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All Warcry Starter Sets, Books & Warband Boxes Overview

This article will list all releases related to the popular skirmish wargame set in the same setting as Age of Sigmar: Warcry. It includes all Warcry Starter Sets, Books and Warband boxes that have been released.

Please note that most of these releases are not available anymore, we will mention it when appropriate. But while you might not be able to get them in store, it might still be possible to get the items second hand.

The feature image for the overview of warcry starter sets, books and boxes

All Warcry Books Released

Warcry Core Book

The Warcry Core Book

The first and most important book that you need to play Warcry is of course the Core Book. This has been recently updated in the Heart of Ghur expansion. A previous version was available in the 2019 Core Starter Set and in the Catacombs release. This book is still relevant, so if you want to start playing Warcry, there’s no better place.

Apart from the core rules and some interesting lore relevant to the shift of setting from Eighpoints to Ghur, it contains quests available to each Grand Alliance and updated rules for narrative campaigns. The old Core Books still contains campaigns for older warbands using the old format. For more information on which campaigns your warband can play, you can check our Warcry quest overview article.

Monsters and Mercenaries

Monsters & Mercenaries was released later in 2019 adding to your narrative campaigns allies (heroes from other factions of the same grand alliance) and monsters (big monstrous beasts roaming in the Mortal Realms). Most of the content of this book has since been made redundant so it’s a safe book to disregard and not buy.

Tome of Champions

At the end of 2019, and again in 2020 and in 2022 (released in February but it was branded 2021) was published the Tome of Champions. This is a collection of the latest information for the game, from updates for matched play tournaments, rules revision, new ways to play the game.

In 2019 for example were introduced Monstrous Melees (a multiplayer Warcry game where you play only a gargantuan monster each), while in 2020 Pit Fights (quick multiplayer games with maximum 3 models per warband). If you are familiar with Age of Sigmar General’s Handbook, the concept of Tome of Champions is the same but dedicated to Warcry. As such, if you can find it, even the 2019 tome could be interesting for narrative inspiration.

Warcry Grand Alliance Books

In November 2020 new books were released containing all warband cards (skills and fighter stats) previously released only as card packs or in White Dwarf articles. Allies and monsters were completely rewritten allowing up to 3 leaders to appear as supporting heroes in a narrative campaign, plus more quests and many more fighters available for the legacy warbands (those not created specifically for Warcry).

These books each focus on a single grand alliance but they have been entirely replaced with the Warcry Compendium released at the end of 2022. the books were:

  1. Sentinels of Order dedicated to Grand Alliance: Order.
  2. Agents of Chaos dedicated to Grand Alliance: Chaos.
  3. Bringers of Death dedicated to Grand Alliance: Death.
  4. Harbingers of Destruction isdedicated to Grand Alliance: Destruction.

The sets that have been released later on, contained also some alternative rules. For example Catacombs allowed to fight in Dungeons, while Red Harvest introduced fights in the dangerous Varanite mines and for the first time branching quests.

Warcry Compendium

Tome of Champions 2021 and all Grand Alliance tomes, have been made redundant by Warcry Compendium, a comprehensive set of all profiles available for all warbands released before the Heart of Ghur set (August 2022). Apart from point adjustments, many profiles changed including few abilities. New fighters were added, in particular to include the new miniatures released in 2022.

Those rules are also available for free on the Warhammer Community website: Grand Alliance OrderGrand Alliance DestructionGrand Alliance Death, and Grand Alliance Chaos.

All Warcry Starter Sets Released

Original Warcry Starter Set

Original Warcry Starter Set

The original Warcry Starter Set, released in July 2019, was a massive box full of content: two starter warbands (Iron Golems versus Untamed Beast), monsters to use as thralls or as controllable opponents during certain games, an immense amount of scenery representing battles in the ravaged Eightpoints, dice, battleplan cards, tokens and of course the Core Book.

While everything else would eventually be released separately, the scenery would never be released in a single box but would end up split in different other boxes targeted for anyone, including Age of Sigmar players.

Warcry: Catacombs content

Warcry Catacombs Starter Set

Warcry: Catacombs was released in October 2020 almost as a new starter set: while it does contain all you need to play a game of Warcry, including a Core Book, it has two types of scenery, some from the original set (but not enough for a full board) and then a complete set to play the new Dungeon rules. As such it placed itself half way between a starter set and an expansion set for existing players. It is still available on some retailers.

The warbands contained in this set were the long awaited Scions of Flame (whose lore was present since the original Core Book) and the first (and as January 2022 only) Order original warband, the Khainite Shadowstalkers.

Warcry: Red Harvest content

Warcry Red Harvest

In November 2021 was released Warcry: Red Harvest, a box set containing once again an incredible amount of scenery, this time to represent a Varanite mine, a booklet with new rules to play in this type of environment and two warbands: Tarantulos Brood versus Darkoath Savagers. No Core Book, but core rules included in the booklet, means this box is halfway an expansion and a core set.

Warcry Heart of Ghur

Warcry: Heart of Ghur is the starter set of the new edition, moving the setting from the Eightpoints to Ghur, the Realm of Beasts. It contains a great wealth of terrain and of course two brand new warbands: the Rotmire Creed and the Horns of Hashut. For the first time these 2 warbands are accompanied by a “Warband Tome” that contains more background information for the 2 warbands, campaigns where they are pitted against each other and more.

Warcry Sundered Fate

While technically not a starter set, Sundered Fate is the first expansion of the new setting for Warcry, replacing the previous Heart of Ghur but without Core Book. The box contains even more Gnarlwood terrain and two new warbands: the Hunters of Huanchi representing Seraphon Skinks and the Jade Obelisk representing a Tzeentchian version of Ghur humans.

Warcry Bloodhunt

The second expansion expanded the terrain set dedicated to Ghur and added two new warbands: the vampires called Askurgan Trueblades and the followers of Khorne, the Claws of Karanak.

Warcry Nightmare Quest

The last expansion of the first season in Ghur includes a Seraphon Realmshape Engine and two new warbands of which, for the first time, neither is from Chaos Grand Alliance: the Stormcast Eternals Questor Soulsworn against the Royal Beastflayers from Flesh-Eater Courts.

Warcry Crypt of Blood

Crypt of Blood is the first real starter set in a while, at a cheaper price cost but without reaching the 1000 point mark of the previous sets. In addition, the miniatures in it, the Crimson Court and Xandire’s Truthseekers, were already Warhammer Underworld warbands and already had rules as part of the Bladeborn warbands.

Warcry Hunter and Hunted

Hunter and Hunted is the first limited set that includes two warbands but only a single piece of terrain. To add another twist, this new terrain has not only rules for Warcry but also for Age of Sigmar making the Ogor Mawtribes the first army with 2 different faction terrains.

The set also contains a resculpt of the Ogor kit Gorgers, with the miniatures usable with the complete warband Gorger Mawpack, or by replacing the old sculpts using them as individual units. On the other side we have the Wildercorps Hunters hailing from the Cities of Sigmar.

Warcry Pyre and Flood

Following the current trend of smaller boxes, Pyre and Flood contains the Nighthaunt warband of the Pyregheists against the Lumineth of the River temple, the Ydrilan Riverblades, together with a small piece of terrain.

Warcry Ravaged Lands: Corpsewarck Mausoleum

Warcry Terrain (Ravaged Lands) and various cards

Along with each release, Games Workshop released extra board packs (Catacombs for example) and generic Battle Plan cards. But also sets of scenery to play Warcry without the starter set but with all the goodies coming from a specific board, tokens and setting. These sets are labelled Ravaged Lands.

The first ones to drop together with the main release were the Corpsewrack Mausoleum and the Shattered Stormvault. The cemetery is roughly three quarters of the Sigmarite Mausoleum set, already sold for Age of Sigmar and even earlier for Warhammer Fantasy as the Garden of Morr set.

Warcry Ravaged Lands: Shattered Stormvault

Shattered Stormvault was instead part of the Dominion of Sigmar: Shattered Temple series

Warcry Ravaged Lands: Defiled Ruins

The Defiled Ruins set, released in September 2019, contains part of the Azyrite Ruins or similar sets sold for Age of Sigmar during the first version and also contained in the Blasted Hallowearth box.

Warcry Ravaged Lands: Souldrain Forest

Souldrain Forest released in January 2020, was also an excellent way for Sylvaneht players to get two sets of the new Awakened Wyldwoods at a discounted price.

The Ravaged Lands set called Pit Dredger Camp and Varanite Syphon Camp were released in May 2022 reusing most sprues from the Red Harvest box.

In December 2022 good part of the Heart of Ghur scenery was repackaged in Ravaged Lands: Gnarlwood Watchcamp.

In October 2023, it was released the first entirely new scenery box, still set in Ghur and complementing all scenery from the various starter sets called Ravaged Lands: Scales of Talaxis. Part of it was resold as individual pieces in March 2024 with the names of Elder Gnarloak, Idol of Motzlpota and Starfire Pylon.

The trend to reshuffle previously released scenery pieces together in a new Ravaged Land set continued in April 2024 with Ruined Realmshaper (mostly from Nightmare Quest) and Ruined Spawning Pool (once again from Scales of Talaxis).

Skaven Warcry Cards

Before the Grand Alliance expansions at the end of 2020, most legacy factions were supported via stand-alone faction cards release. 9 were originally released with the launch of Warcry, but the number soon multiplied rapidly. If you find them today they are almost completely irrelevant.

All Warcry Warband Boxes Released

If you want to have a complete list of all warbands and how they play, you can consult our Warcry overview page.

Splintered Fang box

The original release contained six original Warcry warbands:

Each representing one of the mortal realms were Chaos is most present.

The Chaotic Beasts was a pack released later with both Furies and Raptoryx from the original starter set.

To celebrate Monsters & Mercenaries first expansion, the Chimera (a monster from Beasts of Chaos) was reboxed with its own Warcry card (September 2019).

Warcry Nighthaunt box, to be used either as a booster or as a starting point

Some legacy warband (units/models from Age of Sigmar given a profile for Warcry) received a separate limited edition box containing a good deal for a number of miniatures usable in both AoS and Warcry. Those were:

  • Stormcast Eternals Vanguard (January 2020, 5 Vanguard-Hunters, 3 Vanguadrd-Raptors and 3 Aetherwings)
  • Gloomspite Gitz (January 2020, 10 Squig Hoppers/Boingrot Bounderz, 3 Sneaky Snufflers)
  • Nighthaunt (January 2020, 4 Myrmoun Banshees, 4 Glaivewraith Stalkers, 5 Grimghast Reapers)
  • Kharadron Overlords (October 2020, 3 Skywarden/Endrinriggers, 5 Grundstok Thunderers)
  • Ironjawz (October 2020, 5 Ardboyz, 5 Brutes)
  • Skaven (October 2020, 2 Rat Ogors, 6 Giant Rats, 3 Packmasters, 20 Clanrats)
  • Flesh-Eater Courts (October 2020, 3 Crypt Flayers/Horrors, 10 Crypt Ghouls)
  • Sylvaneth (November 2020, 3 Kurnoth Hunters, 5 Revenants)
  • Legions of Nagash (November 2020, 1 Necromancer, 5 Grave Guards, 10 Skeletons)
  • Daughters of Khaine (February 2022, 10 Witch Aelves/Sisters of Slaughter and 5 Melusai)
  • Kruleboyz (February 2022, 3 Man-skewer Boltboyz and 10 Gutrippaz)
  • Lumineth Realm-lords (February 2022, Alarith Stoneguard, 5 Vanari Auralan Wardens and 5 Vanari Auralan Sentinels)
  • Slaanesh Sybarites (February 2022, 5 Myrmidesh Painbringers/Symbaresh Twinsouls and 10 Blissbarb Archers with Homonculus)
  • Thunderstrike Stormcast Eternals (February 2022, 5 Vindictors and 3 Annihilators -the retail version with both weapon options)

If you can still find these boxes they are a good deal, often even just to add to a start collecting set for Age of Sigmar.

Outside of the normal release cycle, some original warbands were dropped for the first time in specific box sets like Scions of the Flame and Khainite Shadowstalkers (inside Warcry: Catacombs in November 2020) and Tarantulos Brood and Darkoath Savagers (inside Warcry: Red Harvest in November 2021).

Ogroid Myrmidon

At the beginning of 2020, Warcry received some reinforcements for all Chaos warbands answering to the name of Ogroid Myrmidon, Fomoroid Crusher and Mindstealer Sphyranx. In Warcry these miniatures can be used as allies, while in Age of Sigmar they all belong to Slaves to Darkness armies.

Spire Tyrants box

The Spire Tyrants were released directly as a stand-alone box in January 2020.

The Tarantulos Brood and Darkoath Savagers, previously available only in the Red Harvest box, were released individually in May 2022.

The Chaos Legionnaires were released in August 2022, together with the Centaurion Marshal, another ally linked to the latest release of Slaves to Darkness models.

In December 2022 the Horns of Hashut and the Rotmire Creed were released individually together with a full repackaging of all previous warbands. They were followed in February 2023 by the Jade Obelisk and the Hunters of Huanchi, in May 2023 by the Askurgan Trueblades and the Claws of Karanak and finally in August 2023 by the Questor Soulsworn and the Royal Beastflayers.

In October 2023, the first warbands released directly as individual boxes started to reappear: the Fyreslayers Vulkyn Flameseekers and the Kruleboyz Monsta-Killaz.

In November 2023, through a free PDF and White Dwarf 495, the entire Cities of Sigmar warband was rewritten to use the new models splitting the previous huge list of fighters in humans (Castelite Hosts), aelves (Darkling Covens) and duardin (Dispossessed).

In April 2024 the Wildercorps Hunters and the Gorger Mawpack, previously available only in the box Hunter and Hunted, were released individually.

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