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Forbidden Power: Rules Rundown (Mercenaries, New Allegiances etc)

What is Forbidden Power? Forbidden Power is the newest supplement for Age of Sigmar, continuing the Soul Wars storyline. Besides some more story, endless spells and a terrain feature we also get new rules for the game (matched play and narrative stuff). In this...

Ironjawz: Army Overview, Rules, Units, Tactics and More Info

This is an overall information article about the Destruction Faction the Ironjawz. It will cover the following topics: The lore concerning Ironjawz What units and miniatures that are available for the Ironjawz The special rules regarding the Ironjawz A bit about the...

This is how Command points work in Age of Sigmar 2.0

The command points system in AoS can be a bit confusing, even for me as a veteran player. The rules are quite simple, but the nuances and possibilities can make your head spin. This is how command points work in Age of Sigmar: You get one command ability at the start...

Warhammer: Fantasy, this is what you army is now called in AoS

My plunge from Warhammer: Fantasy to Age of Sigmar was no honeymoon. One of the hardest parts (if you disregard the fact that they blew up the fictional Old World) was to fully grasp was what the different armies from Warhammer Fantasy were now called in Age of Sigmar...

Easiest Warhammer army to paint for beginners

If you are just starting out in the hobby, you probably want to start by painting an army that will not overwhelm you.  But what is the easiest Warhammer army to paint? Some factors can make an army easy to paint and a lot of things will make it more difficult to...

18 tips for things to do while painting Warhammer Miniatures

Below you will find my top tips for things to do while painting Warhammer Miniatures. A lot of my painting does not require my complete attention. This is obviously so for the bulk painting of basecoat, but also when I remove mold lines, glue miniatures and when I do...

Malign Sorcery Artefacts: reviewed and compared

We all have that problem: we need a great artefact for our army. We know that there was something useful in one of those realms, but we cannot be bothered to scan through all of those filler items again. This rundown of the artefacts is my attempt at ranking the...

Destruction Faction and Armies Guide: Overview and Playstyles

Selecting an army can be so very difficult. You can ask your friends, you can look at the miniatures, you can read the battletome and the lore but it is very hard to get a good grasp on how an army feels before you have actually started collecting and playing it....

Malign Sorcery Endless Spells Reviewed for Competitive Play

So it has been quite a while since the release of AoS 2.0 and the Malign Sorcery Endless spells. A few are seeing competitive play and some are only used as pretty models (I am looking at you beautiful bus useless Ravenaks Jaws...) In this article, I will go through...

What exactly changed in Age of Sigmar's second edition?

Overview of the changes in Age of Sigmar 2 In this article, I will go through the exact changes in Age of Sigmar's second edition (AoS 2.0). The core rules can be found on the Official AoS page her. The Age of Sigmar second edition brings a lot of welcome changes to...

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