see from the traits, the Gloomspite has the same allegiance ability no matter what units you take.

The difference lies in what kind of buff you get for each individual unit.

A sneaky snuffler and a boss from some stabbas in the Gloomspite Gitz faction

Command traits of the Gloomspite Gitz Army

You get 6×4 different command traits to pick from. So depending on what keyword your general has, he can pick one trait from one of these lists:

  • The 6 Blessings of the Bad Moon are for generals with the Loonbos keyword. This can be given to a general that is a Loonboss,Loonboss on Mangler Squig,Loonbosswith Giant Cave Squig or Loonboss on Giant Cave Squig.
  • The 6 Gifts of the Gloomspite is reserved for Generals that are Moonclan Wizards. This means only the Madcap Shaman and the Fungoid Cave-Shaman (Skragrott and Zarbag are named character, all theGobbapaloozaguys are not heroes so cannot be the general and the Spiderfang Wizards do not have the Moonclan keyword).
  • The 6 Marks of the Spider God’s Favour is only for the Scuttleboss (the boss on a big spider, but not the Arachnarok spider).
  • The 6 Fortuitous Trogboss Traits are for Dankhold Troggoth Heroes only (meaning theDankholdTrogboss).

Notable Command Traits:

  1. Fight another day: after making melee attacks you canretreat2d6.Plowthat Mangler Squig in, kill stuff and move away before he dies.
  2. Monstrous Mount: Double the number of mortal wounds on the Spider Venom ability of the Scuttleboss.
  3. Tough as Rock: +2 wounds on your Troggoth Hero can make them much more survivable (regen all day).
  4. Mighty Blow: reroll the d6 damage on theDankholdTroggboss can be areallkiller, especially if you further buff him with a melee artefact.

Artefacts (magic items) that the Gloomspite Gitz can select

Much like the command traits, you get 4 sets of artefacts. To make it confusing, the groups differ slightly from the traits.

  • 6 Troglodytic Treasures for heroes with the Loonbosskeyword (same dudes as with the traits).
  • 3 Foetid Fetishes – this time only for the Madcap Shaman on no one else.
  • 6 Venomous Valuables for any Spiderfang hero (so all of the Spiderfang heroes)
  • 3 Glinty Gubbins That Troggoths Found  (Dankhold Troggoth hero, so the same as the trait).

Notable Artefacts:

  1. The Clammy Cowl: -1 on hit rolls is really good on a Loonboss on Mangler Squig (note that you can get somethingstricltybetter if you haveaccesto the Malign Sorcery Artefacts).
  2. Moonface Mommet: pick a unit within 12″ of the bearer at the start of the combat phase. That unit gains -1 on saves in that combat phase. Really powerful, but you can only have it on the Madcap Shaman (and that guy is squishy and not that good).
  3. Totem of the Spider God: friendly Spiderfang units wholly within 12″ trigger Spider Venom on an unmodified +5 to hit instead of only +6.
  4. Glowy Howzit: will make the Troggoth Boss much more survivable.

Get your copy of the Gloomspite Gitz battletome

Skaggrot calling down the power of the bad moon

Spell lores of the Gloomspite Gitz Army

The Gloomspite Gitz get two different lores. Each wizard knows one spell from one of the lores and there is 6 spells in each. There isa lorefor the Moonclan Wizards Heroes (note the Gobbapaloozawizards do not get a spell from the lore because they are not heroes) anda lorefor the Spiderfang Wizards.

Spells of note in the Lore of the Moonclan:

  1. Itchy Nuisance: a unit within 18″ fights last in the next combat phase
  2. The Great Green Spite: you select a friendly Gloomspite Gitz unit wholly within 18″ of the caster. After that, you select an enemy unit wholly within the Gloomspite Gitz unit. Depending on the size of the friendly unit, youdealmortal wounds (capping out at a solid d6 mortal wounds if your unit is +20 models).
  3. Hand of Gork: you can select a unit wholly within 24″ and not in combat. You can deploy that unit anywhere on the board as long as it is 9″ away from enemy units.
  4. Squig lure: A Squig unit wholly within 18″ can run and charge in this turn.

Spells of note in the Lore of theSpiderfangs:

  1. Deadly Webbing: can be surprisingly good in the right circumstance. It will make a terrain piece Deadly and Sinister (but not for your Spiderfang units) and if that piece of terrain is big enough it can be a real pain for your opponent.
  2.  Scuttling Terrors: 1 friendly Spiderfang unit wholly within 24″ can run, charge and shot in this turn.
  3. Sneaky Distraction: enemy unit wholly within 12″ subtract 1 from their hit rolls until your next hero phase. More minus to hit goodness!
  4. Gift of da Spider God: heal d6 wounds on a Spiderfang Monster within 12″.

How do the Bad Moon Loonshrine Terrain Feature work?

The first thing to note is that the Bad Moon Loonshrine is not the Bad Moon – so has nothing to do with your allegiance ability.

If you buy the Bad Moon Loonshrine terrain, you can set it up wholly within your own territory (before armies are set up). It must be 12″ away from enemy territory and 1″ away from other terrain pieces.

The Loonshrine does two things:

  1. Gloomspite Gitz wholly within 12″ do not take battleshock tests
  2. At the end of your turns, you can pick one Moonclan Stabbas or Shootas unit that has been destroyed. Roll a dice and on a +4 the unit comes back with half of the original number of models in it. It is set up wholly within 12″ of the Loonshrine 3″ away from enemy units. Units that have been summoned in this way cannot be summoned again.

To get the most out of it, you will have to play some Moonclan so you can summon them back. If you do not plan on running any, it might not be worth the purchase. Note that it is also big enough to block line of sight.

A loonboss from the Gloomspite Gitz

Miniatures and units available in a Gloomspite Gitz army

Oh boy, you will be spoiled for choice in the Gloomspite Gits.

Because of the merger of the different Grot factions and the massive amount of new models released, you have a lot to pick from in your army.

You can find all of the kits for the Gloomspite Gitz army here.

You will notice that all of the models will have the Gloomspite Gitz keyword and each model will only have one of the following keywords:

  • Grot
  • Squig
  • Spiderfang
  • Troggoth
  • Gargant

Because of the huge number of models, I have separated them by those keywords in the list below

Grot miniatures:


Grot Units:

  •  A pack of 20 Grots (small sneaky goblins that stab or shot things). The Grots can be either Stabbas (small weapons or spears) or Shootas armed with bows. You will also be able to assemble 3 of the grots as netters (and you should always do this, as they are pretty damn good). The Grots are Battleline.
  • A pack 6 Sneaky Snufflers (sneaky grots with small squigs that seek out mushrooms). They can buff your Moonclan units with extra attacks).
  • The five dudes from theGobbapalooza (really flavour grot wizards and buff dudes). You have to bring them all if you want any of them in your army. Note that they are not heroes so cannot get the lore spells.
  • Zarbag Gitz (a mix of squigs and grots that come with the Zarbag Gitz Underworlds Warband).
  • A pack of 5 fanatics (sneaky mushroom-induced grots with big balls of death). The 5 grots can either be assembled as Sporesplatta Fanatics (fanatics that can buff nearby Moonclan Grots with extra attack and blocks line ofsigh) or as Loonsmasha Fanatics (reallykillyfanatics that hide in other Moonclan Grot units). Both fight first in combat.

All units in each pack are exactly enough for the minimum unit size of their type. If you look for the Moonclan Grots on thesecond handmarket, it is possible to find very cheap mono-pose Stabbas armed with spears and shield (because they were included in a very popular box set in Warhammer: Fantasy).

Grot Heroes:

  • Skragrott the Loonking (The king of the Gloomspite Gitz and the only model that can manipulate the Bad Moon movement).
  • Loonboss (your averagefighty Grot that can buff the melee damage of nearby  Moonclan Grot unit).
  • Loonboss with Gaint Cave Squig – not mounted (the old Skarsnik model infinecast. Same command ability as theloonboss, but has a missile attack and the squig in melee. GW direct order only).
  • Madcap Shamans comes in a blister (you get two models and I think they are metal. Both shamans. GW direct order only).
  • Fungoid Cave-Shaman (the Malign Portents Destruction herald. Pretty good wizard).
  • Zarbag (Shaman from the Underworlds warband. Fun spell and not a bad model overall)

It will also be possible to find a great variety of old Grot heroes kicking about (I can count at least 11 different metal goblin heroes in my collection). I plan on using them as champions in different units.

Squig miniatures:

Squig Units:

  • A pack of 10 Squigs and 2 herders in the Squig Herd Grots (angry small blobs of bouncing teeth that will eat you alive). Squig Herds become battleline if your general has the Moonclan keyword. You need a minimum of 6 models to make a unit and at least 1 out of 6 models must be a herder.
  • A kit with 10 grots mounted on bouncing squigs (very bouncy blobs of angry death – with grots on top). They can be either Squig hoppers (lightly armoured fast cavalry) or BoingrotBounderz(heavy armoured knight type grots). The Squig Hoppers become battleline if your general is either a Loonboss on Gaint Cave Squig or Loonboss on a Mangler Squigs. You need a minimum of 5 to make a minimum sized unit.
  • 1 Mangler Squigs kit (two very big, very hungry and very bouncy squigs chained together). The kit can also be assembled to have a Loonboss on top.
  • 1 Colossal Squig (massively big and massively hungry squig). A forge world model, so a bit pricey – and made of resin.
  • 1 Squig Gobba (artillery squig). Is a forge world model made ofresin.

Squig Heroes:

Spiderfang miniatures:

Sadly, GW did not release any new kits for the spidergrots. This means that all of the models for Spiderfang er sort of old and you will mainly have to get them from GW webstore (as I think they are direct order only now).

  • 10 Grot Spider Riders (little grots on big venomous spiders). The spiders look good, but their posing is ugly. The legsare not positionedthe way a spider would look. If you want to avoid the pose, you have to cutofthe legs and reassemble them in a better pose (doable, but time-consuming). If your General is Spiderfang, the Grot Spiders Riders become battleline.
  • 1 kit with an Arachnarok Spider (onehuuugespider). The Arachnarok can be assembled without crew as a Skitterstrand, with a the Flinger on top, with the Grot Warparty or with the Shaman on top as a hero option. This kit is a very good plastic kit and not as dated as the Spider Riders. You can also give the wizard a separate base and run him on foot.
  • 1 Scuttleboss (grot on big, not huge, spider). The Scuttleboss is quite essential if you want to run anall outSpiderfang army. Finecast model.

Troggothand Gargant miniatures

  • Kit with 3 Fellwater Troggoths (very dank and puking water trolls). Such cool, very nasty, much puke. Fellwater Troggoths become battleline if your general is Troggboss.
  • 3 Rockgut Troggoths (big burly stone trolls). Rockgut Troggoths become battleline if your general is Troggboss.
  • Box with 1 Dankhold Troggoth (big troll). Can be assembled as either a normal Dankhold Troggoth or as a Dankhold Troggboss.
  • A box with a baby Dankhold Troggoth (Mollog) and his crew of weird squigs. This is a Warband for the Underworlds game.
  • 1 Troll Hag (big breasted nasty troll). Theever popularTroll hagmakes a return, now as part of the army. Cannot have the Troggoth only traits or artefacts, since she does not have theDankholdkeyword. But she can get artefacts from the Malign Sorcery book… But Forgeworld only.
  • 1 Gargant kit (big giant). Have the Giants ever had any edition ofwarhammerwhere they have been good? Sad giant is sad.
  • 1 Bonegrinder Gargant (againtgaint?). Forgeworld Model.

Any start collecting or box sets available for Gloomspite Gitz Army?

The Gloomspite Gitz recently got a Start Collecting box made for them.

As per usual, the Start Collecting Boxes are pretty good value (we cover all of AoS Start collecting boxes here). The AoS Gloomspite Gitz box is no exception.

If you are really lucky you might be able to get your hands on the “Looncurse” box. It is sold out in most places, but damn good value if you are able to pick it up.

Endless spells and faction terrain for the Gloomspite Gtiz

The Gloomspite have access to a cool terrain feature and faction specific endless spells.

The Loonshrine is pretty cool and has okay rules.

At least two of the four endless spells are worth having in some armies (Mork’s Mighty Mushroom and the Scuttletide).

I think both the spells and the terrain is well worth getting. It is just a bonus that the miniatures are so cool!

Order your own Gloomspite Gitz army

A rundown on some of the Gloomspite Gitz army Battalions

The Gloomspite Gitz battalionsarequite interesting. It is clear that GWarereally careful at pricingbattalions,because they gave an extra artefact, command point and the ability to make your army very few drops so you are able to dictate who goes first.

This means that the battalions are not that powerful, but some of them will be worth your time anyway. I found this an okay balance: I never feel like I have to get a battalion in order to make an army, but I also feel like I get rewarded with something useful if I do get a battalion.

  • Skulkmob Horde is interesting because the requirements are easy to fulfil and the ability can be good. You need to have 3 or more units of Stabbas and Shootas and exactly 3 units of fanatics (can be both versions). In return, when you resummon units with the Loonshrine terrain, that unit will come back with the full amount of models. If you couple that with the artefact that gives you two chances per hero phase to resummon units, you are going all in on a horde resummon grot theme.
  • Squig Rider Stampede is nice if you want to play a load of squigs. It requires 2-3 units of Squig Hoppers/BoingrotBounderzand 0-1 Mangler Squig. Now you can reroll the random move distance of the squigs. Too bad you cannot fill this up with more squigs, but GW might be nervous of the alpha strike potential.
  • Sadly, I think the Moonclan Skrap and the Squigalance (big battalions) are both traps. You are paying a lot of points to get a bonus when your units are under the Bad Moon’s light. That said, pilling in 6″ for the Squigs can be really powerful as it brings a lot of tactical abilities. You get always strike first (your opponent cannot pile in before you do if you are not within 3″) and you can run out of combat and pile into something new.
  • TheGobbapaloozais a weird one. You have to take all five of the goblins or none at all and this is a battalion with those exact models in it. The bonus is a +1 on their casting or special ability rolls.OkayI guess.
  • Spider Rider Skitterswarm is good if you are going all in on spiders. +-1 Scuttleboss and 3+ Spiders riders (so you can load up on all the little spiders you need). In return, they get +2 move.
  • The Troggherd is the only Troggoth battalion. I think it is cool, but it might not be that good. 1 Dankhold Trogboss, 3-9 units of Fellwater/Rockgut and 0-2 Gargants. When you roll an unmodified wound roll of 6 in combat, you add +1 on the damage on that attack (still save roll as normal). Would be better as mortal wounds. How many times will this realistically trigger in a game?

So not massive buffs, but still cool abilities – and they might be worth it just for lowering your amount of drops, the extra artefact and command point.

Cool artwork of the Gobbapalooza gang for the gloomspite gitz age of sigmar army

What is the Gloomspite Gitz army playstyle and how do the sneakygitzfeel on the tabletop?

  • TheGitz armyaremade up of so many different units, it is quite bewildering. This means that you have the possibility of only collecting Gloomspite Gitz and make what feels like 3-4 different armies (mix of different stuff, all squig, all spider, alltroggoth and hordes of grots)
  • Because of all the options, it is hard to say “the Gitz are this and that”. They have slow movement, but also units that can go fast. They generally have weak armour, but also some tough units. Are generally weak ina straightup combat, but also units that can eat units for breakfast.
  • You have access to massive amounts of buffs and debuffs. Giving your own unit +2 attack and stacking -2 to hit on your opponent will not be out of the ordinary. This feels very sneaky and grot like (stab them in the back while they are blind!)
  • You have access to some shooting attacks, but the Gitz is not a shooting heavy army.
  • Access to twolores, faction endless spells, Malign Sorcery Endless spells, + on cast attempts and a host of great wizards makes the Gitz a prime candidate for a magic heavy army.
  • You have multiple ways of gaining extra command points.
  • Your bravery is weak. Hugging your terrain feature and spamming Inspiring Presence is the way to avoid losing your army to battleshock.
  • You have a ton of ways todealmortal wounds
  • It is very possible that your opponent will underestimate your army because of the lowly grots. Take advantage of this! With the different crazy (and sometimes random) abilities of the Gitz, you can give every other army a run for its money.
  • You do have a few things that are random. It is important to embrace this random nature of the grots, or you might be in for a bad time.
Some Gloomspite Gitz squigs and herderz running around

Cool combos and fun Gloomspite Gitz army tactics

Buff the Stabbas!:

The most obvious “combo” is to try and buff the lowly Moonclan Stabbas as much as you can. A few buffs come to mind:

  1. Get 60Stabbas
  2. Buff withextraattack from the Sporesplattas
  3. Buff withextraattack from the Sneaky Snufflers (or buff them more than once with the Snufflers if you dare). 3 Attacks per grot should be doable (more from thenetters).
  4. Command ability from a Loonboss on foot (unmodified wound rolls of 6 cause 1 mortal wound in addition to whatever damage they would otherwise deal).
  5. Get the Bad Moon to shine on them (read: get lucky or get Skraggrot) so they can reroll hit rolls of 1.
  6. The spiker from theGobbapaloozacan  give them reroll wounds rolls of 1

Debuff those pesky aelves!:

You have ahuuugearsenal of debuffs (and you can use it in conjunction with buffing your own dudes).

  1. ItchyNuisancee moonclanspell makes an enemy unit fight last.
  2. Sneaky Distraction spiderfang spell subtracts 1 from hit rolls
  3. Netters in Stabbas and Shootas units: -1 to hit
  4. Artefacts that givesminusto hit
  5. TheShroomancercan give -1 on hit rolls and -1 on save rolls
  6. The Troggoth Hag spell subtracts 1 from hit rolls and 1 fromsaverolls

Cool interactions:

  1. Because the Troggoth Hag is not an ally in Gloomspite Gitz, she can get an artefact (but not any of the ones from the Battletome). A -1 to hit extra on her is really good.
  2. You can Hand Gork a unit of Stabbas up 9″ away from ajuciyunit. In the chargephaseyou can pop out a 15 Loonsmasha Fanatics 3″ away from the Grots they where hiding in. Now the fanatics are 6″ away from the enemy and you make the charge. Say hello to 15d6 attacks with +4/+3/-2/d3 damage
  3. You can use the Beastcaller’s Bones (realmof Ghur Artefact) on theDankholdTroggboss to make a monster hunter (he is big enough to kill monsters but does not have the monster keyword himself).
  4. Speaking of theDankholdToggboss: because he does not have the monster keyword, he can get cover and the Look out Sir bonus.
  5. The Troggboss can also become better in combat with the Mighty blow trait and the Ghyrstrike artefact (Ghyran artefact). His stat line will be 4attack, +2/+2/-2/d6 damage that can be rerolled. Hulk smash!
  6. If you are a really sneaky git, you can use the Scrapskuttle’s Arachnacauldrons drawback (d3 mortal wounds) offensively.
  7. Squig Hoppers deals mortal wounds to enemy units theyjumpsover. But remember that you can also retreat away from combat and deal damage while you are retreating.
  8. TheLoonbosson Mangler Squigs, The Arak with webspinner on it and the Troggoth Hagg all receive more than one bonus from the BadMoon light(because they have more than one keyword that triggers an effect).


The Arachnarok Gloomspite Gitz spider with flinger

What books and supplements you need to play the Gloomspite Gitz Army

TheGloomspite Battletome is a must have to play this faction.

There are so many special rules in it that playing the Gitz without would be like playing a shadow if what they truly are. There is the 2-weeks-after-book-release Errata and some  but not much have changed with the warscroll.

As always you will need the latest General Handbook to see points changes.

You have strong capabilities in magic, so the Malign Sorcery endless spells could be useful. The artefacts in the battletome are strong, so you are not in dire need of the extra artefacts in Malign Sorcery.

The Forbidden power book and endless spells could come in handy, but it depends on the build your are running.

Because of the absurd number of Warscrolls, getting the printed Warscrolls cards would be good for most players (it gets tiring to flip through that many units in a book and the tokens are also great).

How up to date is the Gloomspite Gitz army?

 The Gloomspite Gitz are an Age of Sigmar second edition made army.

They have the newest style of rules, which means loads of extra abilities for staying mono faction.

They received a ton of new plastic kits, so updates are unlikely to happen again (maybe forever).

They are unlikely to have new models are updates coming anytime soon.

Is Gloomspite Gitz an expensive army to buy?

Because I collect everything Grot, I have decided to buy one of each new unit.

I have 1 million Stabbas (Night Goblins from the old Warhammer Fantasy set) and quite a lot of squig herds so it is possible for me to just sprinkle these new units in and have an army.

This was the cost of the preorder I wanted to make to get everything:

  • Battletome: £25
  • Endless Spells: £20
  • Bad Moon Loonshrine: £35
  • Skragrott theLoonking: £20
  • Gobbapalooza: £30
  • 2x fanatics (one for each type of build): £50 in total
  • 2x Mangler Squigs (a hero and non-hero version): £100
  • Dankhold Troggoth (a hero and non-hero version): £80
  • Rockgut Troggoths: £35
  • Loonboss: £15
  • Squig Herd: £27.5
  • Sneaky Snufflers: £25
  • 2x Squig Hoppers (one for each version): £60

A total of £522.5! (of course, I could get it for about 20% via preorder on my favourite Warhammer e-store Element-Games)

Granted, that is everything released (with a copy of each build), but it is not really the smartest way of doing it.

I ended up cutting all of the trolls and landed on a more reasonable £357.5 (I, of course, got the Troggoths at a later date).

But all of this is just to say that if you are looking for something cheap, the Gloomspite Gitz are not it. It is a horde army and it will require quite a lot of money. Mainly because you will want to have all of the cool miniatures!

It is a very good idea to think about what units you will need to start your army (likely 500-1000 points) and what you will need to finish your army (2000 points – or just get one of each).

A picture of my ongoing gloomspite gitz army...

My ongoing massive Gloomspite Gitz army

What are the Allies available for the Gloomspite Gitz Army?

Wondering what allies are?

We have a small guide on it here.

TheGitz can ally with:

  • Bonesplitterz
  • Gitmob Grots
  • Greenskinz

It is weird that the Grots lost the option to ally with Ironjawz. I wonder if that could signify an Ironjawz merger at a later date? It goes against the Grots and Orruks can ally and Ogors can ally with each other style we have seen earlier.

Some potential decent ally options:

It is hard to say what you would really ally in. Somewarmachinesfrom the Gitmob grots might be an option. The Gitmob Grots archers are also better than the Gitz version. There is not really a lot from the Greenskin range that would be of use (no Urrok keyword to use their command abilities).

Theclassic allyoption of the Troll Hagg is a part of the Gitz, so no reason to ally her in. The Rogue Idol could be of use (+ bravery and +1 on cast).

This is not really relevant if you are going to play Gloomspite exclusively.

But, the Fungoid shaman can ally into all destruction factions. Because the endless spells are not limited to the faction but tied to the keyword of the wizard, you can bring in endless spells from the Gitz in any destruction army.

If you bring in the cauldron, he will have access to the whole Moonclan lore as well! Now start thinking about what kind of buffs that can bring to the other destruction factions!

Scuttleboss from the gloomspite Gitz spiderfang

Gloomspite Gitz Army Lists and Builds

The Gloomspite Gitz have a great assortment of sweet builds. They are not overly competetive, so do not expect to win 5/5 out tournaments.

I would suggest you take a look at some of the lists posted on Honest Wargamer or go check out the event coverage on AoS Shorts (where you will find lists from the latest tournaments around the world).

You can also follow the discussion on the TGA forum.

Pros of the Gloomspite Gitz army and faction

  • The Gloomspite Gitz army have a massive range of miniatures and units to pick from. You can assemble your army in a lot of different ways, meaning this is a faction that can keep you occupied for a long, long time. It is basically 4 armies in one.
  • Very few restrictions with regards to how you can mix and match the different units. You will get rewarded for running units that can synergise on each other’s keywords, but there are no hard restrictions (like some of the other merged factions).
  • The Gitz has a lot of depth in their special rules and how you can combine them.
  • The rules feel very sneaky, cunning and brutal. The perfect example of an army where the special rules really invoke the theme and flavour of the lore.
  • The debuffs feel insanely grot like and are at the same time really powerful.
  • Only a few units are simply bad/overcosted. A lot of the different units will be playable (unless you are going for a very competitive army).
  • The army has some “random-destruction-grot-rules”, but GW has struck a very good balance.
  • If you like the lore of the old world, you will see plenty of references to old Warhammer Fantasy goblin lore.
  • You will have access to some very capable battleline units. In general, having good battlelines will make your army a lot stronger.
  • Thegitzare just so damn fun to play. The cool and fresh abilities, like that the Mangler Squigs degrades and then goes back up in power again, will leave you wanting to play more and more.
  • The lore feels so much more grounded and well described than the other destruction factions

Cons of the Gloomspite Gitz Army and Faction

  • The massive amounts of special rules can be confusing for new players.
  • It can be a bit weird what units can be affected by what abilities. You will have to look, and look again, to make sure that the ability affects the keyword that you think (and that the unit has that keyword).
  • Unpredicablethings are never good for very competitive players, and thegitz does have some random stuff.
  • You will have a lot of models to paint! While they are definitely a joy to paint, you could burn out before you get even half done with your army.
  • The massive amount of models means that it would be wise to get some movement trays.
  • You will have to learn how to play your army fast if you want to compete in tournaments.
  • The style and theme can be a bit too goofy for some.

Overall verdict on the Gloomspite Gitz Army Faction

Ican do nothing but recommend the Gloomspite Gitz, at least with the caveats described in the cons section.

For me, this ispinacleof what Age of Sigmar has to offer – both with regards to miniatures, lore and rules.

They are by far the most fleshed out destruction army we have, the most competitive, the one with access to the most different miniatures and the list goes on and on.

If your favourite faction is not the Gloomspite Gitz, I am sure you would want the “Gloomspite-Gitz-Treatment” for the army that you love the most.

Unless you want Orruks and Ogors, this is the destruction faction you should get.

Other great resources: